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Unexpected Result
by Reyd
Citation:   Reyd. "Unexpected Result: An Experience with Cannabis (exp34888)". Jul 5, 2004.

0.5 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This is not a time based log because of the fact that I had no idea of what was going to happen when I smoked up the last of a 10$ sized bag (not sure what that is for those of you outside of Canada, its about enough to pack 1 or two thumb sized bowls, and I packed one full bowl). At approximately 9 am I woke up, to find my father ranting about something or other, I didn’t bother to remember what it was, and instead decided to shower and smoke the remainder of a bowl I had left over from the night before. I had a shower, and decided to just light it in the room with all the steam.

I lit it up while still feeling slightly annoyed but also happy, in the sense of doing something I was not supposed to be doing. In retrospect I should have done this in a calmer state of mind, and I also wish I had kept a tape player or other recorder going, because I still have a nagging feeling that I had some revelations or insights into more problems while I was high. I hyperventilated first, so that I would have more oxygen to hold the smoke in longer. I found out later by experimenting a bit that hyperventilating between hits made the effects much stronger.

After smoking the remaining pot in the bowl, I went out to get changed because I had an appointment to make, as I was getting changed I noticed that things were starting to feel weird, my mouth felt like a sock, and I had to work quickly to get the gum I was chewing out of my mouth, because I suddenly started to feel like I was going to choke on it.
Then my arms and legs started to feel weird, the feeling spread from the tips of my limbs inwards, with a delay between most of my body feeling strange and the parts of my face/mouth starting to feel strange. This continued until it felt like I was only watching a movie, but I could still feel things touch me, so it was a very bizarre experience to do up buttons and get dressed.

As I was heading downstairs to leave for my appointment, sound started to get weird, as though I was hearing through a pair of earphones instead of being there. At this point my thoughts started to become less “thoughtlike” and instead became more of a conversation between two people, both “me's'.
Somewhat like the difference between typing a message to someone instead of talking directly too them, a lot of the nuances are blotted out, no feelings or sentiments expressed, just words, and I could visualise the words easily, they were a warm color, with a dark background. I also found that I could accept and visualize any idea easily, this was frightening because I felt unrestrained by morals and or conscience, but this feeling of no restraint made me question anything I thought of doing much more carefully, to insure that I didn’t do anything that I wouldn’t want to.

At this point I started to get a bit scared, as the effects were beginning to get stronger. If any part of my body wasn’t directly in my line of sight, it was doing its own thing, as though I was just a spectator.
I made it into the car, without my dad noticing anything wrong, and we started to drive to the appointment. The car’s movement made the detachment even stronger, the only way I could still keep any control was by staring down at myself. then I had to talk with a person at the appointment, there was like a time lag in the talking, because I (and me) had to decide what to say, agree on it, and then figure out how to say it. I got home, and noticed the effects starting to fade, this was a great relief, because at the peak, sound was distorted, and everything was confusing and strange.
as they faded they did not do so in a steady curve, instead it came in waves, starting to reattach to my body, and then detaching partially again.

After most of the effects had subsided I felt very relaxed, and unworried, this may be what some describe as a body buzz, feeling warm and comfortable without the need to do anything in particular. Since that I have smoked weed, usually taking a week or two in between times, and I haven’t had any experience as scary, mostly because I know it will end, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to do your research first, had I read some of the available reports, I would have been able to relax much more easily, and would have enjoyed it more. so overall, the pros outweighed the cons.

I had an interesting experience, and for a week or so after was much less prone to frustration or anger when confronted with people being asinine.
Ironically my eyes were less red because I was very relaxed and unstressed for so long after, and the period of being unstressed allowed me to rethink several problems with a clear head, and I actually resolved several of them.

During part of the experience I was somewhat scared, which would have been alleviated by doing my research before lighting up.
fluctuating heartbeat, I checked my heartbeat fairly often, using a watch and counting beats. It varied from my normal resting rate of 62 bpm, up to 120ish which is similar to me running with a heavy pack on. This could be a concern for anyone with heart issues, as it fluctuated quite rapidly.
This could have been an effect of adrenaline flow, because of my reaction to the sensation of losing control of my body. This too could have been alleviated by doing my research beforehand, again because I have not had the sharp spikes and changes in heartbeat now that I have a better idea of what to expect.

I hope to have a report again soon, as I am going to try and replicate whatever was causing the rapid heart fluctuations. and also what stimuli can cause what effects.

Previous substance experience:
I have never used any other intoxicants aside from the occasional drink of rum, and I rarely even drink coffee.
I use no over the counter or prescription drugs, and in the last 8 years I have only had any once, that was after having an hour-long operation to repair an injury.
I had some form of general anaesthetic then, and I had 2 tablets of 30/300 codeine/acetaminophen when I got home.
I then consumed 3 more the next morning, and that was it.
This was about 6 weeks before the experience I am writing about here.
other then this I have had local anaesthetic twice, once for repairing a broken tooth, and once for stitches to a cut.
I exercise hard nearly every day mostly endurance activities such as hiking, running, and biking. This may have had some effect on the experience, although I am not sure how.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34888
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 5, 2004Views: 19,569
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