Salvia divinorum (15x extract)
by Seymour
Citation:   Seymour. "Incommunicado: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (15x extract) (exp34697)". Dec 14, 2007.

125 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


I'm writing this report to best illustrate the realities of this incredibly potent herb, especially with the stronger extracts.

I had just arrived at my mates, and as I arrived my freind pulled out a 1 gram vial of salvia extract. At this point no-one had tried it, no-one knew much about it and as a result everyone seemed a bit reluctant to try it. There were 4 of us in total, all trustworthy of each other. The setting was a small room, with the sun blazing through the window. Hearing (from other mates) that salvia was a load of rubbish I immediately started mouthing it off as a waste of money-- I think this had something to do with what happened later on, said mate was a bit peeved I had cussed his new purchase-- and so stepped up to take the first hit.

I loaded up a bong (thinking not a lot was going to happen) and really packed in as much as I possibly could. I had not been on any medication, I may have smoked a joint or two the previous day. I lit up, inhaled deeply and held in the smoke for several seconds before exhaling. The initial effect was a pleasent warm feeling. As I tried to communicate this with my freinds, it became more and more difficult to talk, and my words became slurred.

There was a sarcastic grin developing on my mates face as it became clear I had been wrong about the salvia. Now cannabis can make me paranoid (why is he smiling at me, whatís wrong etc etc.) well, salvia can do the same sort of thing, but it comes out in the way I trip as opposed to the way I think. Now, the INSTANT I noticed this sarcastic grin, I felt a presence, some kind of entity, pushing me backwards, into the chair I was slumped in. Still trying to communicate (by now it had turned into an unrecognisable babble), I felt powerless to stop myself from sinking. This is about 30 seconds into the hit.

The person with the grin then randomly burst out with: 'Your always complaining!' to which someone else agreed- and then....

That moment was influencial enough to flip the mood from pleasent to utter panic. The whole trip changed instantly into a nightmare. I was still being pushed back, but I began to feel as if I had gone through the chair, but I was still going. Within seconds I was gripping on to the chair with all my strength, convinced if I did not, I would 'fall out' of the world, like the arm of the chair was the only part of the universe that was solid.

I began to panic, after about 10 seconds of this feeling, and with my panic came total loss of control over my body. I felt as if there was something I was supposed to have done, and that because I hadn't done it I was going to be mortally punished. By now, about 2-3 minutes into the experience, I was in the midst of a full blown panic attack. Over the minute or so of terror, I sweated so much my clothes (tshirt with shirt over the top, so 2 layers) were completely saturated, I was hyper-ventilating and completely unable to call for help, as speech was impossible.

I tried to run from this hell I was caught in, only to find upon standing up another 'entity' was literally pushing me around, backwards, forwards. It was like being bullied by invisible spirits, I was knocked to the ground by this balance reducing sensation, whereupon I crawled into the bathroom (walking impossible). At this point memory clouds up, but I know from everyone else I spent about a minute in their while it wore off. I awoke, as if from a dream, my hair plastered to my head, in his bath tub- naked.

The whole experience was about 5 minutes, with half an hour of feeling 'salvia stoned'- a bit lethargic and overly mellow. Up until his grin, and comment, I was having a pleasent, psycodelic experience. The slightest bad vibe or negative feeling can be enough to flip the whole thing on its head. With chewing the leaf, or doing smaller hits of less strong stuff, itís not so bad, but hard extract is a incredibly intense, short experience.

Having a sitter is always a good idea, but the fact is on such high doses I was _incommunicado_ from the outside world, and every tiny change in atmosphere was reflected in the way I trip. Therefore, unlike sitting for someone on mushrooms, where taking them to a different room, or changing the music can help matters, the fact is a salvia trip on such high doses renders the person unable to walk, talk or control themselves.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 34697
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 14, 2007Views: 5,193
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