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Too Much To Handle
by n3r0
Citation:   n3r0. "Too Much To Handle: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp34496)". Dec 18, 2006.

14 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
I had used mushies on a couple of occassions before and I felt prepared for my next trip. I had picked up a half and was warned that these were particulary strong. Was planning on splitting it with a friend, 1/4 each, but he wasn't around. Chose to order a small pizza, and add my enitre bag of newly aquired veggies to it. Gobbled it down on a relatively empty stomach and decided to go for a walk in a gorgous cemetary nearby.

+20m - I can already feel the slight nausea in my stomach and the a newly found energy coursing through my body. I have never had mushrooms kick in so fast. This alarmed me a little and for the first time I thought I might have taken too much.

+40m - I sit down and just stare at the trees. The euphoria starts to kick in, and the energy is almost to much to handle as my arms and legs start to cramp. I am having a little trouble concentrating on breathing. The CEV's are absolutely amazing, so vivid that it is hard to distinguish whether my eyes are open or shut.

+1hr - The come-up was dominated by CEV's and the OEV's decided to hit me very quickly. But these were not my usual mushroom visuals. There were colors and patterns, but there was a particular tree directly in front me that became a mosiac of faces, actually manifesting them with the branches, not just seeing the faces within the wood. This visual did not go away and seemed to be permenant. Decided to focus on other things, and began to watch all of the beautiful pine trees as they swayed back and forth. The grass was shimmering like a wind blowing of the sea and everything became bright and colorful. This was a great part of the trip as the euphoria was very apparent.

+1hr 30m - Got up and decided to walk around. Had some trouble not looking like the town drunk as I made my way around the cemetary. I found another spot and laid down in the grass and stared up at the sky and the tree right above me. The next wave of visuals hit again, suddenly, and the sky became a series of interconnected prisms and the tree branches a combination of colorful puzzle peices. The body high that accompanied these visuals was the best I have had on any drug and complimented the OEV's very well. I could not stop pulling the grass and wiggling my toes. The sky became a kalidescope of colors and everything around me was either swirling or spinning or melting. This was somewhat frightening due to not having any stationary reference or control point. At this moment I realized that I eaten too much as the trip was just coming up.

+1 hr 40m - Although my house was practically in view from the cemetary, I could not figure out how to get there. I was having trouble communicating with my body and motor functions went to hell. The OEV's started to calm down as I got up and started walking. I ended up getting lost somewhere in the cemetary, but before tripping I had warned my buddy that this might happen. I gave him a call and he wandered out to come find me. My cell phone seemed to be made of rubber and it tried to melt into my face. My buddy found me and my motor functions were so shot that he actually had to push/carry me to the house for I could not walk. I was relieved to be back home and safe, for I knew the beef of the trip was still to come.

2hr - As I lay on the floor, everything around me was morphing and changing just like in the cemetary. I could not form sentences, much less words, and was speakin in jibberish to everyone around me. The trip was kickin in nicely the OEV's were intense, but not overwhelming. I could see people around carrying out their buisness as usual, so there was no feeling of an outer-body experience.

6hr - I had managed to curl up in a ball in the corner of the kitchen, and was half naked. The trip seemed to be calming down. The OEV's were subtle, some popping colors and halos around just about everything, but nothing too awe inspiring. The body and mental high still in full effect. I found my buddies watching 'Down Periscope' and decided to join them. I laid down on the couch and felt the OEV's slowly fade away. The trip was apparently ending.

7hr - Still partial OEV's, which I found weird for the mental/body high were completely gone. And still very strong CEV's.

7hr 30m - As the movie came to an end, I went to go piss. As I entered the bathroom, I looked at the mirror. I saw a reflection of myself dressed as the Mad Hatter with a pink furry coat on and some sort of scepter in my hand. As I looked down at myself I was actually wearing, and holding the items I saw in the reflection. I could feel the weight of the coat on my shoulders and was running my hand through the pink fur. I was somewhat startled, for I thought the trip was ending, so I stepped out of the bathroom.

I was instantly transformed back into my normal clothes as I walked out. Since I had total concious thought and felt completely sober I went to tell my buddies what had happened. This is when it got scary. As I stepped back into the room, they were sitting on the couch as usual. I noticed there was absolutely no sound, no ambience, nothing. And that they were not moving. They were completely frozen if in mid conversation. The movie was also completely still.

Considering how long it had been and with feeling completely sober, I had never experienced anything like this, and allowed the fear and paranoia to consume me. I started screaming for someone, anyone, hoping they would save me from this still picture I was in. As I walked through the house looking for someone, the house started to shrink more and more as I walked through it as in the Willy Wonka hallway scene. I began to shrink also, but my clothes stayed the same size. I found someone, still frozen, but their face seemed to be a mask floating on water. They could talk to me, but their body, and everything around me was still frozen.

By this time I just wanted it to end, and I had no downers to take to bring me out of it. I walked outside, hoping being out in the open air would help me snap out of it. To my horror, everything I looked at was incredibly miniature and this only fueled my fear. I had convinced myself that this was never going to end and that I was trapped in this dream forever. I started biting myself and smashing my head against a brick wall hoping to wake myself up. I ended up laying on my bed, watching the CEV's slowly consume me and waiting for my world to end.

12hr - I had laid in bed for a solid 7 hours, contemplating the life I had had and the things I was sorry for. I cried for awhile and was disappointed that my life had come to such an abrupt end. It was only when the drug had finally worked itself all the way down did I have the courage to go back downstairs, and to my astonishment, people could see me and I could communicate with them. I did not have a care in the world at the moment, I was simply grateful to be alive.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34496
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 18, 2006Views: 16,589
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Mushrooms (39) : Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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