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Grins Aplenty
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
Citation:   Omnip. "Grins Aplenty: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp35335)". Erowid.org. Feb 1, 2005. erowid.org/exp/35335

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100 seeds oral Morning Glory
I had been reading up for some time on some legals highs, and morning glory seeds seemed to be the way to go. My father grew them in his garden, and would be overjoyed to see I had taken a shine to his favorite pastime of gardening. I went online and searched around a bit before I found a steal...2400 seeds for just over 10 dollars. I decided to wait to order the 'Full POUND for only 120 dollars!' until I had completed some experiments of my own.

My friend D and I were hanging out at his house when I pulled out the small ziplock bag of hard, black seeds. We had talked about taking the seeds, but I think I caught him by surprise when I had them on me. With no way to wiggle out (this was D's first experience with drugs, a sip or two of alchohol notwithstanding, and was a bit nervous) we each chewed about 100 of the earthy tasting seeds. In hindsight, I wish I had ground them up and taken the powder with a big bottle of water, but this was fine as well.

We throughly crushed the seeds in our mouths, making sure that each seed was at least cracked, so that none of the LSA inside would go to waste. The taste wasn't pleasant, but it was by no means unbearable.

After swallowing the last of the seeds (at about 7pm) , we played some games and waited, hoping to have some sort of killer psychedelic hallucinations, right out of Pink Floyd or The Beatles. No such luck. However, we did experience an incredible heightening in mood. D and I have always been fairly close friends, but as the seeds started to kick in we became downright playful. Occasionally he would complain of slight stomach pains, but otherwise we were laughing and wrestling and having a blast.

About an hour into the trip my girlfriend, C, came over. She could sense that something was a bit off, but as she hadn't a clue we were under the influence of anything (best not to worry the ones you love for no reason, eh?) she played along with us. Finally, we retired to D's bed, where we sat on top of the covers and laughed for what seemed like an hour. It was definitely comparable to the effect other drugs can give, especially weed, where one feels compelled to laugh at things that normally would not cause one to react in such a manner. However, most of the things we were laughing at were genuinely funny...our state of mind just happened to enhance that.

After a bit, we decided to get a bite, so we went to a restaurant. (I suppose at this time it was about 9 pm. ) There, our laughter continued, much to the dismay of everyone around us. One very odd phenomenon was that our inebriated state seemed to be contagious...C seemed to be in the same state of mind we were in, cracking jokes she otherwise wouldn't have and laughing at things that she would normally think uncomical. Maybe it was just the laughter that was contagious. who knows. Midway through our meal I motioned for D to meet me in the bathroom. There we talked about what we felt, and looked in the mirror. Our pupils were as big as saucers. We had a laugh at how similar we looked to gerbils, and cats, and all manner of beasts. We returned to the table (D was feeling better after getting food in his stomach), paid the bill, and visited a friend at the coffeeshop where he works. Our wonderful mood never slackened. We visited with friends and whoever would pass through the shop, feeling pretty socially fearless. At about 11 C drove us back to D's house, where I slept over, and we talked about our trip.

In conclusion: small doses can work wonders as a social drug, but make sure to take them on a full stomach (or pack some Pepto.) Don't expect any amazing hallucinations at smaller doses (and expect stomach trauma with larger doses...an experience I shan't soon relive.) Actually, come to think of it, I had two fairly signifigant (well, signifigant to me...I had never hallucinated before) distortions: one was looking in the mirror, where the surface of the glass appeared to have a wavy quality. Another was when I was getting a bit bored and was absentmindedly bouncing up and down on my heels, looking at the carpet. When I would 'bounce' down, the carpet would ripple outwards, almost like the surface of water. It was an interesting effect that I have tried to duplicate in Flash or on paper, but haven't been able to yet.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35335
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 1, 2005Views: 15,328
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