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Sorry, I Thought You Were My Dad
by CJ
Citation:   CJ. "Sorry, I Thought You Were My Dad: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp33976)". Dec 5, 2007.

600 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


It was a Friday night, and I was going over to my friend's house, so I decided to take a 12 pack of dramamine that one of my friend's gave me a while ago. When I got to his house, we read about the effects and warnings of taking them, and then I took the 12 with some Code Red Mountain Dew.

After taking them, we walked down the street to the woods. My friend started talking to me, and it seemed liked what he said was just a blur, and I wasn't really paying attention. It was some sort of blonde joke, but I only heard the end. Then he said I asked him if the quiz was easy, even though he doesn't go to my school, and had no idea what I was talking about. When we got into the woods, we walked to the river. I had the Code Red bottle filled with milk (in case I got nausea). So when we got to the river, I poured some milk into the river. It formed to me what seemed to be smoke and clouds in the water. After this, I took a rock, threw it into the milk-clouds, and yelled 'Thunderblast...'. My friend started to laugh, and I got huge amounts of the giggles, which I guess was just the uncontrollable laughter of the first time on a drug.

We started to walk back to his house from the woods, and I was really starting to be out of it. We made it back to his house, and I accidentally walked up his neighbor's driveway. I was positive he was right next to me and it was the right house, but then I heard him laugh, and I turned, and he was actually 20 feet away in the driveway next to me. I kind of laughed and just walked over to him.

Next, we walked up to his room. I got on the computer and watched some videos online, but it was too hard to pay attention. I started to feel extremely light-headed, dizzy, and like I was underwater, or being 'pulled down.' I tried to get up, but had to sit back down again. I was able to get up the next time, and tried to turn on his TV. After about 4 minutes, I got it on, and turned it to Pokemon. It was the weirdest show I have ever seen. I closed my eyes subconciously, but I could still see the show through my eyes. After 5 minutes of watching like this, I forgot I was at his house, and thought I was at my house watching TV. My arms were hanging of the top of the bed, and I was laying on my stomach. I started to get tired of the show, and decide to change the channel with the remote in my hand. I opened my eyes to change it, and realized I had no remote in my hands.

Once the pulling down feeling went away, he got my shoes, and I tried really hard to get my shoes on. Once I was ready, we went out behind his house, and sat in lawnchairs. His brother was sitting out on the cooler, and I had to ask my friend if he was real or not. He told me he was, so I was like alright.

We went to get the chairs out of the shed, when a bird flew out. Me and my friend were really scared, and I started to ask if a kid from my school was next to the shed. He said no one was there, so this must have been my first major hallucination. Once my friend told me he wasn't there, I said 'Oh, that sucks, he collects birds, and could have taken this one.' The truth is, I don't know any friends who collect birds. Once we got the chairs out, We sat down. I asked him 'Did you think the quote was easy? We had to write it in the blue books, do you still remember the blue books?' My friend had no idea what I was talking about, and then I thought he was my dad. I was scared he knew I was on Dramamine, so I just said 'Pick me up on Friday at 8.' My friend asked what I was talking about, and I just said, 'Oh, sorry, I thought you were my dad.'

Next, I looked into his house because I thought his parents were walking around. I looked through the doorway, and saw Don Vito from Viva La Bam. I said to my friend, 'Look, Don Vito!' He told me no one was there, and I didn't believe him. I kept seeing him for about 5 minutes, and then I realized he actually wasn't there.

Next, we came back in to get flashlight for the woods at night. When we walked into the house, I saw a little girl run up the steps into his brother's room. I tried to go find it, but no one was there, not even his brother. We got the flashlight things, and started walking to the woods. When we got on the road, two (at least to me) ladies were jogging behind us. I asked Jason how many there were, and he said one. They were on the left side, and we were on the right, so when they passed us, I couldn't see them when they were behind Jason. They both ran past us, but after they ran behind Jason, one of them disappeared. I thought this was weird, but just figured whatever.

We made it to the woods, but our flashlights were much to weak to do anything, so we walked back home for the last time. On the way back, I thought I saw a school bus, with lots of jellyfish attached to it. The jellyfish disappeared, and the school bus did too, a few minutes later. After a few blocks, I saw the jellyfish again, but this time, they were all attached together, in the form of a monster like the movie 'Predator'. I thought this was cool, but it disappeared before I got to it.

When we got home, I laid down on his bed, and I don't remember anything after that, except for passing out. I didn't remember half of the stuff I wrote about, but my friend filled me in, and once he reminded me, I could remember it. When I woke up today, after doing it, I didn't feel any negative symptoms, except for a little burnt out, kind of like a pot hangover.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33976
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 5, 2007Views: 12,417
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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