His Confusion: The Sitter's Perspective
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
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0.25 tsp smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
Date and Time: 04/01/2004 3:00 PM.

Location: U.S.A, State of New York

Dose Method: smoked, in an empty pipe made from a 0.5 liter clear-plastic juice bottle with a bowl head screwed into it and a small hole cut out for ventilation.

Dose Quality: 5x standardized

Dose Quantity: roughly 0.25 teaspoon, or about half the volume occupied by a standard metal pipe bowl.

Dose Hits: 1 deep and smoke filled hit held for 30 seconds, then 1 semi-deep and smoke filled hit held for about 10 seconds.

Session Intention: unknown.

Setting: My small apartment room, only low ambient light, all the shades are closed, its a quiet and sunny day outside.

Set: The person taking the Salvia seemed to be curious of its effects. He was initially shy to ask me to try some, and then confidently approached the session upon my approval. Aside from this, there were no other formal or informal preparations prior to the session.

Weight: about 180 pounds.

Height: about 5 foot, 11 inch.

Gender: Male; Caucasian.

Sitter Present: Yes; two male sitters; sitter one (myself) is 200 pounds, 6 foot 1 inch tall, heterosexual, Caucasian; sitter two is about 200 pounds, 5 foot 11 inches tall, Caucasian.
Room Specifications: bedroom dimensions are 10 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 8 feet high; two windows with shades; small furniture and shelving unit; one mattress on floor as bed.

Prior Meal: unknown.

Duration (peak): about 10 minutes.

Duration (session): about 40 minutes.

Shulgin Rating: unknown.

The person taking the Salvia (lets call him L) says that he tried Salvia just once prior to todays session. He tried the plain dried leaf, of which the origin of said plant was not told to me. He also says he has had several experiences with many other psychoactives.

This session was the third Ive sat for. The other sitter (lets call him D) has never to my knowledge sat for anyone during a salvia session. Though, D has sat (or at least been present with) many friends who have dosed with other psychoactives. This was the first time D and myself together have ever sat for L. D has known L for some time (exactly how much Im not sure). I have just met L today, and we bonded very quickly over discussion about Salvia and other psychoactives. I have known D for 5 months. D brings to the session his vast personal experience with many psychoactives. I would call D a true psychonaut. I bring to the session several personal experiences with Salvia and my knowledge of Sicilian folklore.

(The following report is of my own experience sitting for L).

I receive a phone call from D as Im about to purchase coffee and pastry. He says he would like to see me, and introduce me to his friend L. We all meet up later at Ds van. We sit inside and share our thoughts and opinions on many psychoactives, where L and myself create a friendship. D says he knows I have Salvia, and would like to try some if not buy some from me. I offer the experience for free with the caveat that the Salvia I have is potent and that L and myself must sit for D. We all agree, and D excitedly drives to my apartment.

We get to my apartment and enter my room. L brought with him a new pellet gun, and this makes me a little nervous. Though not lethal, I am concerned about how the image of a firearm will come across if seen in a Salvia session. I politely ask L to place the pellet gun in his coat. I prepare the materials for Ds salvia session and we begin.

(I will not include Ds session here for I was not as focused as with Ls session)

After Ds session, I notice that L is somewhat interested in trying the Salvia 5x. D asks L, Want to try some? L hesitantly replies yes, and indicates that he does not want to impose on me. I place my hand on his shoulder and say, Hey, dont be shy. Sure you can try some. That said he confidently prepares himself for a session.

L sits on my gray leather chair. D and myself sit on the dark-blue carpeted floor in front of L. I am to Ls left, D to Ls right. We form a triangle (though not purposely). I load the pipe bowl with the Salvia. As Im doing this I explain to L that its important to relax into the sensations and to take as many deep and lung filled hits as he can while holding for 30 seconds or more. L nods in agreement. D makes himself comfortable. I pass the pipe and common cigarette lighter to L.

L, being an experienced smoker, takes one massively deep and smoked filled hit. He holds this for 30 seconds, and Im very impressed by this. He exhales. He begins the second hit with no visible effects starting. He does not take as big a hit as before, and holds this second hit for about 10 seconds. He exhales and immediately passes the pipe and lighter to me. He appears to make himself comfortable and sits quietly on the chair.

Ls face suddenly appears confused. He looks towards the bottom of the room in front of him. He glances as D and myself. He does appear confused. He says rather quietly, What the fuck What is He places his right hand over his right temple, and now appears agitated. He does not seem comfortable. He makes a sound, similar to a yawn, while attempting to say something. He says, This is what L looks at me very surprised, with a smile. I smile back. After about 1 minute of this, L suddenly stands up rather quickly. I begin to get nervous, and look at D who is watching L very closely. I look at L, and keep my cool. L begins to walk towards my bed. Then, suddenly he seems to proceed to walk into the wall and bumps his forehead into it. He then kneels on my bed. I immediately stand up and hold L to prevent him from doing this again. He does not fight me or seem alarmed by me touching him. I look at his forehead. It seems okay.

I say to him very calmly, Its okay, your fine. Relax man. I slowly coerce him to lay on my bed. He does not resist. He then lays on my bed and I place my coat over him as a blanket. He pushes himself to the very corner of my room with his head appearing very uncomfortably cornered and unsupported by a pillow. But, I think, better like this than before. Ls eyes seem very crazed, and he still seems confused. He does not say anything while like this, and just sits quietly with crazed eyes. I believe that at this point D stands up, but I have completely forgot about D and have focused all my attention to L.

Later, L seems to be coming down from the session and begins to speak. He says, Holly shit that was weird. The room, the room wait, Ill tell you later and laughs a little.

L is now almost out of the grip. He sits up on the bed and begins to describe his experiences.

He stated that there was something about the colors of the room and the ceiling that made sense to him. There was some movement associated with this. That D and myself had some knowledge, and that we planned this session out a long time ago. That this Salvia session taught L about the end of existence (human existence?) and that D and myself knew about this. This lesson startled L a little. Also, he said that he suddenly felt compelled to stand up and walk out of the room. He felt compelled to walk through the wall. Apparently L did not see the wall.

Otherwise, I believe the experience was far too intense and bizarre for L to provide an accurate account of what he experienced.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32672
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 6, 2006Views: 18,922
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