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First Encounter at 14
Alcohol - Beer
by Jackhammer
Citation:   Jackhammer. "First Encounter at 14: An Experience with Alcohol - Beer (exp34626)". Dec 27, 2006.

36 oz oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


I was fourteen the first time I had come into contact with alcohol. The setting at a graduation party for someone in my extended family. I had been taking an acne medication, Minocycline, for approximately 2 months in addition to Claritin everyday. Up until this experience I had been totally straight edge...I didn't like hearing about people drinking because it was something that I always wanted to do but couldn't. Not because I couldn't physically drink but because I had been an 'outsider'. Raised as the youngest boy on my street I was picked on and by all the older boys. I didn't drink, smoke, or have sex, and any other sort of psychoactive was absolutely and totally out of the question.

However, this night at the graduation party marked a shift in my values in terms of drug use. No more than 5 minutes had we arrived my father told me to grab 2 plastic cups. Curious from the request and feeling overall anxious like I always did at these types of events, I grabbed 2 cups and handed them to my Dad. He gave me a cup back and said 'Follow me.' The party was still very low key as not many people showed up, and as soon as I realized we were walking to a large garbage can filled with ice and metallic keg in the middle, my anxiety for the party vanished and was replaced with a feeling of curiosity and nervousness.

I had never been so excited in my entire life... After some simple instruction on the use of the keg I filled up the red cup with my first beer and continued to take a sip. I had tasted beer before, but that was just my Dad's and didn't mean anything...this tasted entirely different. Not because it was a different type of ale, but because this was MY beer. The psychological effects took hold immediately. I felt older, I felt more mature, I felt like I had left behind my old dorky self and evolved into someone that people admired and wanted to be around.

I hadn't had much to eat that day and was in a positive mood because I had spent the day at a friend's house away from my parents. Conversation became more interesting, and different points of view during a conversation astounded me, however simple the difference in perspective was.

T+ 0:01
I start to feel excited and euphoric, this party, unlike all of the others where I spent hours feeling miserable, had suddenly opened up to me and I wanted to be involved. My beer is still half full but I want more

T+ 0:08
I finished the first beer and as a novice drinker start to feel 'effects', however small they were

T+ 0:10
My Mom doesn’t know whether to be shocked or to laugh and I'm just content that I'm drinking

T+ 0:16
2nd Beer finished. So this is why they call it an innebriator huh? I try to balance myself on one foot, and manage it for about 7 seconds before I almost knock over a neighbor. I try to add numbers in my head, but any numbers who's sum was over 200 proved difficult. Alcohol doesn't make me stupid, it just dulls my ability to remember what I was doing 2 seconds before.

Alcohol changed my way of thinking. In sober consciousness, my brain will move from one thought to another, slowly and in a way where I can tell what I was thinking before the new thought. (Cause and effect) A stimulus causes a thought which can cause a tree of thoughts. When I am drinking alcohol, I forget what thought came before in a very short amount of time. (With later uses of alcohol at high doses I've found it extremely difficult to remain on topic during a conversation with anyone sober.) Also, little nuances and things that might make me classify in my head 'funny' but not make me physically laugh are now evoking laughter or giggling.

T+ 0:25
(Third beer half-way gone) I begin to think my neighbor is an asshole when he says that he can play drums as well or better than Ringo Starr. I become very aware of the music selection at this point and go up to the DJ to request some music to make the party 'The best fucking party ever' I believe I said to him.

T+ 0:35
Beer is almost finished and it's time to eat. I feel a strange urge to eat lots of food. I fill up my plate to the brim with all sorts of BBQ, potatoes, fruit and jello. The anticipation builds extremely as I'm waiting for people to move so I can get to my seat. I imagine that's what 'munchies; must be like for people who use cannabis. Every bite of food is better than the last, the sweets are sweeter, and sour cream of the potatoes tastes better and the BBQ sauce on the meat tasted like liquid gold.

T+ 1:00
Starting to feel a bit uneasy, I'm angry that the alcohol's effects are starting to wear down considerably

T+ 2:00
Back at my house I play pool with my mother. I don't feel the primary effects anymore but my sense of accuracy seems messed up. I feel more clumsy at the table than stable, and the whole game pisses me off.

T+ 2:30
Primary effects have worn off, however a new feeling of happiness sets in as I look back on the night. I sleep on my stomach 99.9% of the time, however I slept on my side that night because my neck is extra-sensitive to touch and makes me feel very mildly like I want to vomit. Sleep is substandard, and the rest of the day I feel almost 100%, but not QUITE there, motor skills feel every so slightly impaired, as if I had very very minute tremors during movement. Effects declined as the day went on and non-existent 24 hours after alcohol use. And that concludes my experience report of my first alcohol use ; )

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34626
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 27, 2006Views: 28,102
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Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199) : Large Group (10+) (19), First Times (2)

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