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D-DAY!! Finally..
Datura (dried)
by cholerik
Citation:   cholerik. "D-DAY!! Finally..: An Experience with Datura (dried) (exp34267)". Jul 8, 2004.

1 cup oral Datura (tea)


so as my story went, i had ordered a 2 ounce bag of dried datura foliage to trip off, since acid is damn near impossible to find at the moment around these parts. i acqire it in the mail about 2 weeks ago and tried just eating it raw, smoking some, and drinkin some in a tea. but no effects at all. i was disappointed. well, i felt mildly drunk and had incredible dry mouth, but that was it.

i've had one prior datura moment, and that was last summer. i had ate a palmfull of dried leaves, chased it with a beer, and was set. highlight of that time was being told the following day, cuz i couldnt remember any of it, that i was sitting down in my kitchen table going through the entire process of rolling a blunt (cracking the phillie, de-seeding the budz, filling it, twisting it, u know...) that wasnt really even there. glad i was entertaining for my house guests.

so i was desperate to get that feeling of mindfxck back. i had that 2 oz. bag of dried datura foliage, now down to a lil over an ounce. i had a lipton ice tea pouch and emptied it out and refilled it up with the datura. so a big fat sack of 'tea' was ready for me. i boiled down some water real quick and set the sack in for a good 15-20 minutes, occasionally squeezing it off with two spoons. this was around 9pm when i started to drink it. i put it back in the fridge to get it cooled off a bit before drinking any of it. got that outta the way and i soon afterwards chugged my elixir.

fast forward a lil bit... half hour or so

i dropped anchor. my upper body felt extremely heavy and my legs could not support me anymore. so like a blob of jell-o i fell to the ground. i'd crawl commando-style to get around, which would only get my so far. i was on the floor of the livingroom by the couch. i tried desperately to get myself off the ground, but that was so difficult. i'd position myself my the armrest of the couch, my legs jiggling like a young deer learning to walk for the first time. i ended up leaning over the armrest, stand up straight, only to drop a few seconds later. back to square one. fredrick was watching me the whole time laughing his ass off at my expense. and so would i, laugh that is.

while i attepted to do that, i noticed my apple juice bottle on the computer table no less that 10 feet away from where i was currently laying. took me damn near 10 minutes to get that friggin' bottle. once i had it, i dropped back down. no way i was gonna force myself up. i twisted off the cap and tried to drink it. but it wouldnt come out of the bottle. 'hey fred? the apple juice won't pour'. he starts laughing at me. 'you needa tilt it more up', he said. so instead i tilt my head back more and leave the bottle the same. i got frustrated by this and put the cap back on and tossed the bottle to the side of me. screw that shit..

i managed to drag my lifeless corpse onto the couch and laid up against the side. it was kinda dark in the room except for the glow of the widescreen in front of me. took a few to get my head somewhat straight, and then i watched some tv. as i watched, i noticed a bug on the lower-right corner of the screen. this house usually has bugs here and there, so whatever. i watched this bug. it was like a caterpillar/ walking stick type of bug. i watched in awe as to how the hell it got inside and onto the tv. it slowly crawled off to the right, going off the tv and onto the stereo speaker that was next by. this was too creepy to me, so i wanted a closer look. i leaned off the couch a bit to get a closer look. and what the fxck.. this 'bug' i kept staring at the whole time was the damn gold PANASONIC tag that was on the speaker. my mind was playing tricks on me.

i'm just gonna say i lost track of time here, but i'll try and piece it all together. after a while, my equlibrium was intact once again. i spent most of my time just playing online and just hunting down songs like i routinely do at night. to get to the bathroom, i'd hafta get through the diningroom first from the livingroom. i took this journey a few times. the ceiling is slow, so whenever i'd go to walk, i'd position my hands on the ceiling.. and couch.. nearby shelf.. i'd just try to brace myself any way possible. when i'd enter the diningroom area, i'd collide with all 4 chairs as i tried to walk around the table to get to the door. i'd yell every time i'd hit 'em too. then laugh. i'd make it to the toilet to take a piss, but nothing would come out. and then.. it hit me hard again. this happened a few times actually. whenever i'd go to pee, i'd have 2 people that would just be onlookers. 'why the hell would anyone wanna watch me pee?', i'd think to myself. nothing.. not a drip. i just couldnt. i felt like i was putting on a show for these two perverts that were staring at me trying to urinate. i felt like i had let them down.

on my way out of the bathroom, i'd look at the mirror for awhile at my own reflection. i'd laugh at him. he's laugh right back. i'd turn my head real quick away, and then back to him. then he'd turn to the side, and turn back. that was some crazy shxt, man. my reflection was on a 1 second delay of sorts.

back at the computer desk, i'd put the headphones on and just listen to more music. there's a shoerack thats next to the computer. a stack of shoeboxes and some slippers rest on top of it all. mind you, about now its probably around 2am and it's very dark in the room, except for the monitor being on. i'd every now and then turn to the side and look at the slippers. there were a pair of tazmanian devil ones. you know the kind... you stick your foot in its head. for the longest time i'd see it move around a bit, just wiggling around. i'd take a good look at it, and it'd see someone hiding behind it, staring back at me. i couldnt get a good enough look at who it was, but i swear that someone was there hiding behind the tazmanian devil slippers. (it only made sense to me the next day that its impossible for ANYONE to be sitting on a shoerack, hiding behind a slipper) enough of this crap.

i guess i wanted to talk to someone, so i called up alex at his house. this was around 4am. usually i dont call anyone this late, but i did anyways. from what he told me the next day, i had called up just to chit-chat, asking him how his day was going.. and then i trailed off mumbling some incoherent shxt and that he had to let me go off the phone. i decided it was time for bed after that. i share a room with fredrick, me sleeping on the floor and the foot of the bed. i slid his door open a bit, reached into the room a bit, and turned the lamp on in the room. didnt take long after that til i burned myself with the lighttbulb. then i turned the light off. and it was dark again. so i turned the light on again... and managed to burn myself again. so i turned the light off. this went on like 10 times overall. fredrick was half awake during this time and told me about it the next day. so yeah, i had a bunch of blankets laid out on the floor for me. i wanted to lay on the bed tho. i totally forgot that fredrick was already in the bed and i'd go to lay down anyways. i must've almost sat on him on the bed like 6 times. i'd go to lay down on the floor, think to myself that the bed looks comfortable, go to lay on the bed and THERE HE WAS. over and over again.

i'm not sure how i actually ended up falling asleep on the floor after that but i did fall asleep. i admit, this trip wasnt as intense and full blown as i was expecting it to be. but i'm actually glad it didnt get any worse than how it turned out. i was 'in control' during the night, so it works. i'm still waiting on using the actual plant and/or seeds next time i go ahead and want to go through with this. i wanna have the pure, true experience. just another drug to exploit. in the meantime, i have 4 fat bags of tea left. gonna split 'em between me and alex next weekend. i'll let ya know how that works out.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34267
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 8, 2004Views: 5,463
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Datura (15) : Difficult Experiences (5), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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