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DXM Overdose
Citation:   _-Seven-_. "DXM Overdose: An Experience with DXM (exp3547)". Oct 31, 2000.

T+ 0:00
500 mg oral DXM (capsule)
  T+ 1:00 250 mg oral DXM (capsule)
  T+ 3:30 250 mg oral DXM (capsule)
  T+ 0:59 250 mg oral DXM (capsule)
  T+ 8:00 750 mg oral DXM (capsule)

This is all true, why/how would I make something like this up ?

I'm writing this to share information about DXM Overdose, what its like, what it does to you, and my personal overdose experience. I really hope for this to be of use to someone. At the time of this writing it is 17 days after my overdose and my brain is still *extremely* fuzzy, its hard to think, my stomach is always messed up, I get motion/car sickness, and mild claustrophobia that I *never* had before.

The Story (To the best of my ability)

I'm going to start at the beginning of the day rather than the crucial dose since it all ties together. My friend Nick (19/m) and I had much pure DXM put into capsules (250mg in each capsule). At the beginning of the day I went to where Nick was staying, which was my cousins (Brandy 21/f) and her husbands (Eddy 20/m) house. Tammy (My Aunt, Brandy's mother) was there also. They have a baby of 8 months (Brandon). At the time I arrived it was around 7am and Eddy was at work (which was good). Brandy, Tammy, and Nick decide to go to our friend Mondayes cause she lives by the beach, so I tagged along. We went to the beach and hung for a while then headed back to Mondayes place.

At this time Nick doses without my knowledge 1 250mg capsule. Brandy, Mondaye and I head out to get some pizza, 30 minuets or so we return to Mondayes place. By this time Nick is starting to feel the effects of the DXM and tells me he dosed. I'm like 'you dosed? Damn I thought we were gonna wait till later in the day man!' At this time it's only like 11:30am. So I decide to dose as well since he did. I take 2 250mg capsules (500mg) being a more frequent (experienced) DXM user than him.

Tammy brings up my last DXM experience that she happened to be around for (1000mg) and starts telling how fucked up I was and some of the things I did/said, so we talk about that for a while (I admit it was amusing). About this time I decide to eat a piece of pizza. (12:00) I'm starting to feel the effects of the DXM and Nick is already starting to trip. I lay on Mondayes couch for a while, while they're outside talking.

Right before we leave I'm starting to trip and decide to take another 250mg capsule (bringing me to 750mg) from this point on event become hazy? We return to Brandy's apartment and I'm tripping rather nicely (rather hard) and Nick finds the effects to be overwhelming for a while, and lays on the bathroom floor. Oh by the way he took another one when I did (bringing him to 500mg) He makes note of how much harder/stronger the pure shit hits you than cough syrup.

I talk to him for a while trying to get him through it and at this time I decide to take another (about 3:00pm probably, bringing me to 1000mg) From this point on everything is really a blur? I remember laying down a lot on the bed in the babies' room while Nick lay on the floor and we talked about the trip etc away from the rest of the people (Tammy had left) I'm having an unusually strong trip due to the drawn out-ness of the dosing. I'm having a lot more confusion than I normally would at this dose. Once I start peaking and the trip steadies out, we go out to join Brandy. At this time my judgement and logical thought have completely diminished in a way it never had before.

I remember watching Brandon (the baby) play. I played some music and danced around like a fool for a while. (It's getting hard for me to sequence events) From what they told me I could barely talk, what I would say would come out as 'bwalwayamawasa' and stuff. Everything was just like a dream at this point and I kept going into trances. At some point Brandy had taken the DXM from me (in attempt to cut me off) when I realized this I became somewhat furious.

Keep in mind this was like no ordinary DXM trip for some reason. I wasn?t myself. I tried to get the DXM back off of Brandy (I failed) and she left for work. At some point Tammy had returned (mad at me) and I couldn?t understand why and it was ruining my trip cause that?s all I could think about. I tried to talk to her (which made things worse) I guess after this I went back to the babies room and laid down for a while. Then I came back out and Tammy and Nick were talking. OH Mondaye was still there. Uhm? Anyway I'll just skip to an important event.

I remember trying to eat a bowl of Trix (which was nearly impossible) while Nick (still tripping balls) was talking to Tammy. These events aren't important so I'll skip ahead. At some point I had taken another (bringing me to 1250mg) which I don?t remember, but Nick said I did so I belive him.

Around 7:30pm I'm returning to reality. So is Nick. But I'm still tripping pretty hard. I for some reason wanted to return where I was(the state of mind). Nick said he wanted to re-dose and go to the mall. I loved the plan! So I had at some point gotten more of the DXM from somewhere. Nick wanted 1 so I give it to him (bringing him to 750mg he has taken) I took 3 more!

Judgement being completely fuct, I came to the conclusion that since I was coming down it would be o.k. (I think that musta been it) So we decide to walk to the mall. I remember about 10 minuets of this walk. I remember spinning around in circles on the sidewalk and walking all over the place and Nick would be like 'this way!!' (after this point anything I remember is in 5 second clips) Next thing I remember is walking through the door of the mall. Then lying on the floor in the music store. Then in the middle of the mall I couldn?t stand so I decided to sit down (The End) this must have been when I reached the anesthetic (dangerous) state/dose of DXM. Just blankness, I was just 'out'.

Next thing I 'remember' is sitting on the floor next to a paramedic. (apparently this is right after they shot something into my arm that my friend said like 'reanimated me' (maybe adrenaline) This is just really really eerie from this point on? STRANGE DERANGED and shit. Just how I was 'thinking' My brain was like making up scenarios of what was going on or something. Thinking like why am I here?

I was in like alternate dimension. Just thinking and trying to remember what it was like is like oh my god. This is getting really hard? This was like traumatic and thinking about it is fuct. But anyway. I remember that, 5 seconds of being in the ambulance. 5 seconds of being strapped down to a hospital bed with an IV in my arm and 3 doctors looking down at me. Then coming back to consciousness for the 1st time more than 5 seconds.

This is where my brain was working really wacky. I was looking at the ceiling for a long ass time. Trying to figure out where I was. When I finally realized where I was I tried to figure out why. I had no idea that I had overdosed. Basically I thought I was kidnapped by an evil force of some kind and having mental tests conducted on me. I couldn?t move very much. After like 20 minuets of lying there not moving I attempted to move. I realized I was strapped down, and tried to get up. A doctor came in and said 'Mr. Wetzel' (my name) and the struggling must have worn me out so I went back out.

I cant stress how out of this world it was. I felt this pain? that wasn?t really pain. I guess I was so dissociated I could feel the pain I was having. They had pumped my stomach, pumped me full of activated charcoal, catheterized me!!!! And I was on an IV. I guess some time that night (around 11 or 12 or something) Tammy, Brandy, Eddy, Clark, and Nick came to see me. (I don?t remember this) Apparently I was raging and delerious 'cause I was yelling and cussing a lot (from what they told me) and I showed everyone the tube they put in my dick. I woke up the next morning around 12 and asked a nurse why I was there, she explained? I remained in the hospital for 2 days and then was transferred to a mental hospital cause they thought I was suicidal(thought I intentionally overdosed) I don?t care to discuss much more but it was hell.

The Overdose

I guess the DXM caused hypercardia something or other. Which means my heart was going dangerously fast, my heart rate was 170 something (90 being normal). Which would have caused me to die if they hadn't given me whatever drugs they gave me to calm it down. And I had an extremely high fever of 109F, which the combination of that and the DXM caused a lot of brain cells to die. Also extremely high blood pressure.

[erowid note: Very high fevers like this can cause death & organ damage very quickly.]

What it caused

Brain damage? Apparently. the combination of the fever and the DXM. It is extremely hard for me to think/concentrate now. Recalling memories is hard. Extremely short attention span. Even worse memory than I had. And some whacked out shit. I get these extremely sick feeling like I'm going to die or something. My stomach cramps and pains. I get motion sick and claustrophobic (I have tried to avoid riding in a car) extremely sensitive to heat (I get sick and cant think at all if its to warm in here) digestion problems. Etc. None of which I had before the overdose. NONE. Basically my life is shit now (thank god I make my living from the internet) I have noticed slowly regaining some things. But some I can tell will be permanent, (e.g. my stomach is getting better, and less sickness, but my brain is still just as fucked up)

So what?

Be careful people don?t over do it. If you plan to take high doses of DXM, make a limit, and hide the rest.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3547
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 31, 2000Views: 105,126
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