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Pure Insanity
by Duck
Citation:   Duck. "Pure Insanity: An Experience with Datura (exp3304)". Oct 15, 2000.

3.5 flowers oral Datura (tea)
This was the first and last time that i'll ever try datura. I RECOMMEND NOT TO EVER TRY IT!!!!

Well it was thursday oct 12 and i had a crap day at school,.. so my friend and i were looking for some weed to make things better, but we were unable to find any (we were short on money also) so we decided to try angel trumpets.... i had heard from another friend that you trip HARD off em, and i knew they grew by my aunts house.. so me and, lets call him bob, went and picked ten of the flowers. having no knowledge of the strengh of the flower, we only boiled 7 of em. we let the mixture cool, then i added some koolaid to kill the bitter taste my other friend said they had. after downing a regular sized glass of the mixture, we took a walk into bob's backyard and just chilled for a while, waiting for the unknown. after sitting around for about half an hour two other friends showed up, so the four of us sat outside for about ten more minutes. thats when i started to feel a heavy sensation on my body, it felt as if i had 5 people hanging on my back.

at this time, bob and the other two went inside. i said i'd stay out there cuz i began to feel a lil sick in the stomach and didnt wanna move. over a course of about an hour of being alone outside, i got an uncomfortable feeling and decided to go inside by the others... as i tried to stand up and walk, i fell to the ground, i had no idea why that happened and then i got more nervous when i had trouble just trying to stand up. finally i made it inside where the others were.. i had told them what happened (my speech began to slur at this point) and bob said he was feeling the same thing... after trying to relax, me and bob became restless and began staggering throughout his house stumbling over and bumping into everything in sight... after about an hour of that, i decided to take a ride with one of the other guys there. as he started to drive, i began to feel better (i still had trouble talking) so now its me and my other friend driving, and bob and the the other guy where at bobs house.

after driving for a lil bit, he brought me to his place (i dont remember going there or anything i did there, i only know i was there because i was told of it today) according to him, i began roaming throughout his house and i knocked over a stack of gatorade bottles, then started saying 'now im gonna die because of the bottles',.. while he tried to talk to me and calm me down, i grabbed a bottle of pam and began to spray it on his floor, then with my shirt i started to wipe it up..(as of now, me and the friend im with have no idea whats happening at bob's house) after rambling about having to go home, he brought me to my house (its about 9pm) we sat in his car and he asked me if i was sure that i could make it safely in without my parents knowing,.. having no clue about anything, i said yea,.. so i got out and staggered to my front door, i notice i dont have my keys, so i ran through my fence (its not the stongest of fences).. this is where i dont remember a thing between leaving my friends car and getting in my house.

ok, so now im in my house and my parents are yelling at me as i try to sit in a chair and keep falling on the ground... all i heard was like, blah blah blah, what the hell are you on, blah blah what is wrong with you?!?..where are your shoes?!? (i didnt even know my shoes were off and they said i ran into the sliding glass door we have in our kitchen).... from what they told me, i told em i was tossing my football in the air on the mountain in my backyard...... after what seemed like days of interrogation, my mom decided that she wanted to bring me to the emergency room to find out what the hell i was on... walking from my kitchen to the den, i had to have my dad hold me up so that i wouldnt fall... they set me on the counch and told me to empty my pockets (i guess in a attempt to see if there was any evidence of what i was on) all i remembered from that was that i gave my dad 2 dollars and said i had something for him, i then handed him a pocket knife.

they were going crazy it seemed, questions were shooting out of each of their mouths.... all i could say was something about north carolina and indian burial grounds.... from there i dont remember the drive to the hospital or entering the er room.... i was told that i had trouble trying to sit (i could never sit in the chair, i kept missing or hitting the armrest..... MOST OF WHAT I HAVE TOLD YALL SO FAR IS NOT ALL WHAT I REMEMBER, BUT WHAT MY PARENTS TOLD ME I DID....i dont remember passing out, falling asleep or anything,... it was like a dramatic skip in frames,. i was trying to sit in a chair, and now im in a patient in-bed... i was given one of those crazy robes that doesnt cover your ass (i take my clothes off and put the robe on) then i was given lots of water.. as of now, my distance perception is extremely bad, and im now beginning to hallucinate... as im laying in the bed, i turned to my side, and i swear i saw a tub of coolwhip... the hallucinations were so detailed that they had all the markings and prints as the actual stuff has...... after blabbering to my dad that i saw a tub of coolwhip, i bagan to play with my pencil (i usually always carry a pencil in my pocket) as im writing with it in the air, it would disappear, then i'd look for it under the sheets and on the tray next to the bed. no pencil in sight...a couple minutes later, the pencil was back in my hand. the best one of all was the computer mouse. every so often, i think i'd or at least felt like i would fall asleep, then awake to see my hand on my left pec, tapping it like i was playing a computer game. and worst of all, i'd look for it, thinking there really was one there.


although i was only in the hospital for only about 5 hours, it had felt like days.... throughout my time there, the people in the next room (the rooms were divided by a drape) kept talking and i thought they were talking to me, so i tried to speak back, although in my head what i was saying sounded normal, to my ears it was nothing but gibberish..., for a little while, i was left in the room alone... during this time, i kept seeing people from my school, they'd walk by then disappear..... a nurse and doctor come in now, but its not the same ones as before,.... seeing this and not having a clue of what was happening, i got scared.... i was given a shot in one arm and in the other, they put 4 glass tubes that drew blood.. (i guess for drug testing) finally after the blood was drawn, i guess i fell asleep or something of the sort, because i dont remember anything then..... finally im still feeling some effects, but my parents were told that i was able to be discharged.....we get home, and i didnt even know it was my house..... i kept asking weird and nonunderstanding questions... i was walked to my bed, and my mom gave me warm milk to drink.......... its now saturday morning 3:30am and i have no life for i am punished for who knows how long.. (AND ALL THAT I HAVE HEARD OF WITH BOB IS THAT HE KILLED HIS BATHROOM AND IS WHAT I GUESS YOU'D SAY 'CRACKED OUT')

i still feel a little 'different', my pupils are still dialated, yet it seems as if something is missing but im in my right senses....... this was the most craziest, scariest and most unexplainable event that has ever occurred in my life...... most of what i typed is what my parents said i had done... i vaguely remember this event, its like i have amnesia...... it was a journey, BUT ONE THAT I WILL NEVER TAKE AGAIN AND I HOPE NO ONE ELSE DOES...... IM NOT TELLING YOU NOT TO, BUT ONLY GIVING A WORD OF ADVISE.........DATURA ISNT ANYTHING TO PLAY WITH.......................

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3304
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 15, 2000Views: 37,559
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Datura (15) : Various (28), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), First Times (2)

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