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A Collection of Reports
Citation:   Starfish. "A Collection of Reports: An Experience with Zolpidem (exp33125)". May 30, 2007.

  repeated oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)
    repeated insufflated Pharms - Zolpidem (ground / crushed)
First time:

My friend gave me an Ambien pill for free. It was white with AMB10 on one side and the number on the other side. it was maybe .7 centimeters long and looked like it wsa made of chalk. At this time I had only tripped off of dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) and diflouroethane, the propellant in that cheap computer duster stuff.

So, its about 9 PM and I drop this pill. I have researched quite a few substances, including zolpidem, but thought that I could handle myself if one of my parents showed up.

T+:30 I was feeling something that was reminiscent of my several dramamine trips. I had a floaty sort of feel, and things were moving around slightly. This movement was smooth, it had an organic sort of feel to it.

T+:45 Wacky! I was chatting on AIM when I noticed that the IM boxes were changing positions. They glided about on the screen. At this time I listened to a song that I used to be quite fond of: Bossman by Lucky Boys Confusion. This heavily influenced the trip. I became convinced that since I was choosing what music the computer was playing, I was a DJ at a party. Now, I didnít hallucinate that I was at a party, it was more like I was remembering the time when I was a DJ. The cheery sort of feeling that Bossman created was increasing, and I couldnít wipe the grin off my face.

T+1:15? I lost track of time but this was the approximate time that I noticed the IM boxes were completely changing position and zooming out of he monitor to fly around in front of my face. I decided that while this was interesting, playing my acoustic guitar would be even cooler. I went over to it, and noticed that there were not only the usual six strings, but an additional set of strings hovering over the normal set. I tried t touch the imaginary ste of strings and then realized that instead of one additional set of strings, there were about ten, each floating above the other ones. I tried to play then, but after figuring out that they were a hallucination, I decided to sit back down at the computer.

T+1:30 The trip was pretty much over. It seemed to get steadily less intense after the guitar string incident. I saw strange shifts in objects for maybe an additional half hour

Second time - Entities:

My same friend gave me three pills for $6 dollars, quite a fair deal I think. I was smart enough to know that I had to trip after my mother went to bed. I decided not to eat anything for about four hours beforehand in order to get the Ambien into my system faster.

T+1:00 What the hell? I know it should have hit me already.

T+2:00 I know the pills were real, because they looked exactly like they did last time. I eat something and talk to my girlfriend online.

T+2:15 Well, it looks like eating something was a good idea. I think it may have got my stomach to start digesting the pill, which it hadnít done before because there was nothing substantial to digest. Thatís my theory anyway. So, the same trippy visuals of objects moving that I had last time. I feel warm all over, which I felt a little bit of last time. Itís not like a physical warmth, but more like being comforted by a group of close friends.

T+2:45 Iím remembering being a tree. The bathroom tiles are woodland creatures, and theyíre talking to me. This is much like remembering being a tree and remembering beign a DJ.. The tiles arent creatures, but they have the feeling that they are creatures. Te best way to put it into words is that they are alive, and they have the personalities that squirrels and woodchucks would have if they were sentient. Each one of them was talking to me, telling me that I was helping them by being there. Eventually I left.
This was a rather uneventful trip since the novelty of trying a new substance wasnít there. Discovering the entities in the bathroom tiles was the best part of the trip.

Third time - The Drip:

Having fully explored my house while under the effects of oral Ambien, I wanted to try something new. I noticed one of the remaining two pills was missing a chunk. I estimate that if the zolpidem was evenly distributed throughout the pill, there were 7 mg zolpidem remaining. I tried crushing it and this proved difficult. I finally resorted to crushing it between the bottoms of two nail polish bottles. The resulting powder was flaky and slightly off-white. I used an einstein bagels gift card with no money left on it to crush it up and form it into a fat-ish line. I think it was nearly 5 centimeters long, and in places .75 centimeters wide.

This was my first time snorting anything so I braced myself for the pain and snorted it through a rolled-up 1 dollar bill. I felt a stabbing pain in my right sinus. This felt peculiar alright, but within 30 seconds the pain had subsided. Ordinarily I wouldnt snort a pill due to fillers and binders, but these ambien pills were small enough that it seemed safe enough. I sat on the toilet seat, which was the smoothest surface I could find to snort it off of. I'd wiped it with a baby wipe beforehand so I figured it was clean enough.

T+:03 Hell yes, we have first alerts! I know them well enough.

T+:05 Objects were moving. Those crazy hexagonal bathroom tiles are shifting their vertical positions, this was quite a nice level and I would have been content to stay there. The drip tastes awful. I bet rotting flesh tastes better. Some orange juice does the trick.

T+:10 This seems like a peak. I was at a lower level than I had been at the peak of my oral trips. I sat in front of my PC, winamp visualizations turned on. They were mildly amusing.

T+:30 Iím down. That trip sucked. The dose, though insufflated, wasnít high enough.

Fourth time - I am a Superhero:

So. The last trip was not that great. I decided insufflation was indeed the way to go due to the quick onset. I think I was just feeling impatient, otherwise Iíd have eaten it. I have an entire pill left. I crush it with the nail polish bottles, take a deep breath, and take a line (about 3 cm x .5 cm each) up each nostril. Iíve decided to go outside, and knowing how helpless I am on Ambien, Iíve already told my mom and unlocked the various doors in my path. I had Goddamnit by Alkaline Trio in my walkman. Usually I listen to real punk but I was in the mood for Skibaís nifty vocals.

T+:05 Iím outside, the stars are beautiful for a change. Usually I cant see so many since Iím in the middle of the city. No effects yet.

T+:10 Thatís better. Thereís some WEIRD SHIT going down in my backyard. The bricks that make up part of the ground in my backyard are rippling like water, and then stopping to shift their heights. This makes walking feel strange since they donít feel like theyíre at different positions vertically while they look like it. The stars are zippin around all over the place, leaving trails of sparkles in their wake. This is definitely shaping up to be stronger than any previous trips.

T+:15 This is amazing, there are little creatures cavorting around the yard. They look like little black shapes, theyíre featureless, and theyíre talking to me like the tiles did, but in a much more realistic way. The Alkaline is making this a rather dark trip in that I feel like Iím in a noir-ish movie, or a dark action flick like Underworld. Iím wearing a rather snazzy black trenchcoat and Iím running around and swirling it back and forth, so I get the idea that Iím some sort of hero. I suppose I associated the coat with a cape or something. The mice are adding to this idea by asking me for help. I donít remember precisely how I was helpng them, but I know it had to involve dashing around the yard in a rather animated fashion.

T+:45 The CD player is low on batteries so the anti-skip feature isnt working to well as I dash about. I go inside and take a hot bath, thinking that this will feel cool since Iím high as a kite still. Instead it seems to eliminate the effects and I think that Iím sober.

T+1:00 Out of the bath. I dry off and get ready to go to bed, Iím finally sleepy sicne its about 2 AM. I get in bed and turn off the light and turn on the black light... and find myself to be hallucinating once again. Nothing major, just the full body scooby-doo suit hanging on the wall (long story) is moving its arms and legs, several masks on the walls seem to be floating around, and there is what appears to be a ferret head sticking out of the neck of a dress shirt on the wall. I later learned this was a bag that was behind the shirt.

In Conclusion...

What isnít Ambien? Ambien is not a strong hallucinogen, though it does have certain visual aspects. Ambien isnít an empathogen, while I felt warm and conforted by the world, I didnt feel a strong sense of love for other people. Ambien isnít a pleasure pill like an opiate, nor does it have the dream-like qualities of dramamine. It is a hypnotic, yet I have never felt unexplainably sleepy while under its effects. I have always tripped a night, so Iím tired, but Ambien doesnt make me nearly pass out like my father who used to have a legit script claimed. Ambien is safe, since the recommended dose makes me trip quite hard. Ambien is fun, Iíve yet to try it in a social situation, though I will next time I get my hands on some. It makes a boring night inside turn into an adventure. I feel almost like a child. My favorite part of an Ambien trip has to be the magic world that it puts you in.

Each Ambien existence is different. I find that I can switch worlds easily by simply listening to a song. The new world has the same feeling that the song has. The same entities are in each world, just inhabiting a different object of imagined creature. For example, one of the Ďmidnight miceí as I cleverly named them in my yard might have the same personality as one of the tile in my bathroom. This is hard to imagine, you really have to try ambien to understand it. There was also what I believed was a panther in my backyard. As I have long hair, it often falls in front of my eyes, and I always believed this was someone reaching for my face to get my attention.

Ambien has quite a positive feeling. So far Iíve only tried doses up to 10 mg. I intend to try doses higher than that. SO far Iíve found insufflation to be the most effective method. 10 mg orally lets me trip for an hour; 10 mg insufflated lets me trip twice as hard for 45 minutes or so, longer if you count slight visual shifts. Itís reasonably easy to get a hold of from what my pal says. All in all itís an amazing, unique drug.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33125
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 30, 2007Views: 44,711
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