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Ups And Down
Oxycodone, Amphetamines (Adderall) & Cannabis
by Pharm
Citation:   Pharm. "Ups And Down: An Experience with Oxycodone, Amphetamines (Adderall) & Cannabis (exp33087)". Nov 17, 2007.

30 mg oral Amphetamines (capsule)
  20 mg oral Pharms - Oxycodone (pill / tablet)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I got ahold of some 20 milligram oxycontins a few days ago, but I take Adderall during the school week so I can get everything done. After a few days of having the oxys sitting around, my inner fiend got the best of me and I decided to eat one. I had a month long hydrocodone and codeine binge a few months back, and lately Iíve been experimenting with some heroin, so my tolerance is a bit higher than Iíd like it to be. I havenít done any opiates since 4 days ago, but thatís not gonna help my tolerance at all, so I chewed the pill to get rid of the time-release part of it.

I ate it ten minutes ago, and I've already noticed a sharp increase in my overall sense of well-being. I ate my Adderall this morning, but like I said, my fiendishness convinced me to eat an oxy anyway. I also smoked a bowl of midgrade about an hour and a half ago. I figure the main effects of the Adderall are over by now, the after effects shouldnít conflict with this experience that much, but I donít doubt that it will have some sort of influence. Iím not worried about any conflicting with the weed, if anything, it usually enhances the euphoria.

Its been about 15 minutes now, and that increase in my well-being has blossomed into a warm feeling of euphoria all over my body. I sold 3 of these oxys to a friend when I got them, and he snorted one. He said the right side of his head went numb right afterwards. The right side of my head does too, I guess it just took longer cause of the oral ingestion instead of the insufflation. My extremities have a tingling sensation running all over them now. I can feel my pupil's constriction. Music seems to enhance that overall euphoria, kind of like its in tune with my conciousness. When a song ended, the silence made the tingling decrease, and a little paranoia started. Maybe a lingering effect from the weed? I turned another song on and began swaying my head back and forth and slightly smiling without realizing it. The first 20 minutes have treated me real nicely.

No time change since that last sentence, I just figured this whole thing would look better split up into sections to keep various moments seperate and not seem a big lengthy chunk that looks way too long to read. I think that decision was because of the adderal, or at least the frame of my mind I put myself into when I take it. It makes me want to have things look clean and organized, and to just do alot of things Iíd normally shrug off otherwise. Anyway, my mom came home while I was typin those last few sentences, so I had to hide the window real fast and act like nothing was going on. Her presence is increasing that underlying sense of paranoia. I think the paranoia might have something to do with the Adderall as well. I'm normally a pretty sociable, easy going person. I still am when I eat Adderall, but sometimes I get sudden bursts of what seem to be anxiety and dysphoria. And I concentrate more on the work Iím doing more than the conversations and lives going on around me. Maybe the lingering negative feelings are hindering the good ones from the oxy from reaching their full potential.

About a half hour after I dosed in, my mouth is starting to dry up. That usually happens when Iím down on dope and most other opiates, but it also happens on Adderall and when I smoke weed, so thatís addin to it. Aaah, the euphoria rose back up over the weird bad vibes. And my best friend since kindergarden, and a girl who Iíve been gettin to know lately both signed on AIM. Usually after the Adderall wears off, I feel kind of strung out and not talkative. Weed makes me kind of antisocial sometimes too, but luckily, oxycontin overpowered all that and Iím feeling very sociable. Combine that with the need to organize and do a bunch of stuff, and the stuff Iím saying is really long and drawn out cause I feel like Iíve got to express every little thing. This report probably will be too.

I just got up to piss and get some more water, and as I walked, the tingling feeling returned but only above my waist. Iím starting to wonder if takin the oxy was such a good idea. My pupils feel really constricted, of course, but my vision is more blurred than usual and when I move my eyes, sometimes it feels like the image of what I see gets jumbled up on the way to my brain, and it looks all wrong for a second. That damned weird, overall negative vibe keeps surfacing. My heart beat really fast for like two minutes, and I started to get more paranoid. Or maybe it sped up as a result of the paranoia. Oh well, so far the positive outweighs the negative.

I figured oxycontin would ease the come down of the Adderall, and it definitly makes it alot better, but I can still feel the come down going on. My nose has got that pleasant, itchy feeling going on. I feel like Iím being hit with good and bad vibes at the same time. My vision is definitly impaired. My whole eyes feel heavy, and things kind of shift when I look at them. The shifting vision thing reminds of when I took something called Buspar, cause its an anti-anxiety drug and I thought it would be like xanax or valium. I was pretty damn wrong. Slight colors and visual disturbances are flying around my eyes, but by no means anything trippy. Iím having alot of trouble concentrating on anything. The thoughts keep dissapearing suddenly, replaced by that weird feeling. I have a constant feeling of slight anxiety now, my chest feels kind of tight, and the tingling has gone to the kind of alertness you get when your afraid or paranoid.

Time for more water. it always cheers me up. So does the song Shakedown Street. Yeah, that upbeat, funky vibe is helping me feel better. Like I said, my mood is enhanced by the music. My concentrations slipping way too much though, and this report is already pretty long so Iíll start to wrap it up. I got so into it I forgot to talk to that girl I mentioned earlier..oops. Musta been the Adderall.

Aah, the good feelings pretty much remained constant now. Not as clear or pronounced as it was before, but my tolerance usually makes me get that initial opiate rush, then kinda detracts form the rest of the experience. Canít let that get me down though. Well, Iím 'down' right now and its great, but I meant down as in discouraged. I came into this experience kind of worried about mixing uppers and downers, but I figured if people can inject dope and coke at the same time(speedballin), eatin a 20 milligram oxy awhile after I ate an Adderall ought to be safe enough. Iíve been meaning to find out for awhile now, because nobodies reported it on here. Maybe one day Iíll actually take them at the same time, but probably only hydrocodone to be a little safer.

Anyway, from the past hour and a half, Iíve concluded that I need some more water. Okay I got more water. Aside from that, I also concluded that thereís no serious problem with takin amphetamines and opiates durin the same day. The weed added the paranoia element, which combined with the slightly negative feeling of Adderall to create a mild dysphoria, but in the end, the good feelings stayed and the bad left. The weed also contributed to the euphoria, and the drymouth. The oxycontin itself provided a very nice relaxing, warm sensation all over my body. My mind didnít become as numb as it usually does, probably because of the Adderall, but when I close my eyes, I fade out somewhat. All in all, I'd say that thereís nothing wrong with taking Adderall and oxycontin together, but thereís also no real point to it. A pure, unadultered oxycontin experience is much more enjoyable, even with weed, its still better. Oh well, at least now I know Iím safe to get down on opiates if I canít control my dope cravings while Iím up on Adderall.

7 hours later- When I tried to go to bed, I didnít really feel like sleeping. I layed for an hour or so just 'fadin out' as we call it round here. Others call it 'noddin off'. Basically, with my eyes closed and my body shutting down, I had nothing to concentrate on but the euphoric feelings. Thoughts and vague pictures floated through my mind without making any sense, but I didnít mind. I felt great again. I think the after effects of the Adderall kept me awake longer than usual, but they detract from the opiate high anymore.

When I woke up, I had a bit of nausea, but nothing so bad as to prevent me from eating a nice bowl of cereal. I also had a slight headache, like the morning after a good night of heroin. Nothing that half a gram of acetaminophen couldnít counteract though. On the way to school, I felt really apathetic about everything. Usually my friend and I have decent conversations on the way but today I just felt kind of groggy and not talkative at all. Now as I sit here in 1st bell, I've noticed a nice lingering numbness in my head, a bit of tiredness, and heavy eyes. I stand by the conclusions I made last night---Thereís nothings particularly bad about mixing amphetamines and opiates, except maybe in high doses, but nothing to make me have any desire to do it again either.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33087
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 17, 2007Views: 44,757
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Oxycodone (176), Amphetamines (6) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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