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Over the Fence
by Lee
Citation:   Lee. "Over the Fence: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp35493)". Aug 10, 2006.

40 g oral Mushrooms (fresh)

BODY WEIGHT: 10.7 kg

The story begins on a nice sunny Friday, middle of the day and me and some mates are preparing to do some mushrooms. Iíd only done mushrooms once before, and didnít have a good time.

I decided to try them again in the hope that Iíd enjoy it, as the first time I;d done mushrooms they were class A illegal and dried out, but this time I bought them from grasshopper, a shop that sells legal mushrooms and drugs related objects and tools.

I ate my 30gram bag of mushrooms that id been looking after, and a friend decided she didnít want to finish her mushrooms, they were making her feel sick. She gave them to me and I ate them happily. I donít know why, but there was a small yellow fungussy-type thing attached to one of the mushrooms, which I ate anyway. It may have been something harmful, but then again it may not have, I still donít know...

My friends 'came up' far quicker than I did, just like the time before it took me about 1 and a half hours to start tripping.

We were in a closed field surrounded by high metal fencing, and this particular field on a Friday night is guaranteed a visit from the police, at least once.

We were laughing a little, but at the same time feeling pretty ill and unsure about the effects. Gradually as the night went on, the effects became stronger and stronger, I was struggling to get single words out, I couldnít answer questions or do simple tasks like get my phone from my pocket.

My mates were enjoying it, they were all loosing the effects from mushrooms while I was more intensely mashed than id been on any drug before in my life. We were backed up in the far corner of the field, farthest from the entrance when my friend spotted a police van/meat wagon coming up the road next to the field.

Everybody grabbed their coats/drugs/bikes and jumped the fence in the corner, and although I was first tot the fence, I was in no state to climb it(which I can usually do with ease). Everybody was over the fence and running, I was stuck inside standing at the fence holding it, trying just to think about how I should go about working my way over the fence!

By this time I was so out of it I cant even explain what was going through my head, all I could think was 'police... run.... run'.

I turned from the fence, and started walking toward the entrance to the field, not even thinking about the police or understanding that if I went this way I'd be approached.

So Iím tripping my nut off as the 2 officers walk over to me, followed shortly by the most incoherent conversation of my life.

Officer: evening young man, can we stop you for a brief moment

Me: errrrr... yeah

Officer: can I ask what your doing here?

Me: errrr... goin home(slurred)
(by now can tell something isnít right with me!)

Officer: Ok, Iím going to ask you now if you have anything on you sharp or illegal, that you shouldnít have...

Me: nah... havenít

Officer: its clear to me that youíve taken something tonight that you shouldnít have so...(blah blah blah) Can you spread your legs and put your arms out straight for me now (begins patting me down, searching pockets)

Officer2: Can I see some id please, and your full name

Me: lee... *****...(struggle to open wallet, and pull out my bank card)

Conversation goes on for 10 minutes, they run a check on me and ask many questions such as my size - took me about 2 minutes to work out she wanted my shoe size. She asked what the G stood for on my bankcard, took another 2 minutes for me to get my middle name out.

They asked if I needed any help, as they had nothing to arrest me for, so wanted to give me a chance to ask for help.

I left just after and started walking around town still tripping, which I had been constantly for 3 hours. I thought it was never going to end, I was swallowing and didnít know what I was swallowing(saliva). I didnít know what drug I had taken or how they had affected me. I walked around for a while until I got a phonecall from my mate who'd got over the fence. They were asking where I was, what could I see, what had happened and was I ok. I couldnít get anything out, I just walked around, not knowing where I was, and STILL tripping hard, purely bad trips, trips of being attacked by shadows and trips of people coming for me.

2 of my mates found me, gave me some orange juice, and took me to some garages to chill out. Took me another hour of tripping and being head-mashed to start coming down.

I was disappointed with my mates for leaving me there in such a state with the police that night, but they were on mushrooms too, just not as many.

I am never doing mushrooms again. That was a memorable night, sadly.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35493
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 10, 2006Views: 7,829
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Mushrooms (39), Police / Customs (60) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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