Flashing Colors
by meTaL
Citation:   meTaL. "Flashing Colors: An Experience with Oxycodone (exp33437)". Erowid.org. Apr 28, 2007. erowid.org/exp/33437

20 mg oral Pharms - Oxycodone (pill / tablet)


It all began one Saturday morning while my parents were gone. I was snooping around my house looking for anything to get a good high off of. I figured we might have something in this one towel closet and turns out we did. In there I found an almost full bottle of oxycodone(percocet) and my eyes lit up. I called one of my buddies and told him what I had. He said well why don't we just do it today and I was like okay so he walked to my house and we decided to take 20mg each(4 pills)and heres what happend.

T-0:26 My feet for some reason began to feel heavy and I noticed a loss of motor skills as I'm trying to load a cd in my cd player.

T-0:40 My buddies mom called (mind you were only 14) and said he needed to be home so we decided to walk to his house which probably wasn't the greatest of ideas.

T-0:50 It is really hitting us as we walk down the street the world feels bigger to me as I stop and sit down on the corner to just take it all in. I feel a great sensation all over my body yet I itch alot.

T-1:00 We finally make it to his house and I'm seeing purple dots everywhere. I look into a mirror and notice a durastic change in the size of my pupils. After a bit of lawn work we go into his room and sit down.

T-1:30 We are laying on his bed listening to some Jimi Hendrix and I notice the room shaking, I feel like I'm sinking into his bed and I see flashes of color everytime my eyes open, this feels like a dream and its the best feeling ever.

T-2:30 I have to walk home by myself and can barely walk. I somehow make it to my house which amazes me and as soon as I get there I go into my room turn of the lights and listen to pink floyd.

T-3:30 The colors are still flashing but I feel like there are spiders all over my body and I don't want to look down. I close my eyes to try to get back to reality but once I open them I see people running all over my room. It feels like people are trying to climb my legs and I am trying to kick them off. I'm getting a litle scared because this is my first time doing anything as hard as this.

T-5:00 All the bad feelings went away and now I am just itching and shaking violently. I still feel a bit woosy but it was definately worth it.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33437
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 28, 2007Views: 32,338
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Oxycodone (176) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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