In League With Satan
Citation:   cavebaby. "In League With Satan: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp3339)". Oct 20, 2000.

1 line insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
Me and a bunch of friends got together for a friend's birthday. My evil scientist friend brought some 2C-T-7 for us to enjoy. As we were preparing to snort it, he warned us that it was going to burn, but only for about 15 minutes. I snorted a small line and MY GOD IT BURNED LIKE HELL! My eyes were tearing, my throat was on fire, I was dying from the pain in my nose! To make matters worse, I began tripping very quickly. I was sweating, I had tears running down my face, snot coming out of my nose...I was crouched over the toilet coughing, hacking, and waiting to vomit.

I was drinking water, I made hot tea, I had toilet paper up my nose. I started to trip very hard and was very delusional. It was difficult to walk and to pour the much needed water into a glass. In about 30 minutes, I was still burning and I got extremely nauseous. I started to throw up in the toilet and another girl was puking in the sink next to me. I felt like I would never stop throwing up; it just kept on coming.

I had difficulty moving and functioning. All the lights in the house were red, so the visuals didn't seem that bad. When I went to the bathroom (again), I turned on the bright white light and I was visual hallucinations that everything was moving. Little specks of dirt on the floor looked like bugs crawling around. The visuals were not pleasant. I turned the light off very quickly.

The drug made my body very uncomfortable. I was sweating one minute and freezing the next. All of my muscles felt tense and sore. My face was bright red and burned a little from the puking. After I had thrown up, the severity of the effects slowly began to go away.

The effects lasted for about 6 hours altogether. The first hour were severe tripping and feeling dissociated. About 2 hours after that were mild hallucinations and discomfort. The last 3 hours were a feeling of general annoyance (as when coming off LSD). It was hard to fall asleep and I kept waking up. The next day I felt like a zombie--my brain felt fried and my body was extremely sore. The night afterwards, I also had difficulty sleeping and woke up many times during the night.

I will never put myself through this again. A friend of mine said what we went through for this trip was 'in league with satan.'

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3339
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 20, 2000Views: 15,055
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2C-T-7 (54) : Unknown Context (20), Difficult Experiences (5)

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