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GHB & BZP Near- Death Experience
GHB, BZP, Cannabis
Citation:   McGuarnicle. "GHB & BZP Near- Death Experience: An Experience with GHB, BZP, Cannabis (exp3567)". Nov 1, 2000.

A little background information about myself is necessary before we get into the actual experience with these drugs.

Firstly, I am 25 years old, have just acquired my chemistry degree, and I am quite fond of MDA (prefer it to MDMA), shrooms, and weed. Previous to this particular experience, the drugs I have partaken in include:

DXM, LSD, Psilocybin (Psilocybe cubensis), MDMA, MDA, Alcohol, cannabis, GHB, GBL, Nitrous Oxide, and to be complete, a tiny bit of diethyl ether (just enough to get a real good headache… ;-( )

My future drug interests (not-yet tried) inlcude:

Mescaline, Morning Glory Seeds (LSA)

With the chemistry knowledge I’ve collected the past 5 or so years, one can see why I have so much interest in psychoactives in general, and their effects…

I discovered EROWID about 8 months ago, and was literally floored by the wealth of information this wonderful website provides. Despite what happened to me, it is still my belief that this website MUST be supported and remain available to all that can access the Internet. Some of the information COULD be considered dangerous, and my experience is proof of this. However, NO ONE should blame the website for posting this information, if there is anyone to blame for problems, etc. that arise from this info, it should fall directly upon the person who decides to put it into practice, and make their own drugs, etc….

Having said all this, let me begin with the experience…

2 months ago, I began ordering gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) via the internet, for use in what I claimed was solvent purposes, since it is relatively environmentally-friendly, and is a really good solvent (almost as good as acetone…). GBL is quite easy to acquire, and, considering the amount you get, VERY INEXPENSIVE! (about 2 orders-of-magnitude cheaper than alcohol!) It is also well-known that GBL can be ingested to receive exactly the same effects of GHB, since it is converted to GHB in the liver.
[erowid note: there are no long term safety studies of the ingestion of
lactone, do not assume the safety profile of GHB and GBL are the same.]

The problem, is that it tastes _really bad_, and GHB just tastes salty, really. So, being a chemist, I thought, WHY NOT? Let’s convert this nasty stuff into GHB… It’s only a simple reflux (saponification – ring opening of the lactone to obtain GHB), for a total procedure of about 3 hours? Holy shit. This is super easy. One needs absolutely NO knowledge about chemistry to perform this little conversion, and the product (especially if vodka is used as the solvent make sure you boil off the excess alcohol! GHB + alcohol = vomit for many hours & a true reflux is done) is extremely pure! I am quite aware that you are sitting there, grinding your teeth, saying, “well, why isn’t everyone doing this, then?”, because when I discovered this shocking info, I was too.

I thought: “This stuff is non-toxic (unlike alcohol), has pro-sexual aspects to it, is cheap & easy to make, and to top it all off, when taken right before bed, promotes deep sleep & the natural release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone)!! What could be better?” I was quite ready & willing to say goodbye to alcohol FOREVER, and good riddance.

Everything was coming up roses for myself and my wife when I discovered, and began making GHB. However, like any drug, there is always the possibility of abuse. Perhaps even more so with GHB, since there are seemingly no adverse side effects of this drug. There is NO hangover, for me. However, if one takes too much, muscle spasms can result, as well as profuse sweating, and memory loss, followed closely by coma & possibly death. I am also quite convinced that this shit makes you crazy. At first, I just thought it merely encouraged a yoga-like mantra state, whereby one begins to count numbers in one’s head, or repeats a word over and over, mantra-style. I am now sure that my brain was reeling backwards, wondering: “Hey, what the hell is going on, here?” , and began to count numbers in a futile effort to remain sane. NASTY!!!

All this is just a cautionary tale to get this message across:

For god’s sake, if you decide to partake of this drug, above all, BE CAREFUL!!! If you are beginning to think you’re abusing it a bit too much, it may already be too late. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE CONCENTRATION if it’s in liquid form. If you don’t trust whom you’re buying it from, then DON’T BUY IT AT ALL!

OK, then. On to the 1-benzylpiperazine. (BZP)

I obtained 25 grams of BZP in the form of 97% liquid freebase, from the same vendor who supplied the GBL. This I crystallized to 1-benzylpiperazineHCl by mixing with hardware-store methanol, acetone, and 33% hydrochloric acid. Yet another way to easily make your own drug, with little or no chemistry knowledge, and the product is likely WAY more pure than any street speed (crystal meth, amphetamine, etc) available. It is not illegal (at least in Canada), and is about 1/10 the potency of methamphetamine. Please stay away from this one, and above all, never mix this with GHB!!! This combo will turn you into someone with an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in no-time flat. At first, it may seem like a substitute for extacy, but believe me, it is anything but. I broke my toe under the influence of this combo, and also trashed my house. And this was all PRIOR to the actual overdose…

One day, since I am currently looking for a job & have little to do, I decided to take about 1000 mg of BZP in two doses, about 6 hours apart. This was done at home, with no one there but me & my cat. Also, I was smoking cannabis all day long, and also doing insane amounts of GHB (at least double-doses). This resulted in my becoming quite psychotic, and extremely aggressive and belligerent, even towards my loving wife!!! The thing about this combo is, that one has little or no control over oneself, and one begins to become incoherent, and not know why they are doing things like looking through all the storage boxes for who-knows-what. To further complicate things, the user of these 2 (I do not consider cannabis to have much to do with the psychosis that resulted) drugs, especially in large doses, starts to have memory lapses, whereby they remember absolutely nothing about what happened, or why. It puts the user in a dream-state (thanks to the GHB) yet instead of passing out, the user remains awake (thanks to the BZP) to roam about, destroying things, not even realizing what they are…

So! This report is less of an experience report and more of an overdose report. Since I do not remember much of what happened that day, I cannot provide a report of how the combo made me feel, although I am quite sure my brain was filled to the hilt with euphoria… No preparations were made for the overdose experience, except I made sure I was alone. The first (~500mg) dose of BZP was taken at roughly 10:00 am, and the re-dose (again, ~500mg) was likely taken sometime in the mid-afternoon. Keep in mind that throughout the BZP experience, I was taking (about every 2-3 hours), DOUBLE – doses of GHB, and smoking cannabis throughout. This all resulted in my wife, when she got home at 5:30 pm, calling my buddy to come over & assess the situation, to decide if I should be taken to the hospital.

When my buddy arrived, it took him about 5 minutes to decide we were off to the hospital. It was later determined that I would now be dead if this crucial decision were not made. Upon arriving at the hospital, I could not speak at all correctly, and questions I was trying to answer (“HOW MUCH did you take?”) the nurses with were coming out totally wrong (“oh, about 40 smomass, dude!”) I was given priority over people with broken limbs in the emergency room!! AND I DID THIS TO MYSELF !!!!!!! Disgusting. It is safe to say that I have never been, nor do I ever wish to be, that fucked up again.

At this point, I was sedated, and my family called to the hospital. I spent that evening, and the next day in a stupor, and I have no memory of the entire time, except for asking the nurses to restrain me so that I quit hurting myself with the muscle spasms, etc…


I also spent the next 4 days in the hospital, recuperating, and now, about a week-and-a-half later, I am back to normal, lucky to not have permanent brain damage. Note: this hospital stay could become quite pricey in the U.S. In Canada, we are lucky enough to have health care that paid for my mistake. You may not be so lucky! Imagine a week-long stay at an American hospital...

This all should serve as a valuable lesson to those who’d like to try making & ingesting their own drugs. Naturally, I recognize that I was an idiot to be taking such heroic doses of both of these drugs. As it stands, now, I have become straight-edge for AT LEAST the next couple of months. I used to enjoy drugs a lot. Now, I have to be careful, and my family and friends seem to scrutinize my every move. NOT desirable.

For god’s sake, be careful, know your body, know your source, NEVER ABUSE ANY DRUG! Responsible drug use exists, but few people are able to practice this elusive routine. Be especially careful with GHB and speed. YOU COULD DIE!

P.S. I hope to, in the future, provide some more positive reports…

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3567
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 1, 2000Views: 40,053
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GHB (25), BZP (101) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Overdose (29), Alone (16)

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