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Don't Get Too Excited
by yrm0m
Citation:   yrm0m. "Don't Get Too Excited: An Experience with 2C-P (exp34227)". Jun 9, 2004.

    2C-P (powder / crystals)


1. Introduction
2. Routes of Ingestion
A. Oral
B. Insufflation
3. Description of Effects and Personal Opinions
4. A Bad Trip

1. Introduction

Instead of trying to answer questions about the substance while stoned I thought I'd put down all of my knowlege about the substance. I aquired 1000mg of 2c-p, about 100 doses, and I have been toying with it for about a two months. Total estimated trips would be somewhere above 20. My previous experiences with similar drugs include lsd, mushrooms, ayahuasca (dmt), dpt, dipt, 2c-i, salvia, lsa, and...lots of non-psychedelic drugs.

A quick comment before anyone gets too excited about 2c-p. This is one of the more intense drugs I have ever tried. This is not always an easy ride, and the effects last an amazing 12-18 hours. I would say avoid this drug if you are just looking for a nice buzz or a gentle trip. If you are in for the ride, however, I don't think you will be dissapointed.

2. Routes of Ingestion

A. Oral (swallowed) 6-10mg

This is the only method of ingestion covered by Pihkal, and his experiences are pretty consistent with mine. The effects do not begin until 2-3 hours after ingestion. This is important to know, you do not want to redose at +2 hours because you don't feel anything. Once the trip has begun, it takes a few hours to peak, and the peak lasts a rediculous 10-14 hours. It is vital to make sure I am not busy the following day. The come down is slow, starting with some physical fatigue, then a dissipation of visual effects, and an inability to sleep. As for side effects: gas, bloating, sweating, tense muscles (especially the jaw), and possibly other digestion discomforts. None of these are too worrisome, just annoying. Very few people I've encountered complain of vomiting or nausea.

B. Insufflation (snorting) 3-6 mg

This method was not covered anywhere on the internet, so I had to just go for it. I did a little research first to verify it wouldn't be deadly, of course. To consider: 'At doses this low, I'm going to have to be very careful'. After the initial 3mg dose, I can always take another 3mg in an hour without sacrificing intensity. I watched a clock as I insufflated and waited for the effects several times, at different doses, and came up with this timeline.

0 min: Insufflate the powder (3-5mg). I don't feel anything burning initially, and go to get a drink.

5 min: Now it starts to burn. It's an Intense burning, but not much drip at all. Nothing I've snorted feels quite like this, but I know it will be over soon.

10 min: The burn is starting to fade a little, and I feel a bit stoned.

15 min: No more burning, and the effects have already started. Visuals, energy, inspiration, closed eye visual, the works.

45 min: The effects have peaked, and after this they do not get any more intense. If I not tripping as much as I'd like, I consider waiting 15 to 30 mins to make sure its fully present, and then redose. Or maybe smoke some marijuana.

The effects last suprisingly long for being insufflated, a good 8-12 hour trip. Sleeping is not as hard with this route, because the effects fade faster. I do not snort large amounts at once, as the speed of the come up overwhelms many people and causes vomiting. The more I snort the more it burns, I just redose about 3mg an hour.

3. Description of Effects and Personal Opinions

Mentally, there is a bit of psychedelia. I am most impressed by the intuitions I am given about my attitude and interpersonal relationships. 2c-p is also a very inspiring drug artistically, affecting both my music and visual work. It could be helpful to writers, and probably anyone who can deal with the length and intensity of the trip. The main effect as far as I can tell is giggling. Visuals are very present, some of the best I have had in a long, long time. Bright colors and detailed texture/patterns are the main triggers for the visuals. The colors are brighter, with halos, and textures move about and stretch. The closed eye visuals are what impressed me the most. Amazing animated layers of repetative objects...legs, flames, all layered in a style reminiscent of flash animations. The images carry a style like nothing I have seen in any art, ever.

4. A Bad Trip

I do want to take a bit to describe what a bad trip 2c-p trip was like. My first experience with it was an overdose, and that trip is my main inspiration for typing this all up. The 2c-p had just arrived in the mail, and I started measuring out doses. I took one dose, and waited to see if it was enough. After two hours, I foolishly decided I had not taken enough, and took perhaps 5mg more. That was all it took, 15mg total. Twenty mins later, the piles on the mirror started to wiggle around and I was sweating profusely. I got some help putting the piles into capsules, and we went about our day, ready to start a party. We got one started and I sold perhaps 6 or 8 doses. One of my friends puked, and for some reason I felt quite bad about that. He didn't mind, but I was tripping a bit too hard. I began to draw some attention with my rambling about my electric bill, and my worries about my vomity friend.

I talked to someone about my ex, which was a bad idea. We were very close, a three year relationship, and I missed her quite a bit. My friend told me to give it up, that my ex never thinks about me, and I got a bit emotional. I was acting really really drunk, and cried. The visuals were so intense, I just lay on the floor looking at the walls for awhile, trying to wait out the peak and not embarrass myself anymore. Finally, the peak was over and I felt alot better. I was sweating too much, and I didn't look healthy at all. Sleep was impossible, so I lay around having a much better trip all night. The effects lasted at least 20 hours, but I fully recovered.

Ok, this is it for now, maybe this can be updated eventually, although I would rather buy some 2c-e ;)


Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34227
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 9, 2004Views: 23,818
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