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Boating in an Inverted Planet
Salvia divinorum (15x extract)
Citation:   Visual Agnosia. "Boating in an Inverted Planet: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (15x extract) (exp33804)". Nov 9, 2006.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
I had visited a couple of my close friends. They had some Salvia that was 15x extract. Firstly I have experienced a lot of different mind altering substances before this and was a person looking for that unique drug experience. My friends were like minded.
They gave me a bit of a run down about Salvia, so, cautiously I smoked a small amount (half a cone) and kept it held in for a short time (10 Secs). I noticed all the lights in the dark room were a lot more 'twinkley' than before. After looking at a candle, where the glow turned into the marble wall of an ancient building. It wore off and I came back to reality. Mind you it was a very realistic (feeling) sensation.

So I was very interested at this point. I decided to do it all the way. I was smoking it through a water bong and using a jet lighter that burnt the extract quite hot. I asked how much would get me really dosed up, my friends said they have only smoked one cone.

I got three cones lined up ready to go. I hit the first - whole, and held it in for an good 30 sec, I could feel strongly, something coming on so I exhaled. As I reached for the new cone a HUD (Heads up display) type reticule blinged around the cone piece (indicating what it was) and as well with the lighter and other significant objectives involved with smoking the second one. I smoked the second cone in this state and it went in smoother than before. I held it in. I was going into salvia state, not lightly either. I didn't feel the need to exhale and the smoke seemed naturally a part of my chest. After what seemed like longer than I could hold my breath for, without thought I slowly exhaled.

Visually, everything on a light and dark scale, the darker parts of the room pulsated with an (oil on water rainbow) pattern. Until slowly they grew into the lighter parts of my vision. As this progression was happening, my perception of depth - distorting - I perceived, this oil pattern moving away at an incredible pace. This visual fusion overtook the real world, I experienced I was inside a sphere, like a bubble but literally the size of a planet with an inverted horizon and all.

My field of view had my friend smiling at me. As this inverted planetary transition was taking place I new that my friends face was the last part of reality I could hold on to and I held on with all my will.

A smiling friendly face - I could fight to hold onto as on the interior of this inverted planet a boat was growing beneath me and when it came into solidarity this face, with a fringing effect pulling around the sides of it, was running down onto the deck of the boat by a stalk.

This all happened very dynamically so when I took a moment to subjectively observe. I saw (experienced) I was on a lonely boat, on a calm sea, inside this inverted planet (bubble/sphere). Everything was this oil texture, very fine, and limited in colour to only, orange through to yellow and black lines giving the pattern distinction with only slights hints of purple haziness. Everything except where the pattern fringed into my friends face which looked at me - still smiling.

I wondered what I was in this place I tried to look at myself but could only see the boat. I used my consciousness to step forward and look back at my physical being (in this place) I saw that I was a small black ball with two eyes. Hovering above the boat. It was hard to project myself like this and I reverted back to my POV quickly.

I then became aware that this inverted planet was divided into four quarters, four quarters of a sphere. Each quarter had a personality. Each a complicated individual personality that I became aware of. I was in awe. As I became aware of this I felt them communicate with me, by some means of feeling indescribable except that is was a definite communication. It was like a parental authority, not violent, but on the verge of anger at my presence. I felt they were worried that I was there and were pointing down at me (they had no hands !). As they discussed my intrusion, each quarter as it communicated pulsed a blue colour. It was all on a planetary scale, so watching this was like watching something the size of a sunset.

Salvia left my mind and as it did the room I was in started to push through the oil patterned texture as if a room was being pushed through a huge piece of cling wrap. It was then as if it was becoming vacuum sealed and as it tightened around the real world it became more transparent. I felt my head above this cling wrap and as it enveloped around my body it felt as if it got caught on my jacket I felt myself being pulled to the floor. I pulled of my jacket and lept forth from my knees, free.

I was back and aware. I was apologizing to my friends because I though I may have change their reality. I mean I thought I may have turned my friend into a flower growing out of that boat.

My friend replied 'Why are you sorry? All you did was get off the chair and get down on your knees on the floor there'

I was flabbergasted. I walked outside (night and the moon) and starred at a tree. I saw it alive - and realised that the world we live in, is set up perfectly. Everything interacts the way it's supposed to. Our world is the perfect place for our consciousness to exist in. In a more profound way that defy words. I never got to the third cone.

I had two more experiences since then involving experiences of being sucked into two dimensions, and others where I was on a ship dock talking to kids and learning how to talk to trees. All another journey in them selves. The thing is they all led to a feeling of respect for reality and a teaching in the appreciation of our world (existence herein). I donít think I will do it again. I donít feel the need or desire to take any mind altering substance anymore.

I have seen the other dimensions, as they are real, the beings that live there. We exist in our reality for a reason, itís meant for us.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33804
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 9, 2006Views: 13,285
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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