Nutmeg.....dizzy for 5 days straight
Citation:   digital bathing. "Nutmeg.....dizzy for 5 days straight: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp3559)". Oct 31, 2000.

2 Tbsp oral Nutmeg (powder / crystals)
So i was reading about the effects of nutmeg on the net. I told a few friends at school about the spice and they said 'No Way!!!You can't get high off NUTMEG!!!!!' So as a joke, a friend got me a little container of ground nutmeg. I laughed my ass off. I mean i didn't think that tripping on a spice would be particularly pleasant and considering the taste, maybe it's not even worth it. But out of stupidity and curiousity I had to give it a go. Before I even digested this weird smelling substance I looked up various 'trip' reports, and alot of them were good, so I was like...what the hell!!!!!!!

Monday Morning
7:00 am.... I tried mixing the WHOLE container of the stuff with yogurt. Unfortunately I couldn't even get half of it down so I ended up throwing it away.

7:15 am.... I was thinking, I might as well down the rest of this nutmeg, I mean I want to get high, so I threw what was left, ( about 1 tablespoon) into a bottle and mixed it with coke. Damn it tasted like shit. I nearly puked. That was all i could take.

9-11 am.... I started feeling very stoned, my eyes were bloodshot and I needed water water something to drink. I felt dizzy too and laughed at anything anyone sayed. I listened to my headphones and the music really hits you hard when your high. I felt like I was spinning around with the notes when actually I was just sitting in a drab chair and dazing off. I also remember watching an educational video (I mean this was during school) and the background music sounded like enya or something. It was like blaring in my ears (but it wasn't loud at all) but it was beautiful.

12:00 pm.... I was very stoned and dizzy and I couldn't concentrate. People were starting to wonder what I was on and I didn't wanna say 'nutmeg!!!!' Actually it felt very pleasant like I just smoked 10 bowls or something. My words were very slurred and I just chose not to speak. But my thoughts were coming at me a thousand miles an hour. I remember riding on the bus and closing my eyes ( I didn't see any visuals) But it felt like I was sinking in the seat and I mean, even though with my lids shut, I could just see blackness, it somehow felt really euphoric. But I remember opening them to an ugly looking bus and that really pissed me off and got me into a bad mood.....hence the beginning of my coming down....

7:00 pm.... I tried going to sleep around 7 and I remember laying in bed and looking down, I felt like I was 10 feet tall!!!! But my body was very relaxed and my mind was racing. (Kinda like acid with no visuals) It would't stop. So I blasted my music and tried shutting my lids. With the tv on in the darkness, I could see the colors seeping through into my eyes and it was really beautiful, but that was about 'hallucinations'. I remember having a series of really crazy dreams but I dont think those count as 'visuals'.

Tuesday (Next Morning).... I woke up feeling buzzed which was fine with me, I mean I didn't have a horrible 'hangover' like I was reading about and I was grateful. But the worst was yet to come...

Wednesday (Next Next Morning).... I woke up feeling dizzy. I had horrible spins and a throbbing headache. My eyes hurt so bad I could barely keep them open....I continued feeeling like this all that day. I remember going to bed hoping to GOD that this would be gone the NEXT morning....NOPE.

Thursday (Next Next Next Morning).... I woke up with no headache and my eyes didn't hurt as much but I was sooooo dizzy. Just plain dizzy for the whole day. And I mean I remember feeling like 'WHEN' will this go away??? Cuz I kept waking up and the buzzing dizzy feeling was still there. I took some ibuprofen but I just got a big stomach ache. OUCH. I hated not having control of this feeling. It was horrible!!!!!

Friday .... I woke up and I wasn't dizzy!!!! WRONG!!!! As soon as I stood up my head started to spin again. I was so sick of this shit that I downed about a quarter of a bottle of straight vodka to get rid of the horrible hangover. WRONG move. I woke up the NEXT morning with an even WORSE hangover and more of the spins.

My advice to anyone even contemplating nutmeg is NO NO NO. I mean the first day was pleasant, but I was expecting good visuals (which were pratically non-existant) and the rest of the week was just plain ruined for me. I think that if you wanna get high stick to things you know about. I'm not saying become a street junkie, but just stick to smoking the bowls. It's so much easier on your system especially 'cuz the herb is the best.

Fuck the nutmeg. I mean taken in large amounts its bad for your system. Plus it's embarassing telling your friends that you have a nutmeg hangover. But oh well I guess if you really want to, go ahead try the cheap shit, but then you'll be payin becuz you'll be gettin a cheap high. But I guess everyone's curious. I know I was. No more nutmeg for me. heehee.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3559
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 31, 2000Views: 101,647
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