Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Citation:   Jellymaze. "Fifteen Minutes of Fame: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp3516)". Nov 2, 2000.

35 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
[Erowid Note: This report describes an experience with 35mg snorted 2C-T-7. It is extremely important to know that there has been one verified 2C-T-7 death, and it was with this exact dose and method.]

8:00 pm central

Prior to snorting 2C-T-7, I was told that if I could LIVE through the first fifteen minutes, I would be good to go, seeing the most awesome visuals.

Stereo is on random. TV is muted. All the lights are on.
Snort 'The Stuff', 'The Baddest Shit You Ever Did In Your Life'.
It burns, I would have put my head in a sinkful of water if I didn't think I might drown in it. See colors and patterns almost immediately. At this point I am so excited to see what I am seeing. But then, the world unravels and the Flaming Lips song, 30,000 Feet of Despair, (conveniently!) starts playing. I realize how quickly the stuff is working and I become instantly afraid. Turning off the stereo and TV, then melting into the carpet, I think to myself, 'I was in my apartment when I took it, I'm in my apartment right now, if I don't move, I'll be A-OKAY!' My boyfriend says to me, 'It's working, huh?' Experienced, maybe, but nothing could prepare us for this. He takes his dose as I watch EVERYTHING, friend or foe, RUN AWAY FROM ME. Its like lightspeed backwards!

But then the phone rings! It was the friend who provided the stuff. He knew what I was going through right then and I can see the humor in him calling now. At the time, I said to my boyfriend, 'turn off the ringer, its making me puke!' And right then, I began wretching. I was laying on my back--I do not suggest this. I rolled over immediately and held my head down at a sharp angle. A part of me wanted to speak, but it was too much to do so and breath at the same time. I relied on the information that breathing is an autonomic exercise to calm myself from this point. I thought I might urinate on myself and ignored it. I thought I might die and knew that I wouldn't. I'm thinking I asked for it. I'm thinking I did it to myself, how ironic. And there HE is on the phone laughing at me. It seemed like it would be an endless string of things I would like to ignore, but I found it impossible to fight. Could it ever be stopped? Would death stop it? Right then, I thought, 'certainly not, I'd probably spend an eternity right here if I died, alas I will live through this!' My boyfriend was slightly behind me and put himself to work turning off all the lights.

A hot flash came on and I reached a level of ecstasy to define the very word! Turned the AC down to 50 degrees F and layed under a ceiling fan. Took off all my clothes but my underwear. Hearing a symphony made of my own breathing and the whir of these machines! When I realized it was my own breathing and air conditioner, it began to sound extremely funny, like the noises at the end of the Beck album, Mellow Gold. All of a sudden I am freezing my butt off. So I put my clothes back on.

I appear to be a single-celled organism or thought. My body is so disassociated from my mind that I seem to be watching myself sleep. I think, 'This is just like the last time we were all together asleep, on the verge of waking together. We? We will never wake together!' I hear my boyfriend say from another galaxy, 'That'll make you think you'll never trip again?' And he was certainly right. I rely on the fact (?) that the stuff has already passed through my brain and, therefore, the experience has already ended technically--this makes me momentarily sad. I think about my boyfriend, 'I am sure glad it was you with me this time. This time? This has never happened to me before ! ?' At this point I do not know if my eyes are open or shut. But infinity/god is apparent and I know I am not it. However, it is then that I realize the futility of fear of death.

I am now in the spirit world, as I would describe it. I am over the fear thanks to my native north american ancestors. They show me the cave woman I was and the vivid living companion for god that I could someday be. They tell me to find a cure for cancer or else. (Not that I am at all involved in science or research.) I can hear myself snoring, my body is asleep while my mind is acting in a state other than sleep or dream. We now refer to this area as 'There'. It seemed to me that anyone who had ever been 'There' before me was 'There' right then. It seemed that if anyone ever went 'There' after me, I would still be 'There' to help them through it. A universal feeling at the very least.

My boyfriend says to me, 'There's your fifteen minutes!' And I laugh, feeling immensely relieved, refreshed because I had gone somewhere I had never been and it scared me damn near to death! Scared me so bad, I could laugh about it fifteen minutes later.

I am back, sort of. I have my eyes anyway. It looks like I'm peering through layers and layers of plastic bubble wrap and celophane. I try to sit up, but the earth moves so fast it seems she will spin me right back into space if I don't hang on a little longer. This was as much like being born as I can remember! I feel brand-spanking new!

I am able to communicate verbally and my bodily movements resemble that of a newborn fawn. I look at my skin and it appears as if I am wearing fantastic armor which I will use to do battle with God for infinity. Never have I felt so beautiful! Nor have I ever had so much respect for aesthetically driven endeavors (like a monument to God or a praying mantis who resembles a lotus flower). I have never experienced such a feeling of superiority through potential! Pretty soon, I'm laughing because they told me it was legal! While under its influence, I couldn't see how life itself could be illegal. As far as I was concerned, the drug was life.

After about three hours, this comes to resemble the trips I am used to, weed, The Orb, black lights, mushroom like visuals. It lasted in all ten hours. I took LSD (in public) a week later and it seemed that the 2C-T-7 increased my tolerance to the LSD--I didn't feel as if I was coming up, but when I finally had come up I only felt like I was 'There' on a very small scale. As far as I know, no amount of acid could take you 'There' on such a grand scale while maintaining its usefulness. In fact, it has put the idea in my head that coming up at all is useless. I now would rather just be 'There' right from the start. It also reinforced the idea that acid is recreational, this stuff seems more shroomy to me, less recreational (solely my opinion).

It helped us a lot to know that we didn't have to preoccupy ourselves with breathing or speaking. As soon as I knew that, I didn't feel the need to puke anymore. I knew if I made a mess, I could clean it up later, hours and hours later--this, it seems, kept me from losing bowel control.

Understand that we took such a large dose with ego-death in mind. But my ego didn't die, it was reinvented and reinforced. This would be a difficult experience for anyone! And the idea of dying will occur until you decide one way or another, though it is only a fraction of the experience as a whole. Where I am from, only six people have used 2C-T-7. All of us have used at least 35mg, all snorted. It is refreshing to know that less of it is also useful and that it can be eaten as well. (If I did it again, though, I would snort it.)

We all refer to it as 'The Stuff' or 'The Baddest Shit You Ever Did in Your Life'. Currently, my boyfriend and I refer to it as 'pulsar' or 'quasar' for its galactic effect! I could list a number of songs which accurately reinact such experiences, whether by accident or on purpose, but all I can say is 'Glass and the Ghost Children'!

Not for everyone! Definitely for me--once or twice a year.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3516
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 2, 2000Views: 20,387
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2C-T-7 (54) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9), First Times (2)

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