The Deadly Game of Reality
LSD, Ecstasy & Cannabis
Citation:   Tsabo. "The Deadly Game of Reality: An Experience with LSD, Ecstasy & Cannabis (exp3545)". Oct 30, 2000.

T+ 0:00
2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:15 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:45 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:25 1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
Right now as I trying to remember what day I did my last tripping with the combination of LSD/cannabis/ecstasy. In the cold fall of Friday, two days before Halloween, my friend (E) and I decide to go to the frat Halloween party called 'Ghost' later that night. We also decided to get some cannabis and bought 1/8 of northern light at expensive prices from another good friend of mine (M). (Northern Light or KB is the best!) However, my other friend (D) had a couple pills of E, he wanted to sell. I was just curious about the situation of Ecstasy because you never know you'll able to trust your friend. I bought only one pill for myself to see if I could handle my control of the triple drug combination. The pills were in the shape of a tablet with a 'Z' sign on it. It looked to me that my friend (D) told me it was pure MDMA with 30mg shit. So I decided to hold on the Z pill for the party.

Before the party, my friend(E) and I was at the dorm waiting for the clock to tick-tock until the party start. Suddenly, my friend(E) show me his acid blotters. I told my friend(E) that we better get fuck up before the party start. So we hit two LSD blotter. Fifteen more minutes later, I felt nothing but a plain regular person, so we hit one more LSD again. Thirty minutes later, my friend(E) told me that he was getting buzz for now. i felt the same way he has. We both were sitting on the couch with our head drooping down. I told my friend(E) to take another shot and we hit one LSD blotter. At that time, I felt my head was pounding inside of my head, trying to pound out of my head. My sensation was not right as normal. My heart was pounding louder and louder. I was totally freaking out. My friend(E) told me that he was seeing things like shit. He pointed out and told me that he saw something in the '3-D' pattern on the cushion. My eye pupil was fucking wide open and I was getting paranioa. My friend(E) felt the same thing that I have. He told me that everyone is rising above like hell and you will never able to focus. We were freaking out until my friend(D) took us a ride to the 'Ghost' Halloween party.

The party was only 1 hour away and went joyriding to the party. My friend(E) was looking at the window, telling himself that he was 'seeing things'. I was freaking out like hell and hands was shivering like hell. My body begin to get sensation like hell. The tingling flowing on my skin was everywhere. Everything went so FUCK UP, that I took out my E and swallow the hit of E. After hitting the E, I closed my eyes and relaxed myself on the backseat of the car, trying to fight off the tingling flowing in my skin. My friend(E) was pretty fuck up really bad and still he was watching the window. Suddenly, the car stop in a huge halt, and I woke up, realizing that my other friend(D) stop his car at the red light. My heart was pounding like 6 times more than my regular heartbeat. All of the sudden, something got my attention. It was the light from the street lamp about 10 feet away. Something really attract me was the light. When I look up the street light, I was only seeing the light itself, but the surrounding around light was glaring HUGE. The glare light was regular, but when I was seeing thing, it grow the glare light triple size. Very huge that my eyes was straight around the glaring light. My mind was wiring-out and I was thinking that glaring light is like a real star!! I was freaking out and we continued to hit the road.

We arrived at the party and I was about to get out of my friend's car. My body is tingling and weakness like hell. I couldn't balance and control my physcial body. My friend(E) told me that during the ride to the party, he was freaking out that way he see the car go by so fast. So fast, the image of the car that pass us created a triple image thing. For instance, when the pass by, it made the car blurry and you see three car pass by at the same time. I was thinking myself what causes us seeing things different. (I realized that I found out to be hallucination) We went inside the frat party, realizing about 3/4 of the people at the party was wearing Halloween dress.(+3000) My head was throbbing crazy as I walk inside the party. The music was loud and the ground was vibrating like an earthquake. I was battling the control and hadle my mind to control my physical body. So we party all night at the Halloween party and it was bored though like hell. My friend(E) is already tripping out because of the loud music and vibrating. He later became so damn nausea that he went to the restroom, vomiting like hell. As for me, I was feeling different. I was tripping very bad. My mouth was swelling and numb. My throat was dry and I can feel 'the sands in my throat'. I wasn't freaking out for now, and realized I'm turning to phase of mental state. I felt my mind was playing game with me.

As I reach to the mental state phase, I was sitting on the couch, closing my eyes to fight the game. Until I heard someone called my name. I woke up and paused, a killer with Scream mask with a knife in his hand, sitting next to me. I was shocked to see the killer until he told me the question 'WHAT AM I?' I looked up in his eyes outside of the mask. I was freaking. My heart was pounding like hell against my chest. When I looked through that mask , I feel that he was A REAL KILLER. I was looking through the mask, seeing things. His eyes was like angry and fear and my eyes was totally focused on this person's eyes. I was seing the real thing in the other world. Later, the mask turn out to be my other friend(D) who was laughing at me. I was totally freaking out and trying to focus my mind. I decide to hit five hits with the northern light with my glass bong outside. After getting hit, I went back inside the party and social with my friend. My eyes was completely wide-open and my body still throbbing alittle like a scarecrow. I was seeing too much, my throat and lip was dry, and eyes is still throbbing like hell. When I join up to social with other friend, I was thinkng of myself trying to say something to social with the people. Actually, I haven't spoke a single word. I was a sitting duck. The voice of the people's talk increased so loud and everything was 'flashing' 'slow motion'. I was seeing things that are different but they're not there. The people's face was different when I look them in the faces. I paused myself, continuing to battle your way out to find out. The face of the people was STRECHING, creating human-reptile form. I was scared like shit!!!!My eyes wouldn't blink because my eyes was focusing on the people's focus. I was losing the control of my mind because I let it go easily. I was losing the 'reality'.

I was little worning out, and so my friend(E). We sat on the couch, and I was 'crashing'. The most lovely experience was battling the game against my mind. It pretty interesting because I feel that I want to win the damn battle and force myself to overcome my mind. I called it 'MindGame', where you stuggling to battle to win the game. My friend(E) and me starting to talk, smoking few weeds. We was talking longer and longer than we can imagine. We were talking about the past and back in school. And still, it like 3;30 am in the morning and still we continued to chat. Oh man, my head was pounding against my brain. My throat is so damn dry, that it begging for water. I was very weak to make the move. When we were chatting together, everything change. I wasn't listening to my friend(E)! Everything is so FUCK UP because I was very confusing what was going on. I was thinking too much. I was thinking myself in the other reality which didn't belong here. My head is mind controlling my move to make me see thing,do thing, and hear things. It was so freaking out and I feel pretty damn lighten up. I was scary, shivering, and nervous. Everything started to blank out. I was troubling breathing back and forth. I felt that someone was playing with my head, no wonder how or whatever it controlled my head. Everything went fuck up that I couldn't take anymore. I was trying to control myself to fight back the 'game' in order to defense myself.

The drugs is little worn out but we went back to the dorm. My head and my eyes was throbbing. The music in the car double it sound,louder than I can imagine. During the joyriding, I felt real-life setting. I was thinking about the negative thoughts. I was scary like hell. Because if you in the phase of 'crashdown', you are FUCK UP. A small problem can make me worry too much and nevous. Sometimes I was thinking about the past, I was scary and hurt. If you have a best friend at the party, and your friend was drunk and wanted to leave, how would you feel? To me, I will think about the future what going to happen to my friend. Sometimes I get worried about my friend or back home. Sometime you feel a small conflict is no big deal, but YOU FEEL THAT IT REALLY A BIG DEAL!!! Sometimes i was confusing and thinking too much, I get that shitface all the time. It the mindgame that really fuck up my real mind. I couldn't feel the car couch because I felt NOTHING AT ALL. For instances, one way was I was thinking too much to focus. But while I'm at that point, something sneak up behind and controll your mind. The reality which make the deadly game to turn the head around. Everything you see is fuck up, and tommorrow will never be the same. And I feel that I want to get the hell outta of here that all.

We got back to the dorm and I went to bed like that quick. the next day, I woke up realizing everything was okay. Still my whole body is weak and my throat is still dry. I will never forget the mindgame. You have to make the move to control the game by winning or beating the mind. I will never forget about what we have done here. Everything is jus the deadly game of reality.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3545
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 30, 2000Views: 12,476
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