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Major Drop in Effects During Stressful Event
by We bob with tides
Citation:   We bob with tides. "Major Drop in Effects During Stressful Event: An Experience with LSD (exp35186)". May 9, 2007.

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


I've done LSD several times over the course of the last year, I would estimate twelve times total (I had not used it prior to this period of time). I'm in my early 20s. I would say my experiences prior to this trip had been fairly typical. I have a reliable supply of strong enough stuff, and I generally take two hits. The most I have ever taken was four hits, though of course dosage varies.

This time was fairly typical. The week ahead I had made plans to trip with my friend Casey, one of the two people I usually trip with. We had tripped together the month prior and it was a lovely experience, especially the comedown which we had spent drinking coffee in a 24hr coffee shop and reading a local tabloid. It was a nice sunny day and I was expecting another nice, pleasant trip. We live in a suburb, but generally ride the bus into the city to trip, to enjoy the city atmosphere for a bit before retreating into a pleasant and relatively safe park near downtown, before riding the bus back into our suburb. It can be a bit formulaic, but it's pleasant and generally how we do it.

So, we rode into the city and arrived around 2:30pm, and promptly dropped 2 hits each of a batch of acid we were both pretty familiar with, having tripped off of it before and knowing others who had. Good middle of the road strengh cid, one tab would get you high but not as high as we felt like. So, we dropped, and then walked around a bit. About an hour and a half passed. We were both tripping quite hard and sitting together in this little garden place we know about downtown, sort of tucked off from the hustle and bustle. Suddenly, my cell starts ringing. Now, I normally just have my cell on because I like to have it as a clock, since I don't have a watch (actually, I obtained one the day after this). Anyway, I'd forgot to turn the ring off. So what the hell, I figured, and I answered.

I immediately recognized the voice of my girlfriend sobbing. Her cat was dying. Now, she's not really cool with me using drugs, and so I tend to keep it on the down low. We sort of have a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. Now, keep in mind I was out of my skull on acid. It was awful. I blurted out that my friend Casey was on acid and I was babysitting him, so I couldn't come see the cat one last time and be with her, though I normally would. The conversation was sorta fucked up and I might have been incoherent, but she was crying and my cell gets bad reception, so she didn't catch on I was flying too... though at the time I was worried she had some inkling.

So, I did the natural thing, and grabbed my skull and cursed and felt awful and didn't know what to do (basically how I spend most of my free time actually). After some deliberation, I decided (probably foolishly) that I was with it enough I could pass for sober, and my girl needed me. So, my buddy and I got ourselves bussing back to the suburb. He came in case I bailed out, we wouldn't be split up. I called her, etc, there was some standard acid confusion, bla bla bla, my buddy and I split up. As a footnote, Casey spent the rest of his trip alone in our burb, and actually had a really pleasant trip apart from a bit of worrying about me.

I got to my girlfriend's house. I'd probably been tripping about 2.5 hours at this point, and was high. Peaking even. I was feeling sad about the cat, worried about pulling off what I had to pull off. I'd never needed to pass for sober for a prolonged period of time before, and was gonna be with my girlfriend, her teenage brother, and her god fearing mom. I had visuals, racing thoughts, a 'body high' feeling, etc. So, the door opened, everyone was there, this cat was dying and stuff, they were supposed to spend some time with the cat, then take him in to be put down (vet's advice).

It was really sad, etc, etc. I won't get into the crazy specifics of how it was. Really unpleasant. But here's the thing, the highness just... died. It was like, apart from a slight body high, I just sobered up. Before I knocked on that door, if I stayed still and looked at the ground, it looked like it was rippling. If I looked at anything carefully, I saw fractal patterns etched onto them. All that stopped. My thinking became clear. I was able to express myself in words clearly. And this lasted for the next five hours that I spent with them, at the vets, etc. It was amazing. Once I was by myself, away from them (about 12-13 hours after I'd dropped), I was high again, typical burnout.

Anyway, it was just interesting, how under a stressful and prolonged experience where being sober was preferable, I suddenly felt totally sober and was able to act completely normally. I even did stuff like, in the car, stare at things to see if I got the normal fractals... nothing. Once I was alone, I felt like I was high and there was no way I could be sober. I didn't want to be high, I just wanted to be sober.

Anyway, keep your phone off when you do acid. This worked out for me, but I could easily see it having gone bad and the experience between the initial phone call and arriving at the girlfriend's place would probably qualify as a 'bad trip,' though there was some cynically pleasant conversation with Casey. Anyway, the experience of just 'sobering up' seemed worth reporting.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35186
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 9, 2007Views: 12,033
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LSD (2) : General (1), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Various (28)

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