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Ketamine Notes
Citation:   A-train. "Ketamine Notes: An Experience with Ketamine (exp3557)". Nov 2, 2000.

  IV Ketamine (liquid)
    IM Ketamine (liquid)
    insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
i have been using ketamine on and off for about ten years and i would like to share some thoughts on this remarkable substance. i first used it in 90 or 91 in an east coast city where i had friends who worked in a hospital. they easily procurred vials that contained 1 gram of k each and hooked me up for $50 a vial. at the time, i was into iv drugs, especailly heroin, so we often injected k in our veins. i would not recommend this. you get high way to fast, before you can even pull the needle out of your arm you are gone.

i scared the shit out of my girl friend once by accidentally doing twice as much as i had intended, due to a mix up of a .5cc and 1cc syringe. she thought i was dead. i could hear her screaming at me and crying, but i was unable to speak and let her know i was ok. i fewlt like she was yelling at me and i was in the bottom of a well and too far away to respond. she wound up dumping ice water down my pants in an attempt to revive me. not a pleasant way to come down. more often though, we would evaporate the liquid on a plate in a 200 degree oven until we werel left with lovely white crystals. they would form on the plate in beautiful concentric circles, and they resembled formations found in caves. we would insufflate this and watch 'Love Boat' reruns on television.

back then, i would often experience a strange feeling of being homesick or missing a departed friend while i was under the influence of the drug. at times, a friend i will calll 'n' and i would blow through a whole gram between us in a single evening. not recommended either. the next day i would feel like some one had scrubbed my brain with steel wool. i didn't use ketamine from late 92 until january of 2000. this was due to my cleaning up from the hard drugs and discovering iyengar yoga. yoga became my drug of choice and still is, although while in india i ran into my old friend 'k'.

i procured a one gram vial of ketamine in delhi for 150 rupees, about $3 american. this is a good deal. so, we had a little reunion party and and i am very glad. it used to be just a recreational drug to me, something to do when you were bored. now i use it in a more spiritual way. i find that the experiences are religious, and i have learned valuable lessons from it. while under it's influence, i often feel like i do when i am practicing my asanas, only more so.way more so. sometimes i am overcome with feelings of love and universal harmony.

i have had some pretty crazy experiences also. once, with a friend, we were listening to a musical piece on the radio consisting of accoustic guitar and a flute. my soul left my body and left behind an empty space that was filled by the music. just like water assumes the shape of the vessel that contains it, the music took the shape of the empty space that my soul had occupied. i know this sounds absurd but if you have done k it might make sense to you.

i find that after the initial soul travel phase of the trip, which lasts about 20 minutes, i have interesting closed eye hallucinations which i am unable to describe, except that they are nothing similar to what lsd and mushrooms provide. the k is hard to come by where i live now on the west coast of the states, but can be sometimes found for $80 a gram, already cooked down. it seems to be uncut to me. some thoughts on usage. many reports i have read on the web say that the im shot is the only way to go but i do not agree. i think you can get just a rewarding experience from 100mgs insufflated, followed by 50mgs about 20 minutes later. i have found that if you happen to be on mdma at the time, 75 mgs is plenty to send you into another dimension. if you do choose to bang this stuff in your muscle, you may be sore in the injection site for several weeks, and this screws up your yoga. setting seems to be very important to the experience.

i get off the best when it is completely dark in the room. always take the phone off the hook and resist the temptation to call someone while you are high, or you may end up like me and have a friend who refuses to erase her answering machine tape that has recorded me sounding like a total idiot. i honestly do not understand how people take this stuff at dance clubs, it must be small dosages. when you do enough to have the real spiritual journey k can provide, you will not be able to walk, let alone dance.

get comfortable, preferably in bed and with a loved one to hold if possible. one of the only negative things i can think of to say is that i have seen several people get extremely nauseous when they come down, two have even vomited. so be ready for this possibility. this is not a social drug. i highly recommend it of you can find it.

one final warning, i consider this stuff to be very psychlogically addictive, although i did not take any k for about 7 years, i thought about it just about every day. i have not used heroin for 8 years and can easily turn it down when offered, but k is much harder to resist. be careful and look for natural ways to get there. practice yoga.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3557
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 2, 2000Views: 17,904
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Ketamine (31) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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