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Don't Even Think of Driving a Car on This
by Jose C
Citation:   Jose C. "Don't Even Think of Driving a Car on This: An Experience with 2C-I (exp32555)". Aug 5, 2004.

16 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)


Set and sending for myself was pretty strong. Happy to be going out. First time for this substance, one of the first times for a pyschadellic in general.

Going to see some good music, etc.

Setting for participant 2 was a bit forboding -- she mentioned she had some issues she was working out in her head. This was a warning sign we ignored.

T.0 -- Both take 16 mg carefully weighed out in a capsule. We had two 5mg capsules ready if either of us turned out to be a hardhead. 5mg was WAY TOO MUCH for these terms. An extra 1mg or 2mg would have been appropriate. Read on.

T.40 -- Alerts start kicking in -- late for me. She's more talkative which is a major alert for her but she doesn't feel like she's coming up on anything.

T1.0 -- Sitting outside and talking some. I'm feeling reasonably euphoric and into sensations. I'm seeing wavering among objects with grids and lines (office building windows, pavement tiles, etc). She's not getting any of that. She takes a 5mg capsule.

T2.0 -- Kicked in nicely now. Enjoying music. Reality is only bending a little, not too bad. Some things seem extra-freaky or out of the ordinary. For example there are two groovin' japanese girls sitting on a couch by the dance floor. This looks really wrong like they don't belong there. In general parts of the world take on a significance out of the ordinary. I'm reminded of a music video done by a producer who is really obvious ('This graphic of a flower represents man's inhumanity to his fellow man blah blah'). My partner feels herself coming up on something but is having trouble describing it. It should be noted that she tends to come up slower on drugs of this type but this was really slow for her.

T2.1 -- I'm able to do some internal work and revelations about how I've been selfish in life. This is an introspective substance. I ponder taking another 5mg myself but am pretty happy where I am and a little scared of that large of a bump. In hindsight 17-18mg is the comfortable level for me.

T2.3 -- Dancing is pretty difficult. How is this possibly described as a 'rave' drug? Music is great and visuals are fun but dancing is waaay too much stimulation. Sex on this (or lots of foreplay) would be excellent and could make my head explode. My partner starts to feel a little overstimulated and asks to go outside.

T2.4 -- Change of setting kicked it into high gear. She is uncomfortably fucked up (for her). She's happy, and smiling, but it is the nature of her personality to freak out a little bit at the loss of control. We get in the car and start driving after sitting for a bit. TERRIBLE idea. Driving (reflexes) are perfectly fine. But just like the japanese girls described earlier the road starts taking on metaphorical significance. I am TERRIFIED of going the wrong way down a one way street. Making a turn into oncoming traffic (even if it is clear) is similarly frightening forcing me to go out of my way to make a U-Turn. Road construction lights are crazy and a yellow line painted across the double yellow line is much too confusing. Fear and adrenaline is dripping off of me and starts really fucking up my partner's trip. She comments that 'the substance has an edge to it.'

It does not, honestly. But we were stupid and gave it an edge in out mindset and actions. Set and setting people. :)

T3.0 -- Stopped the car. Parked at a meter. Called a cab. Cab ride was a tough one because the driver was completely insane (not the chemical speaking on this one). Getting home was such a relief.

T3.2 -- Bundled my partner up on the couch. She comments: 'I am still climbing, I haven't plateued.' 'Is this a ++++? I feel like I am +3.9 and not letting it be a ++++' and she makes some fundamentally important comments about how her mind and soul work which are too personal for this report.

I'm back in a pleasant mindset and enjoying myself and go into 'trip sitter' mode making her as comfortable as possible and helping her visualize. She is highly introverted at this point and makes little to no comments.

t6.0 -- About now she emerges. Classic 'hard trip' in that she knows it was good that it happened but doesn't need that to happen again.

T6.5 -- She feels good enough to drive the 2-3 blocks to her house. Another mistake. For christ sake, don't drive on this. Again, your physical coordination are there (unlike alchohol) which is what makes you think you are OK. But she saw a police car and fundamentally freaked out. Just like 1-way streets for me, it took on an almost other-worldly significance which is paralyzing (and thus incredibly dangeous when driving). In hindsight I would have forced her to stay or sleep over until she was completely down no matter how much she wanted her warm bed :)

Conclusion: At my level, recreationally, a pretty fun substance. I can't state enough that I enjoyed myself and figured out some good things.

At her level, which I would catagorize as heroic, it is no doubt a healer and introspective device which will be an ally if your focus is there. Be careful out there.

I hesitated to mention the driving so much in this report, but the fundamental 'significance' of ideas when driving was really a startling glimpse into how the mind works, and makes for an interesting report IMO.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32555
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 5, 2004Views: 28,089
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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