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3 Daze Turned On
Citation:   Shrimpkis. "3 Daze Turned On: An Experience with 2C-E (exp33875)". Sep 16, 2008.

20 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
So I Ordered a gram of 5-meo-dmt & a gram of 2-ce, hopefully i thought i could make some money back, thats yet to be seen. I took both down to my old town and introduced these substances to my old crew. Noone seemed intrested in the 5-meo again, but where quite curious as to what this 2-ce would do. Since none of us had heard of it and i brought it, i had to be the first to dose.

NOON: 16mg down the hatch straight from the scale's bowl, washed down with a shot of water. real bitter. Mt.dew gets the taste out. After smoking a bowl of dank -20min- I heard something strange as it started comming on. It was like a Tv turning on. Like the high pitch frequency you hear in complete silence or from a muted tv. My brain must be 'Turning On!' I could definetly fell the chemical in my system and my churning sick empty stomach.I didn't vomit. The sickness passed around an hour/half after dose.

Tracers and melting images/patterns already comming on hard. My mind already racing. Sillyness, stupid jokes and strange facts mostly. My friends are wondering whats so funny, I could barely contain myself. Restless, I request my friend J1 to take me on a magic jeep ride. Out to the woods with a bong we went. (Entering the 2nd Hour) we get to the boyscout site and start smoking. During my 2nd bong hit of shwag, Something catches my attantion.Something Omnipresent.I feel lighter?. Something Luminous Everywhere. Wasn't the pot, I haven't been able to feel it since T:00:15. I Try to sit up, but instead it was as if my spirit lifted a few feet upwards. This 'Something EveryWhere' Was ME! +++

Just then someone snatched the bong and pulled me back. yikes. I'm jittery, and could use a chew toy. walking around helps. Mp3 players are a must. Shpongle Rules. First peak cought me off guard, but was pleasent wave riding for the next few hours. Comeing down, the 'waves' seem draining. A nice peak with an almost jolting drop. Once you recover from the drop you're entering into yet another wave. Catching 'The Crest' of one of these waves is where all sorts of magic happens. I Didn't sleep that night as i needed to dose my friends.

ME! Male 20 : 125lb quit coke, love shrooms, had lsd,foxy, pills, and pot

J1. Male 19 Skinny/tall140 lb- little psy experience ('lost it' on 1 hit 5-meo) a pot head,foxy, minor mental instabilty

J2. Female 21 Fit J1's girl- 165lb- 5-meo, pot,foxy, pills

J3. Male 20-21 Trim 120lb- unknown drug experience.. too many. ;)

DJ Huggn Stuff 20- 180lb - Healthy- Color Blind- box full of lsd as a lil child. Much psy/drug Experience

Setting. Clean small house. all sorts of lighting effects. Our Skilled Sober Sitter was a performer/model/dancer/clown and just beautiful. If we couldn't entertain ourselves she'd come up with something. Large field backyard. Gravel driveway w/ a few lawnchairs under a streetlight. (Super Surreal Nature).

I Take 25mg

I talk DJ into taking 22mg. J3 wants to start light with 10mg, he's been drinking alcohol. J3 gets real SicK, but still doesn't puke. after a good 5 hours of nice trippin, he takes another 12.5 and feels much better. J1 Wants to wait for J2 to get off work, J1 Doses at 10:40pm, Pukes at 10:50, Loosing his mind in the bathroom at 11:00. J2 arrives and calms him down,, his 3rd eye nearly exploded from all the black-media-paint clogging it's iris.I Think he 'Frigured Everything Out' as i did on my first lsd experience. What i would call the 'classic freakout'. There Yea Have it, Take a Picture of it, You Can't Dispute it! he exclaimed every so often. He was hailarious.

DJ's have'n a great time. All the voices in his head have stopped and he can see colors now. J2 keeps reminding her self 'Hearts stars moons and rainbows'. I keep explaining the secrects of the universe to the best of my knowledge. Made fun of a few of famous theroies.Like how we're already travelling at light speed. yadda yadda. J3 found this intresting i think. A Couple Of times during the crests of our waves, we seem to be mentally linked to one another, able to speak through our minds. I and J3 confirmed this the next day. DJ keeps quiet, trying not to have an ego.

Cigerettes seem to make the waves rush on. Cannibus is almost no good during the trip, only before dose'ing and during the comedown. Drink Plenty Of Water. this stuff was pretty rough on my kidneys. I passed out late that morning and drove home that afternoon where i missed a day of work cause i fell asleep waiting for the right time to go in to come around. ahh I missed work so i go dose for the third day in a row. Stuuuu-ppiiid. After dose'n 25mg i realize i'm going to have to hide my car from my waking parents as my peak should be wearing off. This was my hardest trip. Being quiet while every thought that crosses my mind makes me want to hit the floor laughing was very difficult.

4 hours after dose. this trip is becomeing Taxing! My Spine feels as if it was carved-out with a drill. Kidneys Throbing.. My Trip hasn't even started to subside and i have to drive a good 7 miles to a lake to chill while the parents get out of the house. DO NOT DRIVE. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Time Distortions catch me when i least expect. i watched my speedomoter bounce from 40 to 65 back and forth for most of the long straight journey. no possible way of holding the car in a straight line. thank god it was 5am and my small town was absolutly dead. Once at the lake i put on my mp3 player with 90 songs playing randomly(Scarey things happen with music playing randomly ;). Here i have a ++++ on the Shulgin scale. i became one with everything. sitting ontop of my car looking over the lake i feel one with shiva. i feel as if i under stood everything. this wave chest didn't pass like the rest. It slowly waned off, letting me soak up as much of this frame of mind as i could. I stayed at the lake longer than i had planned, it was as if the lake didn't want me to leave. What A Night! dosed at 2am,, almost baseline by 11am.

P.s. Easy on the caffine!it may contribute to the jitters

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33875
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2008Views: 1,639
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2C-E (137) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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