A Trip I'll Never Forget
Citation:   Astral Perceptionz. "A Trip I'll Never Forget: An Experience with Belladonna (exp35717)". Erowid.org. Nov 22, 2004. erowid.org/exp/35717

200 seeds oral Belladonna
  600 seeds oral Belladonna
  900 seeds oral Belladonna
This trip occured 2 years ago in the summer when I was 15 years old. I researched a little bit about the plant. I found out that all parts of the plant are poisonous, but I couldn't find any dosage information on eating the seeds. The main chemicals in this plant are tropane alkaloids (scopalomine, atropine, hyoscyamine). Many plants have tropane alkaloids, like datura, henbane, and european mandrake, but atropa belladonna is very high up in potency. So I ordered a 1/4 ounce of these seeds online, as they are legal. A 1/4 ounce comes with approximately 7000 seeds.

I decided to start off slow, with about 50 seeds. These seeds are very small. Like the size of poppy seeds. I wasn't feeling anything after the 50 seeds, so I jumped to 200 seeds. I still wasn't feeling anything, so I went to sleep. The next day, I decided to take another shot at it. I started off with about 200 seeds. Waited about 2 hours and nothing was happening. I then took about 600 more seeds. I wait another 2 hours. I wasn't feeling anything, but when I saw myself in the mirror, my pupils were dilated almost to the size of my whole eyeball. (eye doctors use atropine to dilate pupils). I was getting mad because it was taking so long to start working, and I didn't even know if it was going to work, so I just downed about 900 more seeds.

Me and 2 of my friends start walking to a firehouse fair a few blocks away, to check it out. I start feeling my motor skills decreasing. When we get to the fair it is about 7 pm and we just sit down with a few friends for like an hour, just talking and watching the fair. After about a half hour, I get up and start walking, my motor skills just keep decreasing, I think the ground is shifting under me, like in one of those funhouse type things. I keep on tripping (well, I am tripping) but tripping over the shifting grounds. So one of my friends and I decide to leave, because there are cops, and I was getting very messed up.

So we went to a park around the block. We sit on a bench, and I decide do smoke a bowl of weed. I am uncapable of packing the bowl, and I just get too tired to try anymore, so I put everything down, and going in a corner by some bushes. I start feeling the leaves and taking bites out of some, while my friend is sleeping on the bench. I dont know how long I was sitting by the bushes, but it seemed long and short at the same time.

I wake my friend up, and she wants to go home. She doesn't know my part of the neighborhood well, so she asks me to walk with her. We start walking down the blocks. I'm just walking on the sidewalks, trying not to fall. I start climbing mountains (which were really just cracks in the sidewalk. I then come across a mushroom on the grass. It looked so amazing. My friend yells to me, and when I look back, the mushroom is gone. We keep walking. We've been walking in circles, I forgot where we were supposed to go, but we finally made it to my house, and we went our separate ways.

While I'm at home in my room for awhile, I come out into the kitchen to get a drink. My mother comes in and asks me who I was talking to in my room. I tell her its my friend dan, who was one of the friends I had over earlier. She tells me to ask him to leave, or she'll call his parents, because its too late. I actually thought it was daytime, but it was really 3 in the morning. So I go back into my room, but I cant find him. My mom follows me around the house looking for him. I check in closets, in the basement. I thought he was hiding. I checked the backyard, and said there was a hole in the fence. That he must have left through the back. Now I go back in my room alone for a while.

My mom then comes in my room for some reason. I tell her I cant sleep, because there are seeds all over my bed. She asks me to show her what seeds, so I start picking up 'nothing' very carefully, and putting 'nothing' into my moms open hand. She then tells me to go sleep in her bed, but I couldn't in there, because there were seeds in her bed too. So I go back into my room again. After awhile, I go into the bathroom, and start playing with the hand soap dispenser bottle. I would keep on putting it on different shelves, bring it into my room, and my mom would just keep moving it back. Later that night, my mom finds me hysterically laughing at myself in the bathroom mirror, saying that there is 3 of me.

In the morning, I am still very out of my mind, so my dad tells me to get in the car. We start driving, and my brothers follow behind. I just thought that we were going on an outing. We finally parked and reached a big building. I told my brother I thought we were in California. I then told my dad that I was a vampire as I sucked blood from my finger, which really wasn't there.

When we got into a building, I was taken into a room. It took me about 15 minutes to realize that I was in a hospital. I started going nuts. I started fighting guards. It took about 5 guards and my brother to hold me down. But I just submitted to them, because while the fight was going on, I saw a baby stroller in the room, and I accidentally kicked it, making me feel guilty, so I let go. I was then given a shot of a tranquilizer, I forget what it was called, and was strapped down to a stretcher and taken into another room. In this room, I could see out the open door, people that I knew from my school, but they weren't really there. I then was seeing scorpion-like creatures crawling and flipping over each other on the walls. I also thought I saw a laptop at the end of the stretcher, and thought it was mine, but I couldn't get it, cause I was tied down. I was then being pushed on the stretcher. A hole opened up in the wall and I was taken through a secret passageway, in circles. obviously that wasn't real either. But I was taken to the ICU.

There, the trip started getting harder. I thought that I was in a school auditorium, and a game show was going on the stage. And I saw a girl next to me that I fell in love with. I felt the love through my body. It was a blonde girl with no eyes. She was also deaf and mute, with electricity running through her completely black mouth. After a bunch of stuff I dont really remember, smoke canisters were thrown through windows in the auditorium, spewing smoke all over. I then snapped out. I was tripping for 3 days. I blacked out for alot of the stuff, but my parents and brothers told me about some stuff that happened.

I was put in a straight jacket that had ties from head to toe. I yelled and cursed at the doctors and nurses. At one point they had me wear a diaper, even though I wasn't going to the bathroom. They didn't want to give me a catheter, because they were afraid of what might happen. I had to be given baths. I was treated like a baby, because I was completely out of my mind and didn't know what was going on.

My mom told me that when she went back home, she found a glass in the fridge with the top of a spray bottle in it. Also, the top of the soap dispenser thing was missing, and my brother found it in a tissue box.

This was definately the most intense trip I ever had, and I will never forget it. I might do it again, but not anytime soon. I am growing it now, to save it for the future.

Overal, I ate about 1500 seeds. and tripped for 3 days. I didn't really know I was tripping. I was just taken to a different world, and all the stuff that happened there was normal.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 35717
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 22, 2004Views: 138,878
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