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Great While It Lasts
by Mike D
Citation:   Mike D. "Great While It Lasts: An Experience with Cocaine (exp34237)". Dec 7, 2007.

  repeated IV Cocaine (powder / crystals)


Even tho I've been using cocaine for years, I've always had a love/hate relationship with it. In some ways, I love it. It gives a great rush if your into that sorta thing. But it always lets you down, kinda chasing that first rush. Well tonight was no different, except this is maybe the 7th or even the 6th time that I've IVed it.

Anyone who sniffs coke, god bless you. I don't sniff anything, with the possible exception of K, and thats because I don't do it enough to have much of a tolerance. Plus, muscle popping just does not sound like fun. But enough of this.

Coke does not get me off sniffing it, unless I do ridiculous amounts and its too expensive to do a gram up my nose. This is not tolerance either; I was in jail for 4 years, and found it the same boring drug as when I was 18 years old. Traditionally I smoke it, as its the rush I'm after, and rock is easy to find around my way. I even know how to re-rock it, although I don't think it does much. But smoking it is instant skitz and besides, the high isn't that special. Which leads me to my current love/hate of the needle.

Well, I've been banging heroin for years, and that is nothing special. No real rush, just a warmth and then the normal dope feeling. So when the opportunity came up to shoot powder, I was scared but I decided to go for it. I started with a quarter T or a .25 gram sack which will run you about $10. I didn't know how good it was supposed to be so I put 40 units of water on it and lo and behold got like 53 back, which means its good, or so I'd been told. I put about 25 units back it, better safe then sorry. I'm scared of dying from cocaine/heart attack.

So, I shot it. And nothing. Still nothing. And then I realized I missed the shot and my whole arm got numb. Well, its gotta be good if all my nerves are aenastized. So even tho I think I hit some of it and its nothing special, I decide to give it another try. This time I add a little more coke to the 25 units, maybe a quarter of a .25 gram bag. and add about 15 more units. This time I make sure I'm in, and steadily but slowly plunge it in. I'm still new even tho I've done probably an ounce of powder in the 6 or 7 times I've done cocaine, usually a quarter gram every 20 minutes until the bag's done.

So, slowly the plunger went down, and I actually remembered someone telling me that with dope, you have time to clean your works out and put everything away before you feel the rush. But that same person said 'shooting coke is like the craziest drug, you feel it before you even get 5 units in ya'. I've found that to not be true, although it does hit me a little faster than dope. I just think that coke has more rush to it and therefore, I feel it 'sooner'. I always smell the llello once it's mixed with water, because that smell will soon permeate my mouth and everything I do in about 30 seconds. Well sure as shit, I get the taste in my mouth, and although everyone always bitches about 'ether-based coke', the truth is it tastes more like acetone, almost sweet tasting.

So I get the taste, first, before anything and then it's off to my lungs. I start to feel my lungs breathing off this acetone. By this time, my head is buzzing like a whippet high, except it's euphoric as hell. But the wah-wah's are there, and eventually, if I do a big enough shot, my vision will be impaired. It's a consuming body high, enough to make me a little scared, especially when my heart starts racing. And I can feel it bouncing out of my chest.

And just like that it's over. I come down within 5 minutes, with after effects vanished in under an hour. It's quite compulsive, because it's extremely good feeling, and of course I want to repeat the feeling. And I can actually, the first three shots for sure. After that I'm playing with diminishing returns for sure. All in all, not really my bag of tea. But once I do a shot, it's curtains. I'm doing it all.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34237
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 7, 2007Views: 17,565
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