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Amanita muscaria
by Taluto
Citation:   Taluto. "Testament: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp35743)". Erowid.org. Dec 27, 2005. erowid.org/exp/35743

3 oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (fresh)


One thing I noticed from the fly-agaric experience was the initial stimulating effects socially. A great clarity was experienced, and the ability to converse was increased dramatically. Of course this was only the initial social effect. As the trip progressed certain effects in the realm of interaction became apparent, including the effect of the intended content of speech being altered by something other than the self as it was verbalized. Let me describe the effects and the situation as it developed and matured into a conclusion.

I collected the fly-agaric mushrooms when psilocybin mushrooms could not be found. My friend was to partake in this experience with me. We both returned to his share house and ingested 2 medium and 1 small mushroom over a half-hour period in his bedroom, and waited for the effects to kick in.

The initial effects were of heightened clarity in social interaction. As we migrated out to the backyard of the house, my friend began to get confused, and to me, he looked tangled in the wires of the clothesline on the premises. He would walk around the general area of the clothesline and looked as though he was 'trapped'. Then he moved to the area which contained some small ferets in a fenced in area. He fell onto the enclosure's fence, and I perceived him to be forced down onto the corrugated iron fence, whilst trying to pull himself up to a standing position. My altered state permitted me to notice this force that was pushing him down on the fence, bending the fence, and releasing the ferets. He then fell on the grass in the backyard, and I soothed him into a trance, which appeared to me as a coma, yet his eyes were wide open. His housemates came outside and found him, then called for an ambulance. He was taken to hospital.

This was when the more potent effects began. As I returned into the house, a voice-image appeared and 'said' the words - FLY AGARIC. This was a massive hallucination. Soon the house was alive with a constant unfication of elements that constituted the house itself, including people in it and the resultant human and hallucinatory interactions. It may be alternately described as a unification of the elements that made up the surroundings. Then the introduction of a foreign element set the basis for the next stage in the development of the experience, and began the altered meaning, which was experienced as real, yet was delusory.

This foreign element was Adolf Hitler's son. Who was my cousin. I entered into dialogue with this man, and we soon came to the conclusion that my mother was murdered by a related faction of our combined family, and this event was to be resolved by the declaration of World War III. At this point, I noticed a car outside the window of the house I was at, and it looked suspicious, i went outside and approached the car, which then started and left the scene as I approached. I began running along the street outside the house, and screamed out loud, declaring the beginning of World War III. I saw a police car approaching, and stepped out onto the road to stop it. I began talking with the police about the murder of my mother. This conversation developed to a point where I was arrested on psychiatric grounds.

My next available memory was of being strapped to a bed, in an underground medical chamber, which to me seemed like a new world order. In this 'new world order', doctors were the functionaries, security maintained order, patients were on beds, and were being experimented upon, each experiment being faithfully recorded on computers that were present in this underground realm.

Next to me, a female patient was screaming in agony. The extent of these screams manifested psychologically in the surrounding area. There was, in my altered state, a continuum of energy, created by the severity of these screams, that had the characteristics of redemption of humanity, via the pains of the martyrs, or the sufferers. It was in congruence with the suffering of the Christ for sins of man.

This continuum had certain characteristics in its form. There were four elements of existence. The first were the sufferers, by whose suffering, sin was absolved, not necessarily their own sin, but the collective sin of humanity. Then there was the workers, including doctors and security personnel. These were the enactors of pain, via chemical and surgical procedures. Then, the rulers, who benefitted in psychological strength and influence, via the pains of redemption, and then the immune, who were like royalty. I was in the position of a sufferer, yet I was not caused pain, and I had the choice whether to become a suffer for humanity, or to becoame an 'immune', which apparently was membership with a legal substitute for my family. This was the limit of the psychological experience caused by the Fly-Agaric intoxicant.

From that point the experience became obscene. I sat up on the edge of my hospital bed, trying to speak, yet the wrong words came out. I stood up and tried to walk, and my body hunched over, and my tongue was hanging out of my mouth. The next thing I remember, I was back on the surface of the Earth, in a hospital bed. There was still a remnant of belief in the 'legal family of immunity', which I remained in conversation with, but eventually faded, and I returned to completely normal reality. I was back.

This account shows the massive effect this mushroom can have, and I do not recommend that people take this mushroom when society has a legal and medical environment that has influence over safety of this society. I would recommend the intake of this when society is no longer sensibly inclined.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35743
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 27, 2005Views: 32,150
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Hospital (36), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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