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Quad Mind Treadmill
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by Jack The Tripper
Citation:   Jack The Tripper. "Quad Mind Treadmill: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp35114)". Feb 25, 2007.

16.2 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)


Dry towns and legal drugs, what are well meaning kids intent on self destruction to do? I have tried morning glory seeds 4 times previously and have been always pleasantly surprised by its lack of luster. I have continually escalated the dosage and am convinced that my mind is nearly immune to visual hallucinations.

On a day in july which I had plans to hang out with a friend, I had been really itching to get fucked up, looking for nitrous oxide or anything. I ended up with my old pal morning glory. I had intended to do an extraction process but I figured there was no point, I was intent on getting fucked up and I have never had any extreme symptoms as many people have, including my friends who took the same seeds as I did and at the same time who ended up vomiting and bitching about cramps the whole time.

I let the seeds rest on a shallow dish of water for 10 minutes, agitating it sort of like panning for gold. I drained the water off and put the seeds into a small stack of paper towels I had made, and rubbing it with my hands sort of like making a fire with just two sticks, the friction of this shifted the seeds around inside the paper towels and provided significant friction to cover the towels in a black 'soot' what it is I don't know, the illusion of safety I guess.

I told my friend I would show up at 1:30 but was just finishing chopping up the seeds, which was a major pain in the ass as always. I managed to grind them up well, and because I had dried them well with the paper towels I ended up with a powder instead of a paste. I placed the seeds on an envelop, created a slide, and let the powder slide unto my tongue and forced it down with large swigs of water.

I left at 2:30 consuming the seeds and practically running out the door. In my experience the morning glory seeds don't take an effect on me for quite some time, as much as 4 hours, which is why I refuse to take more during a trip, but this time as I was driving on a road that had been haphazardly repaired with squirts of tar looked intense like driving on a zebra.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I showed up and my friend was having women issues, she was going to get some guys to beat him up or something, we talked a bit. I was nervous. Although I can hold my own, I figured defending my life while fucked out of my mind wasn't a good idea. I was a bit nervous about driving because I was feeling the anxiety of coming up, as well as the fact that I had just evaded a ruthless gang of thugs commanded by a she-bitch.

The zebra effect didn't return, and I got home at 4:30. I was feeling pissed, and couldn't think of anything worth while, plans had fallen through and 16.2 grams was doing shit. But just like my other experiences with this stuff, just when you think its a dud you look around you and are amazed at how deranged your mind becomes.

My mind split into 4 quadrants and each was was thinking at the same time independant of each other yet arguing with each other. I was asking myself whether I was a monkey or a god. I decided to philosophize and figure out the meaning of life while playing guitar. The feeling of vibrations in my chest was at first too much to bear, but became pleasurable. I became pissed, I was angry, 'What is it god! What is this shit for!' Then I became guilty 'We are his children, and yet we are gleeful and euphoric as we dance and destroy our brains'. Why I pondered god so much I don't know, I am agnostic.

At about 6:30 I peaked, and my mind became polarized, at war with itself, I decided to lay down on the couch and watch some movies, but every time I pushed play I would realize about 15 minutes later that I was still thinking about the meaning of life and would have to start the movie over again, which held my attention again for maybe 30 seconds. I became trapped in a loop between my desire to watch the dvd and this serious query on my mind. This happened till 9:00. I can't account for most of it accept for the fact that I was on the couch with a serious case of self induced schitzofrenia.

I tried to go online but the first person that talked to me whom I didn't even know said, 'HI! I said 'Yes' and they said 'What? the taste of drugs!' and I replied 'WHAT THE FUCK'---and they said 'drugs' ... and just typed some gibberish. Not real sure if this really happened or not, but it really pissed me off, then made me paranoid.

I needed a smoke so bad, I went outside hoping the anxiety of and fear of being found out would go away, the only visual hallucination I have ever had was 2 glowing green eyes in the darkness of the grass, as if a cat was there. I accepted it as part of the trip and went back inside. Love rollercoaster was playing and the 'captain speaking' part like over a loadspeaker sounded like the fuzz and dropped me dead in my tracks. I calmed down and became facinated with my image in a mirror. I stared into my own gaping black eyes, dialted to the extreme, but I couldnt quite make it out as me.

I sat down and realized that I looked like the sculpture of the thinking man, I sat and thought for 2 hours on the reason for life, and decided it was to just bide my time. I went outside at around 1:00am, and I started to come down. I sat outside in the cool air and at each step of coming down my mind began to reunite, and an overwhelming sense of peace took over me, I felt allright with the world and just stared up at the stars.

I felt loved, the next day I was apathetic to other peoples thoughts and whims and was totally at peace in my own skin. For the first time in my life, I was adequate.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35114
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 25, 2007Views: 8,348
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