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Brief Comparison Summary
MDMA, PMA, Fenfluramine & AMT
Citation:   persistent. "Brief Comparison Summary: An Experience with MDMA, PMA, Fenfluramine & AMT (exp34749)". Mar 31, 2006.

Just for the hell of it, I have decided to send in a brief retrospective comparison of a few of the serotonin releasing research chems I have experimented with in the past. Most of these were known substances from reliable suppliers taken in precise, measured doses, but a few were street drugs or mystery pills that were only identified in retrospect.

Since MDMA is well known to many people, and my experiences were fairly typical, I will not give a detailed description, and will use MDMA as the basis of comparison. The first serotonin releaser I experimented with after MDMA was fenfluramine, chemically 3-(1,1,1 trifluoromethyl)-N-ethylamphetamine. This compound has been widely abused in the South African rave scene, and I can see why. Though it lacks the dopaminergic stimulation and euphoria of MDMA, it is a very potent and intoxicating (as well as cheap) drug that has several features that make it a good rave drug. It has even less psychedelic effect than MDMA (less likely to cause freakouts in unexperienced users), is much longer acting and considerably less dangerous. Though it does lack the empathogenic 'magic' of MDMA, it is quite anxiolytic, easing social interaction. Dosage is about 20-80 mg, though some recreational users have taken up to 400mg. Overall, the effect is simiar to that described for 4-MTA, calm yet stimulating.

The next serotonin releaser I experienced was PMA. This substance has a bad reputation, only partially deserved. The practice of passing this drug off as MDMA is reprehensible. PMA is an interesting substance in its own right, but it is not an MDMA substitute, is really not even similar except at threshold doses. The first time I tried PMA has been described in a previous report. The pills were being sold under the name Heaven in Louisiana, and were introduced as being PMA to my friend who bought them, though they were probably made for the purpose of misrepresentation. A few years later I got to try the mitsubishi PMA pills, which from net research might have contained PMA plus traces of amphetamine and PMMA. I have never taken more than half of one of these, and have had several very pleasant experiences. Though the come-up is a little slower than MDMA, and the come-down a bit more drawn-out, overall the duration is similar. I find PMA to be more relaxing and less physically stimulating than MDMA, and much more euphoric, psychedelic and mentally interesting than fenfluramine.

When I finally got around to trying AMT, I was very surprised to find that it affected me very much like MDMA. Indeed, AMT is by far the best substitute for ecstacy that I have known. If anything, I prefer AMT, it gives me a very euphoric, empathogenic experience without hangover or overt psychedelic effects. Personally, I find AMT to be quite habit forming, more so than any other compound of this type that I have tried.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34749
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 31, 2006Views: 23,087
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