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Second Time-Didn't I Learn!??
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Mexican
Citation:   Mexican. "Second Time-Didn't I Learn!??: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp34531)". Jan 10, 2007.

T+ 0:00
15 g oral Mushrooms (plant material)
  T+ 7:00 3 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)

I havn't done many drugs, apart from pot,and I'd done mushrooms quite a few times, but not for a while as the last time I'd done tham I really sketched out.

It was a saturday morning and me and my friend rex, who I normally 'shroomed with, decided to get a bag of mexican mushrooms (30g pack) and take half each. I was quite nervous about taking them but I missed the intense euphoria of the shrooms as I don't take any other hard drugs, and wanted to get back into them.

I was assured by friends that I would be fine as long as I took them in a safe, calm environment, and I was prepared and was in the right state of mind to do them. So my friend went to the shop to but them and reterned quickly with a very unattractive bag of wet mushrooms. It took me quite a while to get round to take them as I made sure I wasn't going to regret it or be anxious before taking them, as I knew it put me on a bad trip.

About half an hour to an hour later I began to munch them with crisps as they really horrible by themselves, and waited to feel the effects. As we were sat in a friends flat I wanted to get out to where I usually hang out, in quite a pretty little park. So we left and me and rex sat on a bemch in silence just as the shrooms were taking effect. Rex came up alot quicker than me as he ate all off his mushroos at once, and I'd eaten only one or two so if I was to sketch out, it would'nt be that intense.

After an hour or so I started to go quiet and notice things alot more clearly. The grass, the trees, but very much the clouds. Its better on a semi cloudy day, as the clouds make shapes, but just generally the sky is quite magical to look at when on mushrooms.

So me and rex left the bench and went down to join our friends at the bottom end of the park, who found it quite ammusing as we were really triping and being really weird so they just sat and watched us while smoking a few joints. I refused to smoke any pot while on shrooms as I think it was pot that sketched me out the last time I did them. So we sat there and enjoyed the nice weather and company of our friends as our trip started to peak.

We walked around town for while and looked in joke shops, flower shops, as they were all brightly coloured and really exciting to be in. I went to my workplace to see my friends, who instantly knew I was tripping and had a good giggle.

I'd nearly compleetly forgot about my last bad trip and was enjoying this one so much I couldn't wait to do mushrooms frequently. After about 4 or 5 hours of tripping I felt as if I was coming down and wanted to eat the rest of my shrooms so we went back to my friends flat. I never got round to eating them becoz I got so induldged in computer games and intense conversations. A few more hours past, and I thought I was completely down. As there was a bud spliff being passed round I thought 'Why not' I'm not feeling anything anymore so I'll have a few tokes.

Almost as soon as I took my first toke back, I felt myself come right back up-it was quite strong weed so I quickly had a couple more tokes and passed it on and tryed to enjoy the end of my trip.

I started to stare at the tv and could quite focus propely as I felt I was sinking back into the wall. I instantly thought you should NOT have smoked, and prepared myself for a bad trip. I had my friends big furry coat on and I felt quite suffocated by it so I quickley removed it and tryed to calm down. My friend noticed my jerky movements in trying to remove the coat and asked me if I was ok. I turned to her with a reassuring 'Yeah I'm fine', and she blurted out 'Your pupils are HUGE!'. Everyone in the room turned around and looked at me and I found myself feeling very paranoid and had to leave.

I went to lie on the sofa, to try and calm down but couldn't get comfortable and felt really anxious and uneasy. Rex came in to see if I was ok, but becoz of his trippy state, his dreary words just agrivated me and I snappped and told him to go away. He returned shortly afterwards and said he was quite concerened and wanted to speak to me. Holding conversation was so hard as I was momentarly blacking out, forgetting what I'd said where I was and didn't want to tell rex as I knew he'd panic too. I asked my other friends if we could leave and prepared myself to ring my mum to come and pick me up. I managed to have a brief converstaion about where I was and where I wanted to be picked up, but that was all.

As I dialled the number I noticed how sweaty my hands were and just how fast my heart was racing. Time was going so slowly and I was dying to get home feeling exactly the same as last time. I felt everything would be ok as soon as I got home.

My friends flat is half way up a street and I was getting picked up from the bottom. At the very most it would take about 2 minutes to walk down, but it seemed-with no exageration- about half an hour to reach the end. I started to run as I hoped it would get me there quicker. That made my friends aware that something was wrong. I shrugged off their concerns and told them I'd see them tommorow and got in my mums car. I tried to act as sober and normal as possible actually making conversation so I'd seem ok.

As soon as I got in the house I went upstairs and got into bed. My heart was still racing so fast so I put the telly on and watched a bit of Friends. Because I'd seen the episode a number of times before, it seemed to go on for ages as I could predict all of the oncoming lines, and knew everything that was going to happen. So I turned over in bed and tried to calm down and tell myself that it was only because of mushrooms that I was feeling like this and assured myself that I wasn't going to die.

I had a full length mirror at the end of my bed and I sat up -and was shocked to see myself. My face was very red and my pupils like saucers. I'd remebered that when my friend had a bad trip on mushrooms she put her head in a sink full of water and that woke her up quite a bit. Being quite a spirtual person I quickly linked that both of us were water starsigns and that maybe water would make me feel better too. So I got my towel and went for a shower. When I saw myself again in the mirror, I stood and stared for ages as I tried to work out-and for some reason picture what was going on in my head that was making me feel like this. I imagined a big pink sqidgy brain fuzzing with information in overdrive with all of my thoughts. It made me feel quite uneasy so I proceeded in getting in the shower. And it was the strangest feeling in the world.

Water was rushing over my body-but I'd forgotten what water was like and couldn't recognise the feeling of being wet. It just felt so unfamilinar, and unrefreshing. So I turned the shower down to the coldest setting really quickley-hoping that it wake me up a little, and it did for about 30 seconds. I can't make any kind of realistic estimate about how long I was doing anything for. In the shower, looking in the mirror, because time was so messed up.

I don't remeber getting out of the shower but I remeber lying in bed trying to work out why my hair was so wet, and got really scared because I thought it was how much I'd been sweating and was thrown into absolute panic and back into the reaccuring thoughts of 'I'm going to die'.

I continued to toss and turn in bed and felt so strange. I wasnt hot or cold I was dying to feel and intense feeling. I thought my foot was itchy so I scratched it for ages. I did this for so long because I was nearly entirely numb. In fact until it bled. At that point I got up put some clothes on and seriously considered going down and teling my mum that I was on drugs. But I bathed my foot in the sink and went and got the fone. I dont remeber the fone call or how I even remembered the number but my friend told me a few things to calm me down. It's like when you smoke to much weed and mong out. You should drink juice and it brings your sugar levels back up. So I quickly cut up 3 oranges and squezed them into a glass. There was about 10-15 pips in the glass but I was so desperate to feel ok that a drank it quickly and managed to spit them out without wasting a drop of the juice.

Being reassured by a friend and after alot of oranges and paceing around my front room I felt ok. After the second time of sketching out on mushrooms I don't feel any want or curiosity to do them again. My best friend at the time said something that I only understood after sketching out for the second time. 'You shouldnt do drugs until you have a washing machine and a car'. Which basically meant untill you are old enough to own a car and washing machine-basically an adult - because at the age of 14 and 15 its too scary and I didn't have enough experience or understanding to handle them. This obviously doesn't apply to everyone but it really made me see why drugs are illegal. Beacuse if there was a certain guarantee that you'd have a brilliant trip everytime and there was no health risks-they obviously would be. But because of the risk of having hours of shear terror like I did, it just can't be available to the entire public. Drugs have given me times of histerical laughter and some of the best memories of my life. But I learned to be careful and be aware and prepared for when they don't.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34531
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 10, 2007Views: 21,334
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Mushrooms (39), Cannabis (1) : Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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