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Will Do It Again
by sk
Citation:   sk. "Will Do It Again: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp32992)". Feb 18, 2005.

3.5 mg oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
I enjoy marijuana on an 'everyday' level. I dont actually smoke marijuana every day anymore, but I enjoy it far more than for instance, alcohol. I have also experimented with magic mushrooms of different type, and I have become somewhat experienced in the field of hallucinating and the 'psycadelic experience' in general.

I read that not only does nutmeg give you light hallucinations, but it makes you lightly 'high' as with marijuana. I read somewhere that nutmeg makes you intoxicated like alcohol - but I find this particular observation not true.

I know my chemical sensitivity quiet well, but even so, I started with only one tablespoon of ground nutmeg, and increasing the dose to a comfortable level. I think that taking too much nutmeg - one would experience feelings too intense to enjoy, and rather wait for everything to come back to normal. This I imagine especially bad with nutmeg, since it takes so long to become active then inactive.

I respect all substances, and as everything, nutmeg should be treated with respect also. It doesnt matter that your mother has it in the kitchen, or you can buy it for a couple of quid at the local supermarket - its very potent. I do not encourage anyone to start experimenting with any substance, but if you must, be careful with the doseage, and be knowledgable.

I agree with taking .75 to 1.25grams of ground nutmeg per 10lbs of your body mass. But I think with nutmeg, chemical sensitivity is more the variable rather than body mass.

A bit of background.

I meditate on a regular basis, and I have found myself a comfortable dose of nutmeg can really maximise the experience, I experience deep and calm visions. I find my mind is in more control of these dreams than with natural sleep. I find if I clear my mind of visions I become aware of things that I previously was unaware of. The subconcious comes into the concious. I imagine my concious as a house, with a light on in one room. I find that this deep nutmeg enduced meditation can put the other 90% of the house of which is dark, into the light.

I study in the creative field of architecture, I find that many of my friends work their hardest in their quest of creative problem solving. They take their designs as far as they can go without bumping into problems, through models, diagrams, paintings, diagrams, etc etc. When they come to a problem, they have to solve that problem then redo the work they have done with the correct adjustment. I rather meditate over my idea, and if it happens for long enough, I become aware of things that could go wrong. I see potential problems with the design that could be solved even before the necessary testing. I find that sometimes the outcomes of meditation are misleading. But there's nothing as rewarding as gaining wisdom of your own work. Nutmeg helps me get to this stage of vision, and wisdom. Although I found that repeated nutmeg sessions were 'wasted' without meditation due to the lack of preparation.

I will include in this writing a non-meditative experience of nutmeg, similar (I hope) to many first time's.

The ONLY thing with nutmeg that I would change, is the taste. I have a pretty good belly for spices, I enjoy good foods. Nutmeg for the first time was easy to take, I wasnt really familiar with its 'turpentine' type taste, and once wasnt a bad thing. But after taking it two, three, four, six times, I associate this taste with feeling up the night before, and down the next day. I find it less enjoyable to ingest than the first time.

The first time, I just ground some nutmeg (in stone form) on a normal kitchen grate, collected a nice little pile. Then ate this sandy substance with a spoon, straight out the bowl I collected it with, downed with a glass of water.

Since then, I usually buy it in powder form straight from the supermarket, and I imagine as pungent as possible. I find putting the right amount in a small bowl, and making a cup of tea or something slightly stronger flavoured, then taking about 10 minutes to take small teaspoon like quantities and washing it down with liquid. Another thinking is, to wrap up the appropriate amount in tissue and then swallowing that, but then its an issue of lubrication and choking on the damn thing.... Ingest as you will. It aint pleasant. Perhaps this issue of taste, is a natural defense mechanism to stop the abuse of this substance. If it tasted like chocolate and came up in 5 minutes, I'm sure it would have been made illegal a hundred years ago.

The experience.

I dropped about 3.5 tablespoons of nutmeg at about 6pm. I havnt smoked any marijuana or drank alcohol for days. I've had a busy day, and I want to relax. I have had a large bowl of pasta for dinner, and I'm preparing my evening off. Watched TV and talked to my housemates for a while. Watched a movie.

Bloodshot eyes, slightly raised pulse, slowly beginning the 'coming up' stage of nutmeg. The anticipation is helping with this stage, but definately feeling slightly sedated. Im sitting comfortably on my sofa, in front of the fire. Feeling warm from eyes, but no obvious effects. Communication with friends not effected. This feeling is familiar with the 15min-30mins after eating magic mushrooms, but far slower. Nutmeg burps observed.

Bloodshot eyes, as if I have been smoking marijuana all night. Feeling quite intoxicated, a mixture of a marijuana like high with a slightly sedated lethargic feeling. Not at all socially withdrawn, but definately feeling high. I can only compare it to having three strong spliffs of good skunk. Drinking water/urinating more than usual observed. Nutmeg burps have stopped.

watched another film with housemates, very enjoyable. Feeling quite stoned still, and loving it. Pizza goes in the oven. I havnt had much time on my own so visions havnt been so strong, but I'm feeling as stoned as I would be on marijuana by this time of night. I usually smoke at least 3 - 5 spliffs in a night. And I havnt had any tonight. Pretty happy with the results so far. I'm quiet shocked that there isnt any THC in nutmeg, because of the bloodshot eyes and the general marijuana like high.

Cooling down for the night, listening to music in my darkened room, very pleasant. Getting good visions, day dream like hallucinations, which are easily controlled. Pleasantly sedated as I would expect.

10:00(next day)
Quite difficult to get up. Bloodshot eyes and dry mouth, as expected, but nothing out of the ordinary, but I'm used to this due to the regular benefits of marijuana. I'm feeling a sense of time again, something I didnt pickup last night. IE I would be holding a cigarette, smoking, then next time I look, it would be almost finished, without me taking a drag off it. Ive talked with my friends over nutmeg, and I think I'm lucky enough to suffer the least the next day. I always have, always will.

Nutmeg per gram is less potent than marijuana, if I ate 18 grams of marijuana, you'd be pretty seriously stoned. Whereas 18 grams of nutmeg would get me pleasantly sedated for the night. I would rate nutmeg slightly more serious than marijuana thought. I have far less control over nutmeg. I took it 9 hours ago, and its still coming up on me. I imagine having a 'bad trip' or being quiet anxious or nervous over nutmeg would be hell. Just due to the length of intoxication. With a spliff, if I've had enough, I just pass it on, and enjoy. Nutmeg I never 'lose it' (at the right dose), and everything I feel is very controlled and calm. No wonder the 70's were like what they were... It's a substance that I can enjoy music too, and enjoy the company of friends, rather than going out and taking pills and going ape-shit to the music for a few hours.

I personally, will do nutmeg again. I think if it came up quicker and came down easier, it would be an 'everyday' drug like marijuana is. I enjoy the regular benefits of nutmeg now, with the added bonus of not damaging my lungs in the process. I find the nutmeg high very much like the marijuana high but perhaps with a little less lethargy. I enjoy nutmeg as a vehicle of creativity just as everything I enjoy.

Always remember, take with caution. Ive noted a general public opinion about nutmeg being a 'cheap' high, which doesnt really work. People jest about the use of nutmeg, as if its more a placebo. But when used properly, I think its an effective 'intelligent' high, after all, its available from the supermarket at a fraction of the price illegal substances are. I almost like to keep it to myself, that I can get this much enjoyment from this substance. Truely a shock.

Stay safe, and enjoy life. I hope this has been helpful.


Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32992
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 18, 2005Views: 142,013
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