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Dreamy Bliss of Nothing
Hydromorphone (Dilaudid)
by D Peyo
Citation:   D Peyo. "Dreamy Bliss of Nothing: An Experience with Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) (exp34715)". May 7, 2006.

T+ 0:00
4.0 mg IV Hydromorphone
  T+ 4:00 4.0 mg IV Hydromorphone


I have been toying with idea of trying Intravenous Injection, but I was bit 'anti-needles' and stuff because of that notorious 'needle stimga' if you get my drift. After endless hours of researching dilaudid and dosages, I looked into the negative side of dilaudid's addictive properties.

I havent even tried the hydromorphone orally or nasally. So I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and try it.

And speaking to few people expereinced with opiates and people using substances intravenously, and seeking advice people who worked at the needle exchange program place. They were very helpful and told me what I needed, and gave me some good links to sites with information for inexpereinced people like me, as I am very clean person, healthy, work 5 days a week, and happy with the way I lead my life, don't suffer any form of depression or illness.

I have had many past expereinces with many different substances, and only went through a small 'oxycontin abuse' for couple of months last year, and somehow my body didn't like the oxycodone toward the end of my oxycontin abuse as I was always ending up sick so never touched oxycontin again. I am not really expereinced with opiates apart from oxycontin.

So I ended up getting all the kit I needed which included few syringes, gauge tips, wheelfilter, isopropyl alcohol swabs and importantly a used needles container which all came seperately because I wanted to do it properly and clean as possible in the safest way to prevent any infection or any injecting/needles related risks. I was using pills that had to be crushed up and cooked up, so the needle exchange place advised me to use wheelfilter, to filter out as much of the blinders and fillers in the pill.

Then I made a arrangement to spend the afternoon and the night with a mate who I will call her 'Zenna' who is expereinced with opiates and using opiates intravenously to babysit me and guide me through the intravenous injection process.

So the day arrived, I was in open minded mood, but yet with weird combination of excitiment and nervous, with butterflies in my stomach.

I went over Zenna's place hanged around and had chat, doing some catching up news and gossips while I also brought all my gear and watched Zenna did all the preparing process crushing the pill, mixing up,and all that stuff I am sure most of you guys know what I mean, and filtered out using the wheelfilter, and turned out the liquid was nice clear colour, not too cloudy or anything, everything was done and used all equipment in sterle conditions.

Because I had practially had no clue what to do, only step by step information I gathered off the internet.

Zenna has a tolerence with opiates so she prepared 8mg dose for herself and a 4mg dose for me, as I was bit curious as I been reading reports that 1-2mg floored first timers, but she suggested I should try 4mg dose because I am a pretty big person, as I trusted her as I have known her for years.

Zenna put on some clean rubber gloves on told me go and sit on the couch, I was nervous, my whole body was so tense and my heart was pounding, while she prepared my arm using a clean tourniquet and hunted around for a suitable vein to inject. Zenna told me to relax and try to be more calm, as I was mildly shaken with fear.

I don't know why... and I was thinking myself 'God, I hope I wont fuck up my life with this!'

I was bit scared and before she injected the hydromorphone I said to her.... 'what should I expect?' she replied....'expect nothing!' and I looked away and yes I admit I was scared and excitied at the same time, I just wanted her to inject the shit and get over with it....


Thats all I can say, the next few minutes, I had this unbelieveable amazing opiate rush and I was so lightheaded and my ears feels like it's going to pop like when I am on the plane going up with pressure in my ears, I really can't explain what the rush was like, it was so unquie and different because I was way to used to different rushes from MDMA and other substances and it was all really totally unexpected.

I read so many different reports and they couldn't really explain that well, and now I know what they meant, its like ..... everything on my shoulders and mind magically disappears.

All the muscles in my body before injecting was so tense, and they suddenly became so relaxed, heavy and had this massive wave of euphoria flowing all over my body, and my whole body went into a jelly mode with a big grin on my face and keep saying.. 'oh my god... oh my god... oh my god this feels so fucking unbelievable great and awesome!'

The couch I was sitting suddenly became so comfortable, and my sore muscle pains from work on my back was painless like magically gone.

I kept falling my head backwards on the couch which had no head rest and keep waking myself up from the nod and push my head forward as everything seemed so nice. Because I was new to this feild of opiates and keep reminding myself to keep awake and stuff like that but at the same time I was in awe and worried for the first few minutes that I am OK, etc etc yeah I know sounds silly, but I was in way different area of intoxication that I never explored.

Everything looked so different, I was deeply in awe of the hydromorphone's potent opiate properties.

Everything seemed so pretty and nice... just things were so nice and I was feeling blank just painless and emotionless...and went into this fuzzy cloudy warm dreamy state and Zenna was talking to me if I was OK, checking if I was breathing alright, didn't overdose or injected too much, but I actually didn't give a shit what she was saying to me I was just way gone in opiate dreamy land.

The rush only lasted few minutes, then after that... all came in waves, like a beautiful tropical calm crystal clear beach waves.... it was so gentle and kind.

Then Zenna came back and sat on her couch and I watched her shooting up herself. While I was looking everything in dazed state, and while I was observing her looking for her vein spot to shoot up, Zenna looked so attractive and beautiful in my opiate state, and she commented how my pupils have gone pin sized.

Few moments later, I started to get this heavy feeling of nod coming up....and suddenly I went into the nod just before Zenna cleaned up her needles and mess and she sighed deeply and looked at me grinned and smiled at me then...... *whoosh* went to a nod... and it was so strange feeling but enjoyable while I was in the nod... It was like I was dreaming like if there was TV under my eyes and I was mediating at the same time too trying to enjoy the massive flow of opiate euphoria and I was watching my 'opiate dreams' under my 'eyelid's TV' and it was all just pictures that means nothing to me and I didn't really give a shit and I was so happy to be gone in opiate land.

Few Moments later other wave of beautiful euphoria arrived, and I got out of my 'nod' and Zenna also woken up from her nod, and we ended up chatting about this drug I was under influnce on. It was quite funny because we would be chatting then one of us would go back into the 'nod' for few moments then wake up and keep chatting starting back from the last word before we went into the nod.

It was pretty ammusing to watch us going in the nod in strange positions, like Zenna was talking to me then *whoosh* nod-time, then she was trying to send a SMS to some mate, but took her like almost 30 minutes to send a simple SMS without spelling errors or words in the wrong place while in and out of the dreamy nod.

Also for some strange reason I was holding a magazine but I was way to wasted to read, so I keep going in the nod while holding the magazine upright but I wasn't reading the magazine at all or even asborbing the information it was all 'blank' just stared at the words and pictures that had no meaning.

I had just had this strong sense of nothingless and felt good to feel or think about nothing.

The 'in and out' nodding off mode lasted for almost two to three hours then we started to feel more refreshed and 'waken up' and we ended up chatting and it was kinda strange because we were both in such in a deep opiate relaxed mood and we talked about everything involved in our lives and problems and shit like that.... kinda like MDMA when you can open up and can talk about anything but not like MDMA, but that kind of 'open feeling' from MDMA but we were on hydromorphone.... and had really good deep meaningful chats.

About the 4th hour later after of injecting everything seem to go back to normal, I was nicely relaxed and ate some soup, glass of milk and felt great... then we both decided to cook up and whack up again.

Then everything went back again but this time, I learnt to inject myself, and turned out I went through the process like a pro! Then everything went back again as the start of the trip report... in and out of the nod and chatting while in and out of the nod. That's pretty much to say.... no tales or magic exciting tales, just puts me in numb deep nice dreamy nod, it's like I am sleeping but I am not...its just the eyelids shuting my eyes and I am staring at the 'TV of Nothing' under the eyelids.

So I had total of 8mg of hydromorphone in two seprate 4mg doses in span over the evening.

I was honestly surprised because I actually expected that I probably will be sick and end up hating it and 'swear' I will never touch it again but now I can see why some people love opiates and its properties that makes onr 'numb' and one's emotions just goes 'blank of nothingless'.

I never puked up or got sick like when I used oxycontin last year but this drug really blew my mind away especially the unquie opiate's waves of euphoria.

It's very anti-social drug because I just go in the nod and practially don't care about anything around me, while I am under influence of opiates. I can now see its potential addictive properties.

I only felt slight neasua after my second whack of 4mg hydromorphone, but that disappeared after I ate couple of mandarins... then went back into my opiate nod-land.

The whole expereince from the first whack to end the expereince was from roughly from 6pm to 1am... and I never slept so well for ages and the bed was so warm and comfortable. Didn't expereince or feel these crappy comedowns and even the next day I woke up I didn't feel sick or anything like that, actually felt great and the world looked a lot different.

I actually enjoyed the expereince and I only planned to try this for recreational reasons and simply out of curiosity in the feild of using substances intravenously and why they liked it.

I hope to keep it that way, because I can understand why it's so addictive.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34715
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 7, 2006Views: 98,069
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Hydromorphone (300) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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