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The Moxy Manifesto
Citation:   Velouria. "The Moxy Manifesto: An Experience with 5-MeO-MIPT (exp34092)". Jun 4, 2004.

12 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT (capsule)
I've experimented with 5-MeO-MIPT (aka Moxy, a snappier name which saves on syllables) a few times and in general, I have to say that I feel that my experiences have been quite promising. This is a chronicle of my experiences, with a few comments about Moxy's interaction with my acquaintances.

The first time I encountered Moxy, I was told the Shulgin description (that it was a very 'stoned' effect), although my provider hadn't had personal experience with it. This was the first drug I had done where I didn't have the chance to discuss it with someone who had done it before. Each time I've taken it, it's been from the same source and the capsules have been weighed out at 6 mg/dose.

In my first time, I dosed on one pill about 90 minutes after a light dinner. +2:00 I felt slightly off baseline with a subtle body high. I decided to take the second pill, adding up to 12 mg. At this point my friends and I watched a bit of improv comedy in a common area. Following the show (+3:30) I separated from my companions and found that I was getting quite remarkable visuals when looking at plants. A flowering bush I examined had an unnaturally vibrant glow in the evening and the individual leaves seemed unusually fresh and detailed. A friend made a joking comment about the walls in the building moving -- in my impressionable state, I avoided entering.

At this point I reunited with my boyfriend and we went to visit a friend. My friend is very receptive to entertaining others who are under the influence of various psychedelics with a variety of knicknacks and circus toys. As I watched him juggle a set of glowing red, green and blue balls in the dark, I realized that when following the movement of the balls, I was unable to also see his face at the same time -- that is, I could only concentrate on the balls' movements or on the person doing it. I could not unite both images in my head. While watching the swirl of balls, his face jumped around in my vision, and I was unable to place him in real space. A tapestry in his room with stylized dragons on it became a field of horses slowly meandering across a field. The experience was extremely potent without being wholly overwhelming. I concluded this with a solitary walk until around +8, when I felt comfortable with going to sleep (which took another hour).

Throughout that trip I felt an extremely strong body high. It reminded me a bit of the body load I feel on doses of 2C-E, but this high seemed to tighten up specific muscles (my calves in particular) far more than other research chemicals. In addition, I found that my thought patterns were drastically altered in a way I hadn't experienced since early mushroom trips. When thinking about my relationships to others I was able to view them with surprising objectivity, able to address my own problems and concerns and prepare for how to apply them when I was in a situation more appropriate for such an attempt (i.e., after coming down from my trip).

There is one strange effect of my first Moxy trip which I feel I should mention; however, I'm unsure if it actually is significant. Four days after the 12 mg dose, I was offered 40 mg of MIPT (Minx). I ingested all 40 mg and failed to feel anything, except for the slightest suggestion of come-up around +2:00. A day later I ingested 15 mg of 2c-e and once again failed to feel only the subtlest effects of the usually potent chemical. About a week later, the ingestion of 20 mg 2c-i and 15 mg 2c-e created a powerful trip; however, I didn't peak until nearly 6 hours after ingestion.

However, this 'inability to trip' that I briefly and curiously experienced may have been completely unrelated and simply in response to my environment (a particularly high stress academic setting [both failed trips were during days where I had class the next morning and with the Minx, I ingested before doing some schoolwork]).

I have had extremely powerful trips on just 6 mg of 5-MeO-MIPT. In one incident, I was reclined in a large, padded leather chair when I was offered a hit of nitrous oxide. The effect of the nitrous trip was so powerful -- to this day, it is difficult for me to explain exactly what transpired -- but while still holding the nitrous dispenser I fell OUT of the chair (a large, deep chair with high armrests) onto a wooden floor, and got a huge bruise on my shoulder. In experimenting with nitrous oxide in the midst of other trips, nothing that powerful and that close to the barrier between unconscious activity and physical expression has transpired.

Another evening, I insufflated 6 mg (although it may have been slightly less; I extensively scraped the inside of a gelcap, insufflated and then ingested the rest) of Moxy. +:50 I felt a strong, pleasant body high (load?) and altered thought patterns. The body load was notably higher than it had been in previous experiences, with noticeable strain on my back. However, the potent period only lasted for about +:90 before I felt that I had already experienced most of what Moxy would offer me that evening. Later on, while walking home, I did hear a variety of wonderful sounds from a particular vantage point -- in reviewing this vantage point while sober, I realize that they're simply extraordinarily subtle sounds that I normally tune out while walking towards my home.

I have seen Moxy effect others quite powerfully. The evening I insufflated the substance a friend of mine also dosed on 6 mg. (He is a male around 160 lbs) We were smoking pot fairly heavily, but everyone in the party had high tolerances to marijuana. He was restless for the first two hours and continually mentioned that he was worried that the substance was not active on him.
+2:15 -- he stated that he was 'tripping face'.
+2:45 -- he became incoherent enough that he was talking aloud, attempting to direct statements at the other group members but failing to make a coherent sentence. We all worry that he may attempt to leave and go home (he looked extremely confused and disoriented and couldn't directly respond to anyone's questions).
+3:00 -- We suggest that he quietly lies in a darkened room. At this point he begins to have a more positive trip and begins to really enjoy his thought patterns.

At this point I was feeling sober enough that I walked home (about a mile). The next day, I found out that as of that afternoon the other Moxy experimenter had yet to sleep since dosing. While I have noticed some trouble going to sleep, I haven't seen it as a significant impairment. However, this was the first time that he had taken a research chemical, while I have an increased tolerance for these tryptamines.

One side effect of Moxy use which I have noted is that I feel uncomfortably dehydrated during my experiences. Once a friend expressed concern that I was drinking over a pint of water an hour (something I rarely do, even while on M-drugs). This may be an individual reaction, since of the five or so other people I know who have done Moxy, none of them have noted the same effect.

I noted in the Shulgin observations and commentary that previous reports indicate that smoking Moxy requires significantly more of the chemical than ingesting for similar potency. I think that insufflating provides a quicker, more intense and briefer (although those are almost always the symptoms of insufflation with almost any chemical) trip.

The elaborate thought patterns I experienced during my first Moxy trip were strange and exciting, even to a woman fairly comfortable and familiar with a variety of research chemicals. The visuals I experienced were not as strong as many others, although I know someone who has experienced intense visuals on 6 mg. The fact that it is active at 6 mg (although I would suggest, perhaps, 9 mg as a stronger dose) may encourage people to try this, since a gram goes much further into individual dosages when a potent dose is under 10 mg. I have read the trip reports that refer to ingesting 25 mg... I would encourage people to start out FAR lower than that. It is quite potent at lower doses.

Something that I'd like to point out is that when I received this for the first time, it was described to me as being 'really stoned' -- a bit of a misinterpretation of the TiHKAL report. Upon actual reading, the writer of the report was trying to convey a psychedelic state without significant sensory distortion. Honestly, given how little Moxy has been reported on, it would be a shame if this were to be reduced to some sort of thc-in-a-research-chemical. I think that this is definitely a tryptamine worth further investigation.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34092
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 4, 2004Views: 60,601
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5-MeO-MIPT (287) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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