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Weird, Trippy Roll
Citation:   KaLea977. "Weird, Trippy Roll: An Experience with Ecstasy (exp3273)". Oct 12, 2000.

2.5 tablets oral Unknown (pill / tablet)
After work one night my friend L and i had decided to eat some X because neither of us had to work the next day and it had been about a month since we had. We both have rolled several times and felt very comfortable with each other so decided to go back to her house.

Earlier in the night we had purchased a 10 pack from someone we had worked with. We had never bought anything from him before and will never again. When we got them they were light brown in color, very chalky, had darker brown 'chips' in them. I looked at them and thought that they were just full of heroin that's why they were brown instead of the usual white or cream colored. There was no stamp on them either. I decided to taste one, that was the nastiest tasting tab ever! It somewhat burned my tongue, no numb feeling, no taste of a 'normal' tab.

We were so eager to roll that we didn't listen to our street smarts that told us to get our money back. We sold 5 of them to another guy i worked with. We kept 5 for ourselves and I had 1 mitsubishi left from another 10 pack i had sold.

We went back to my house so I could change around 1a.m.and we ate our first pill. We chewed it up and they made my whole mouth feel like it was on fire. The most terrible feeling and taste. I threw up about 15 mins. later. I have never thrown up on pills before, Ever, not even on really good ones! We changed and decided to stop by a local club on the way to her house. We left the club at 2a.m. Went to her house and on the way took our second pill. Once again chewed them up and my mouth was set on fire again. We must've been really desperate to get high. The taste wouldn't leave our mouths. We get to L's house and set up the lights and stereo. We are feeling a little trippy but no roll. This is now an hour and a half later. Just an overwelmingly disoriented feeling. Loss of coordination, running into walls, still nauseated, fighting the feeling to thow up again. L has thrown up about 3 times already, she looks like shit! Well we have one mystery pill left and one mitsubishi. We split both of them. What the hell were we thinking?

It is now about 4a.m. I throw up one more time. Start getting really parnoid. Wondering what the hell have we just eaten? What if that was something that could kill us, we are both very small and just ate 3 pills in a matter of 3 hours. If this had been real X we would have been feeling really, really, really good!! Instead we felt as if we were kind of tripping, sort of rolling, mainly just really fucked up. Not enjoyable at all!

I went hone to my boyfriend at about 5 a.m., really worried that i was going to die. He was still up and really drunk with a few friends. I explained to him what had happened and he freaked out on me. Not good for the state of mind I was in at all. He told me that he had heard of those pills at the club he was at that night. Finally he realized i was in a really bad place and helped me. Got me high, turned on some really good groovin music and began to massage me and give me mega doses of love. I finally calmed down and we had great sex, losing myself a few times and nodding out i think.

Overall this was a really bad experience. I have learned to trust no one that i don't know really well. Actually the only one I trust getting me pills now is my boyfriend. Don't know what in the hell i took but I just thought I would share this experience with ya'll. Take what you need and leave the rest.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3273
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 12, 2000Views: 8,394
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