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I Didn't Know What I Wanted
by Ryan
Citation:   Ryan. "I Didn't Know What I Wanted: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp34280)". Apr 10, 2019.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
My First Shroom Trip

One friday night I was hanging out with my brother and his friends and we were waiting for our shrooms to arrive. Soon enough we got them. My friends told me to take them around 5ish when everyone else was going to. So I did that.

There were nine people in our group and only five of us were gooming. Then we walked down to taco bell while it was still light out. Around 5:30 I started to feel it kick in. I started to see the sidewalk craks flow together and it looked like one huge square in the sidewalk. The walk felt like it took forever but I didn't care I was enjoying this so far, I liked the first hour of my trip.

Once the five people I was with had got to taco bell, the other four went somewhere else and they were going to meet us there. So once we got there I started to feel very strange. I felt like nothing was right, I did not want to have any belongings on me. I felt that my clothes weren't suppose to be on. I felt everything I did was not suppose to feel this way. Then I started to worry about where my brother was I was getting really scared because I was stuck with four other goomers like they would take the time to help me. I started to say to myself ' why did I do this, this was fucking stupid '. Then I called my brother on my cell and he tried to help me over the phone but he couldn't so I had to wait until he got there luckily he wasn't too far away. When I ended my call I looked at my phone and it was so small probably about 4 cm. Big in the palm of my hand.

Then once my brother arrived it was too late for him to cheer me up and get me back to feeling good. He kept on asking me all these questions and it kept on pissing me off cause I couldn't answer any of his useless shit. I tried to have fun but I couldn't it was just too hard so I started to worry even more. I started to feel that I wanted things that were not even there. I didn't know what I wanted. One second I would want this person to be here then I would want the next person to be there. I couldn't control it. So my brother took me inside of taco bell into the bathroom so I could see what I looked like and see what was going on with my eyes. My pupils were huge and everything seemed stary. I looked at my hand it was changing the colors of the rainbow. That didn't really scar me too much it kinda calmed me down.

Then the rest of the night I sat at the table we were at and everyone was trying to make me feel good and it was helping a lot. My trip turned out to be pretty cool once it was all over. I look back on that night to this day and I say that was one of the best nights I have had my whole entire life. Even though I had a bad trip its not going to stop me from trying it again.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34280
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 10, 2019Views: 1,120
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