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A Night in the Woods
by Ell S. Dee
Citation:   Ell S. Dee. "A Night in the Woods: An Experience with LSD (exp326)". Oct 2, 2001.

1.5 hits oral LSD (gel tab)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I first became interested in LSD when I accidently stumbled across an LSD article in the dentist's waiting room. The article told briefly of the commonly experienced psychadelics of LSD. I had never really given LSD a second thought in the past, but after cross-examining it I felt as if I was missing out on something. I decided to start researching the drug and also contacted a few individuals that I knew had used LSD.

I've always been a very careful person when in comes to foreign chemicals. I would always research a drug thoroughly, seeking both users' and non-users' facts and opinions. After about 3 months of bi-daily research, I had decided I had read virtually every information-bearing LSD website I could find. Thus I decided I was informed enough to ensure safety and enjoyability in my experience. I went about obtaining some LSD by contacting a friend that I knew had used it in the past, and we planned a trip. My first LSD trip took place at his house, in which I ingested one sugar cube, and acheived somewhat of a trip. I was extremely giddy, and the experience as a whole was extremely positive. Unfortunately, the more cosmic, psychadelic effects that I'd expected were absent.

The only hallucinations I experienced, besides the shadow of a branch that I saw as Medusa, were images I conciously manifested with my own imagination. One of such images were a 'lizard man', a velociraptor with knee joints as humans, that was cloaked and squatting in the corner, flicking his tounge fiercly at me. Once I manifested the image and it was in my vision, I felt an evil presence. However, I quickly snapped out of this by reassuring myself that the drug had surely induced the vision. Even though I'd say that the hallucinations were enough to tell about, I didn't experience the complete alteration of time, space, matter, and thought that I hoped for. I wondered if I didn't take enough LSD, and I presumed that perhaps I was more resistant to the drug than other people. I decided on trying it again, this time from a different person and in a different form.

I decided that the way I could acheive the trip I wanted was through more potent form of LSD. Many people have told me their non-convincing experiences with paper-form LSD, and I decided I had to investigate for myself. A few months after the first experience, I obtained 4 paper hits, and with my friend, took 2 each. The effects were very familiar to the first trip. Once again, I was giddy but no significant mild-alteration was present. Just when I was ready to give up the quest for psychadelics my friend found another form. He had met somebody, and he had obtained a few geltabs, thin squares of gelatin spotted with LSD. I was given another hope. We called another friend, and planned a trip. It was to take place in some campgrounds we were to soon visit, a nice place with all the conveniences of the city (fresh water, heat, air condition) and all the wonders of nature. It was surrounded by woods and a nice pond was nearby the house area.

When the time came, it was me and my two friends, D and F. I chose not to use their names because I haven't informed them of my plans to document the trip. We had 4 yellow geltabs, and decisively distributed them among us. Since F had never done LSD before, he would take 1, and me and D would take 1 1/2 each, us having some LSD experience. We decided to go inside and play cards while waiting for the wonders to come. After about 30-45 minutes of cards, I began to feel the same effects as my first two trips. I looked at the clock, thinking at least an hour had passed, but was wrong. I was roughly 35 minutes into the trip, and already was lost in thought. It was if every thought would start a chain reaction in my head, activating more and more thoughts to the point that I was pondering several very different topics at one time. About 1 hour into the trip, playing cards became extremely difficult, as I was being bombarded by abstract and fragmented thoughts and ideas. With all that was going on in my head, the last thing I was thinking about were the cards in my hand. Giving my hand to F, I decided to sit and try to calm my brainstorm restfully.

I was only resting for about 10 seconds before I caught some movement in the corner of my eye. I saw the ceiling moving, taking on a flowing form, as if it was silk being blown by the wind. Being the first visuals I had ever experienced, I was awe-stricken. I sat and watched the movement spread onto more surfaces, noticing that the movement was stronger whenever I looked. I could see movement in the corner of my eye, but only when I looked directly at something would it shift and dance. After staring at the floor for several minutes, I decided to return to my friends. 'D,' I said. 'Are you feeling anything?' He gave me a blank look and cracked a smile at me. His pupils, almost completely dominating the blue of his eyes, were all I needed to see.

It had only been a little over an hour, and we were all tripping. We decided to take a walk outside, to see the newfound wonders of the surrounding area, despite the fact that it was around 10:00pm and very dark. We walked through a dimly lit path in the woods, and each tree we passed seemed characterized. I felt as if I was walking among strangers, but an easy, relaxed feeling took over. Despite the fact that I was walking into the dark woods, under the influence of a drug I had little grasp on, I didn't have an ounce of fear in me. 'Is it just me, or are these trees covered with a dark blue fog.' D said. I stopped and looked up at the treetops. Among the almost pitch black treetops I saw beautiful patterns forming and changing, becoming more complex every second. D was talking to me, but I didn't notice. I was awe-stricken.

A tap on my shoulder got me out of the trance. I turned around, and looked at D and F behind me. It was extremely dark, and I tried to focus on their faces, but it was not their faces that I saw when I squinted at their extremely dimly lit heads. As their faces came into view, they started taking on an evil, monster-like characteristic. I immediately thought back to reports I've previously read that described panic attacks upon seeing drug-induced and negative hallucinations. I told myself that it was impossible for them to be anything other than D and F, and despite what I saw I disregarded this and suggested we go back inside. We walked back inside, and upon arriving at the house I was overcome with another relaxing sensation. I sat down on the couch, and was put into a kind of a trance.
As I sat and pondered the situation, one thought branched into a chain of thoughts, followed by another branch of thoughts, and was thrown into a series of mental visualizations that simply blew my mind. I had a similar experience after eating 225 Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds and smoking cannabis about 3 hours later, 2 after my stomach rejected the seeds.

'Lets go to the pond.' I suggested. A quick walk through the woods would get us to our destination, a shining mirage of paradise in the moonlit night. I visualized the pond. I saw the bright moon shining on the water, its sandy, beach-like shore (only on one side of the lake), and benches on the sand to relax on. I smiled. 'Let's go.' We skipped over to D's care and extracted a few bowls of cannabis from his bag and headed blindly into the woods. We made our way through the woods, and upon doing this I noticed patterns on everything, and forming out of everything. The leaves on the ground formed patterns, and the clouds in the sky formed patterns. It was amazing. I was busy staring at the pattern, and we got there quicker than I expected.

I looked out at the lake, and sure enough, the moon lit up everything. The reflection of the moon on the pond was shifting and moving. We walked over to a bench and sat down. D pulled out an 'irish' pipe and a bag of pot, and lit it accordingly. I took a couple of hits, and it wasn't until about 1 minute later that the peaking effects of the LSD returned in full effect. I noticed the colors of the leaves on the ground melt together, the intense and rapid thought process returned. It took me by surprise, for part of the reason I wanted to smoke was that I suspected the LSD was wearing off. I was mistaken however, because now I realize that they effects hadn't wore off at all, as if I was still on the trip's plateau. I was only getting used to effects of the LSD... becoming accustommed to the moving surfaces and not thinking of it as abnormal. I recognized how this could potentionally permanently damage my thinking process, and paid more attention to the psychadelia.

I stood there for a couple of minutes, trying to remember the sequence of events preceeding the present time. It was then I remembered I had a few 'Sparklers' in my pocket. Sparklers are fireworks... you light the end of the long metal stick and sparks spew out of it for about 1 minute. I pulled a Sparkler out, and lit it. It took a few seconds to light, but once lit immediately exploded into a rage of sparks intensified by my hallucinations. As I moved it around my vision, tracers followed it in a very flowy motion, and the path of the sparkler in my vision was revealed until the sparkler went out. When it went out, my heart was racing. I was amazed. I turned around and looked at D and F, who were also left silent by the beautiful display of colors. I lit a few more, and we smoked another bowl before heading back inside.

The walk back was similar to the other treks through the dark woods. Everything I could see was a part of a beautiful pattern. D and F also saw patterns. Upon returning to the house, we all agreed that 4:00am was a reasonable time to go to sleep. We went to bed, and though I'm still unsure whether they managed to go to sleep, I was in a complete state of insomnia. I laid in bed for an hour or so before the effects of the pot took its toll on me and I passed out.

I hope this report shines some light on the LSD experience, as reports submitted before mine helped me to better understand something I had no knowledge of. I believe that knowledge and preparedness are essential when it comes to hallicunagenic experimentation.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 326
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 2, 2001Views: 3,812
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1)

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