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Very Dissociating, but Nice Head Space
Citation:   botaanik. "Very Dissociating, but Nice Head Space: An Experience with 2C-T-4 (exp33757)". Sep 13, 2005.

15 mg oral 2C-T-4
The trip took place at my house. Male 74kg. My mind is rested and somewhat excited trying new compound. This is my first time writing trip report. My previous experiences in phen side is with 2c-I and 2C-e. There's grammar mistakes, so sorry about my bad english.

905AM - I take 15mg of white-yellowish powder dissolved in glass of water. Tastes like 2c-e, but different.

930AM - The existence of chemical in my body is present.

938AM - Warm wave pass throughout my chest and all over the body. Mentally I'm little light headed.

954AM - Chemical is definitely in my body. I'm somehow more humorous. Things that normally don't make me smile now do. Past 50min I have yawned many times. Maybe it's because of morning, but then I don't yawn that much in mornings.

1012AM - I'm feeling restless. My body doesn't find comfortable position. Minor chills pass my body. Over and over I stretch my body and move my legs. It seems my body doesn't know what to do with building energy. Effects are gradually building.

1022AM - I'm still feeling a little humorous. Things are more funny. Mental state has changed. My thought don't flow in its normal pattern any more. Visual field is different. Some brightened colors and little shifts/movements here and there.

1047AM - I was caught by my wallpaper. It looks like it has been painted. Wallpaper pattern is arised from surface, but it has now more pronounced and pattern is moving/swirling. My mind is blank and there is no thought flowing. Like it doesn't know what to think. This chemical is very different than other phen's that I have tried. Theres little going on physically and visually but most noticeable effect's manifest mentally. Still building up and now I think I'm reaching +2.

1100AM - Went out side to smoke a cigg. I stare in one place with this empty look... no thoughts same time. Then, I again stare some new point and so few times. There were hundreds (if not thousands) of yellow flowers which look very bright and alive.

1120AM - Laying on my bed and listening to shpongle. This is a very one of its kind psychedelic. It isn't intense yet but it's very different from others. I like so far what this chemical has to offer.

1136AM - Wow! It's still building up strong. Visual has got as intense as my strongest 2C-E visuals. I wasn't expecting something like this from this chemical. I must wait and see how intense this trip is going to be.

1147AM - 1206AM - Went out side to smoke a cigg again. Took nice relaxing shower and made myself a tea. Put on reggae music. Reggae rhythm's make me always happy and I could not be any more happy than now and so peace with myself. Now for some time I'm been on strong +3. Drinking tea and letting mind to flow.

1234PM - I'm very sleepy and dissociated. Laying on bed eyes closed. I experienced most weird thing ever. I felt as I were connected with my deepest parts of mind but same time I was very disconnected with my mind and reality. Dunno if that makes sense. Some interesting insight experienced.

1305PM - I just returned from this dissolved state. This stuff is very weird. My mind felt so dissolved. Music slowly faded away and then slowly came back. I felt so far away from my mind and body. The time when I faded away could not last anymore than few minutes. I was aware of my surroundings in primitive way. Just knowing that where I were and nothing more. Very alien feeling. I don't know how to describe that, but I was so detached from reality and ego. I haven't experienced OOBE, ego loss or ++++ trip before, but this experience is something like that. When I got back from that state, most colorful and amazing CEV happened to me. It took me breathless. This last half hour was so incredible. I don't know if something like that can happen ever again. All I can say is WOW!

1311PM - This is very strong +3 now. Makes me think, that I experienced +4 state. Open eye visuals are so deep and complex. I like the head space where I'm in now.

1332PM - Just got back from walk out side. Everything look very alien. I just walked in nature and never wanting to stop. I can't stay still and moving all the time. I'm on strong +3 still and it is most weird experience ever. Visuals are much different than 2C-E.

1401PM - Only thing that I can do is lay on bed. I constantly drift away in my thought and then come back. Very detached from reality. Time-dilation is very strong. I feel like I'm on it whole day but it's only 5 hours.

1418PM - No drop of intensity. I'm still tripping harder than ever. Visuals are so complex and harmonious with my mind right now.

1435PM - Still lie on bed eyes closed. Not directing my thoughts and just letting it flow. It's some what hard to direct thought's and doesn't feel right. This chemical has very dissociating effect. I'm on +2 now, but still very intense. Some week closed eye visual present, but for me, it's very interesting since I don't get them much. Open eye visuals are still deep, but it's seems to subside.

1521PM - Got back from out side smoking cigg. Visuals are still present, but not as strong as before. Still drifting away in my thought and then come back. Very spacy feeling. Over all, I'm on +2 now and it is still subside's.

1553PM - I ate little lunch since my stomach was too empty. Now I'm mild +2. Theres visual shifts and movements all around.

1715PM - Watched tv and then lied in silence on bed. I'm still at +2. Some what week, but it has been like so, for some time now. I still get breathing,swirling patterns and color brightness. mentally it is affecting me hard. My mind is worn out and theres little headache forming. My mind goes constantly blank. It's like my mind can't stay focused and dissolves . Very spacy and drifty feeling.

1800PM - Eyes closed, I see from time to time color brightness. Eyes open, there's still patterning and breathing. I lie on bed in total silence. My mind could not handle much sensory information. Some creative and colorful thoughts have went throught my head for some time now. My neck muscles are disturbly tense. Also, my eyes feel very worn out, so I keep them closed for now.

1825PM - Still at +2. It is subsiding very slowly. By this time 2C-E would be gone for me. Minor visuals still present. Eyes closed, there is colors flowing and eyes open my visual fields is flickering like when you see computer screen throught TV. But I'm feeling my head is clearing up now, which I've very glad. The headache,that I mentioned before, haven't took place yet. Theres feeling in my head that it is under pressure(inside), but no headache to speak of.

1900PM - I hope it gona end soon. This chemical drained my mind so much that I want it to end for now. For now, I am on decent +1. In visual field theres little movement, but that where it ends. mentally I feel so worn out. One interesting thing that I noted is, that I'm still kind of detached from reality. Effects are subsiding, so my reality sense's are coming back. For last few hours, I've been detached from mind and reality, but feeling it now, when it's subside's. Very one of it's kind feeling, I must say.

1947PM - I'm still detached from reality. When I look some point, then theres little visuals present and slight brightening colors. Over all, I'm on +1 besides this detachment feeling.

2010PM - I hope this detached feeling goes away soon. This doesn't particulary bother me, but I can function better with out this feeling. This chemical does take really long time to wear off.

2139PM - I'm now baseline again. 2030PM took 400mg ibumetin against my headache and nice warm shower. This helped me to relax. My pupils are still dilated. When this detached feeling went away, my mind doesn't feel any more worn out. This feeling was because of this detachment thing. The feeling that my mind has gone throught long ride will remain with me till I go to sleep. Great to have my sense of reality back.

After thoughts...

This trip blew my most intense 2C-E trips away. In peak, my ego was so dissolved as it can be. I think I may have experienced near ego death. Till now, I was sure that phen's don't have power to do it. Only mescaline. 2C-T-4 in nature is very dissociating. This phen took place in my hart next to 2C-E... if not on top of it. After first few hours I got really detached from reality and from my mind. This lasted untill I was base line, which happened more than 12 hours later. After my this dissolved state, I saw most incredible CEV and OEV. Open eye visuals were much different than 2C-E but there were similarities. I didn't experience no body discomfort. No nausea to speak. Very easy on body. It is very mental psychedelic and since it last so long, it worn's your mind out. Over all, this experience was my most psychedelic trip ever.

One thought about headache. I know from my past 2C-E experience that, when I experience headache after trip, then the trip has much impact with my life in general. Headache for me have occurred after very insightful trips. This experience has little insight, but since my ego was so dissolved. Next few day's(even week later), I feel like my mind is put together more strongly. Like my reality senses/ego was bond together stronger than before. I really love that new 'whole ego' feeling.

Following night sleep was difficult. It was hard to get sleep and I woke up many times. In morning, I woke up 643AM and then I was half sleep till 830AM. It's true, that this chemical last up to 17h like literature said. When +1 was gone, the chemical was still in my body when I went to sleep. That may be the cause I didn't get good night sleep.

I sure experiment with this chemical again in future. Not soon, but definitely again. For now, I will stay with 15mg maybe next time 17mg. I made me feel, that there's something more to explore. Maybe it's true pale will reveal it's self in higher dosages? Like 2C-T-7 or 2C-T-2. Only time will tell.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33757
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 13, 2005Views: 16,870
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2C-T-4 (274) : General (1), Alone (16)

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