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Nightmares after Ecstasy Use
by Sara Sweet
Citation:   Sara Sweet. "Nightmares after Ecstasy Use: An Experience with MDMA (exp34569)". Jun 22, 2004.

200 mg oral MDMA


I have been having horrific nightmares in the nights following ingestion of MDMA. I want to warn people of these night tremor side effects. They are terrifying me and my friends.

The first time I had a nightmare I dreamed this: A green and brown crystaline tree grew out of my bedroom window and the branches started to grow through the window. At first it was beautiful and fascinating. It turned ugly when the tree branches wrapped themselves around my neck, choking me. I started screaming for help but I couldn't talk. My voice was paralyzed.

Then I woke up and the tree was still there! I only dreamed that I had woken up, so I thought the whole thing was really happening!!!! Finally after being almost strangled to death, I did wake up and I was so disturbed by this that I was afraid to go back to sleep.

I have since had another dream with similar characteristics and so have 3 of my friends. I was sleeping next to my boyfriend the next time it happened, and when I woke up from the nightmare, I looked at him and he was shaking and jerking in his sleep. I woke him up and he had also been having bad dreams. They are similar: somebody or something is trying to hurt you or kill you and you think you wake up but your're really still sleeping.

I felt like I was in some weird Freddy Krugger type dream thing, where you need to have somebody watch you when you sleep and when you start freaking out they need to wake you up. This happened to me and my friends, always in the nights after ingestion of MDMA.(but not during use of the drug, it's like the day after the day you take it.)

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34569
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 22, 2004Views: 6,273
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Dreams (85), MDMA (3) : Unknown Context (20), General (1), Post Trip Problems (8)

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