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Poisoned Me for 3 Days
Heimia myrtifolia (Sinicuichi)
by Mirakulix
Citation:   Mirakulix. "Poisoned Me for 3 Days: An Experience with Heimia myrtifolia (Sinicuichi) (exp32998)". Sep 16, 2006.

1 tsp oral Heimia myrtifolia (extract)


Around 7 weeks ago I’ve had to quit my favorite pastime, the happy little green plant, so my grades could get better in school. Since then I’ve gotten very interested in the “alternative” approach and have been trying many different things available through the internet, such as this.

1 oz of dried Sinicuichi leaves were vigorously boiled with four cups of water until most plant matter sank to the bottom. The leaves were then strained from the brown liquid, and another extraction done, this time yielding a lighter, “dirty orange” colored liquid. The extracts were combined in a medium sized pot and were brought to boiling. This produced incredible amounts of orange foam in just a few seconds, after which I pointed my hairdryer (set on cool) on the liquid. The foam instantly disappeared, and I was able to put the stove to full power while the hairdryer kept the liquid at a low boil that produced little foam. The 8 cups reduced incredibly fast (25 min) after which I turned down the heat and was left with about ˝ cup of orange-brown sludge. This was dried with said hairdryer in a Pyrex dish, leaving me 2 teaspoons of dark brown residue.

Most of the reports I’d read about Sinicuichi were pretty variable as to the effects, but in no case did it say that the experience was particularly overpowering like DMT and Salvia can be. I therefore decided that my friend and me didn’t need a sitter and that we could both enjoy the substance together. We each ate one half of the powder around 10pm at my house (parents are in Europe). The powder was very bitter, at least the part that dissolved on our tongue, but the aftertaste was washed away easily with a little OJ. The next half hour was spent satisfying my addiction to Mancala, it’s that millennia old game from Africa.

There were no effects for the first half hour, besides a slight stomach-ache. After half an hour my friend (from now on T) said he felt a little dissociated. We quit playing Mancala and started watching The Return of the King he had just downloaded on the new TV. For me definite non-placebo effects started after 45 minutes. I would feel normal for 2-3 minutes at a time, after which a wave of stomach-cranking nausea would hit me, and my mind would kind of blend the meaning of objects and their actual appearance.

For example the remote would still look like a remote, but I was thinking about it as the table it was on. This was not pleasurable because of the intense nausea that came with it, which would ebb to almost normal after a minute or so. T said he felt fuzzy and dissociated, very similar as to when you are sick, but without the fever. There were no visual or auditory effects at all. For me it simply felt as if my entire brain and body were being polluted with some poison, which would come and go every few minutes. We quit watching the movie at the place where the wounded Faramir is brought up the streets to the king, around 100 minutes after ingestion. The effects had now reached a plateau, and we both felt very tired and sick so we decided to sleep it off. I fell asleep during the first “good” period I hit, and still remember that I was worried the room might get to cold ‘cause the window was opened.

The rest of the night is a blur. I remember waking up at around 4 or so because I was freezing uncontrollably. My blanket was on the floor, and I barely managed to pick it up and close the window, never reaching full consciousness. The next 5 hours were spent in a sort of sleep / wake world. I remember having nightmares about being in a prison which allowed me to see my surroundings but not understand them, a kind of mental block between sleeping and waking. Very uncomfortable. At other times my thoughts would just be too random and poisoned to make much sense. T finally woke me at 9, and he had had a horrible night as well. T also had a giant headache and felt very sick, and he froze during the night as well. I did not have such a bad headache, but instead felt totally weak.

Every one of my muscles felt as if I’d just had the most intense workout. I was shaking from exhaustion and could hardly walk because my muscles were aching so bad. Pouring milk or water was impossible. In addition, my insides hurt and were very touch sensitive. Even breathing was hard, I tried to cough once but was too weak to do it.

Our wretchedness slowly decreased during the day, which we spent laying down. The next day was almost normal, and today I can finally say I’m back to baseline. Btw I did not get sick with infection even though my throat, just as everything else, was swollen considerably the first day and I froze all night long. T says he still has a slight headache.

I don’t know what to think. This body reaction was the weirdest I’ve ever had, I just felt so sick and tired all over and my muscles were totally powered out. My joints ached, the skin was sensitive and internal organs hurt. I should note that my body smelt totally like Sinicuichi on the second day, even though I showered thrice. Maybe it gets excreted through the skin. I have a new a new-found respect for all herbal remedies and will avoid the best I can.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32998
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 16, 2006Views: 36,424
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Heimia myrtifolia (333) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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