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A Frightening, Yet Blissful Experience
by Psilocybin
Citation:   Psilocybin. "A Frightening, Yet Blissful Experience: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp35133)". Erowid.org. Jan 11, 2007. erowid.org/exp/35133

2.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


I had taken mushrooms one time before. I enjoyed the experience. It was as if it made everything around me beautiful and soothing. I had taken the mushrooms in a chocolate form, and apparently I hadn't tripped to the fullest expectations.

I recieved two grams of small dried mushrooms from a friend. I kept them for a few days until I decided to go ahead and take them. I made the bad choice of agreeing to go see a movie with my friends J and M.

I felt nothing in the car on the way there. We got there and bought the tickets. Still nothing. Then I just started to feel funny. I found it hilarious that the mushrooms were starting to take effect. I tried to buy gummy worms at the consession stand, and I couldn't figure out how much money to give the woman or what change back I should recieve. I thought to myself 'This lady knows there's something up.' I giggled at the thought.

We waited outside for the movie to start. I smoked a lot of cigarettes. I felt like I needed something to keep my hands busy. My friends were sitting at their car flipping through CD's and talking. I was sitting on the curb staring at the cars going by. That's when I had my first visual.

The people driving by seemed so inferior to me. What I focused on was the road. It started to kind of wave around slowly like an ocean. I laughed to myself again because no one else noticed the street was melting. We started to walk back into the theater and as I walked by people, they seemed so small and inferior. Like they were just scenery set up there for the sole purpose of confusing me. I'd see people with weird faces, parents yelling at their kids. I walked up the front of the theater with lights all above the walkway. To my surprise I felt as if I was towering over everyone. My legs felt very long and jelly-like.

While we were walking towards the theater I found myself stopping in the middle of the hall to stare at the wallpaper. There was so much depth to it. I touched it and it would move around. It was so wonderful. I smiled and kept staring at it until my friends snapped me back into it.

We finally got into the movie theater. This is when it started to get frightening. I couldn't tell how long the movie was, or how long it had been playing. It was in black and white, but I had to ask my friend J if it was supposed to be in black and white.

At some time during the movie, everything went downhill. The faces in the movie would slowly start to decay right before my eyes until they were nothing but mere skeletons with flesh hanging from them. It was amazing, but I was so afraid I'd never escape these beasts. It was so incredibly frightening. I felt my face grow cold. It felt as if there was no blood in my face. I started to sweat, then feel cold, then sweat, then feel cold.

I paniced. I realized I had to get out of there. I went to the bathroom. All the people around me seemed to be staring at me and talking about me. I finally got to my destination and I made a huge mistake. I looked in the mirror. My face scared me and I almost screamed. I was deathly pale, and there were blotches of colors on my face. I don't know if my face really looked that way in real life or if it was just my twisted mind. So I freaked and pulled out all of my makeup from my purse. I was fumbling around trying to cover up my hideous face when the first human interaction commensed.

A girl beside me asked if I had any foundation. I looked up at her with wide eyes. Why did she have to ask now? It took me a while to realize what I was doing, but I eventually gave it to her and muttered a few words to her. Once again, I thought to myself that she KNEW I was tripping my ass off. I backed away from the crowd of people at the sinks. Then I looked over a little girl washing her hands. She had soap on her hands, then she put them together and started praying right there on the sink. She muttered words that didn't seem of this world, then quickly looked over at me. In no time at all, her face began to decay! I got so scared I tried to run out of the bathroom. People were blocking my way. It seemed as if they were all in on it. It was a conspiricy against me!

I walked as quickly as I could back into the theater, but things got so jumbled. The halls swirled, the floor got further away from me before coming right back close to me.

I sat back down in my seat. I kept hearing noises around me. Kept seeing doors open everywhere. I saw people poke their head in out of the corner of my eye and then jerk it back and shut the door before I could look at them. I would stare straight ahead at the movie and see my friend J's head dart over and look at me, but when I looked at him he was sitting there silently watching the movie.

My legs became weightless. I couldn't figure out whose body I was in. I decided I was going to try and control this. I sat and payed close attention to every detail in the movie. After a while, I was simply enjoying the movie. As soon as I realized I wasn't panicing anymore, I'd get afraid that it would come back. This would make me panic again. It was a neverending chain of panic and euphoria.

I had to go smoke a cigarette. I fought my way outside and walked to the side of the building. Some people came up and talked to me, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. I heard 'What's wrong with you?' and that was about it. I figured since they had a blunt in their hand, telling them what was wrong with me wouldn't matter. It would be nice to let someone else know how I'm feeling. 'I'm tripping,' I said. The words surprised me. Because I hadn't spoken clear words the whole time I was tripping. They told me I looked like a ghost. The word ghost echoed over and over again. He would say 'You look like a ghost ghost ghost ghost ghost...' He kept repeating it over and over. I muttered some more strange words, and when I looked up they were gone.

The thing that scared me the most out of this whole trip was that I enjoyed feeling more frightened than I ever had in my whole life. It was like walking through a halloween haunted house. You get shocked and scared by things in the house, but why would you pay so much money if you didn't want to be scared?

The next day my muscles were in pain. I felt relieved. I felt like this trip had opened a whole new perspective in my life. One thing I knew was that there was no way I was going to trip around all of those people again.

Next time I'm doing it in a comfortable environment. There definately will be a next time. I've never enjoyed any other drug so much. You just have to be cautious to set a mood for yourself in a comfortable environment before you eat those mushrooms. They're tricky.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35133
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 11, 2007Views: 15,645
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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