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Rocket Ride to Weird Sobriety
Citation:   MthylnMan. "Rocket Ride to Weird Sobriety: An Experience with 2C-D (exp32497)". Apr 16, 2004.

50 mg oral 2C-D (powder / crystals)
Yesterday was my first experience with 2C-D. I have had prior experience with phenethylamines, such as 2C-I (toxic reaction), mescaline (wonderful, enlightening), Methylone, MDMA, and of course a host of tryptamines as well.

Here is the experience: Purpose: To try out 2C-D alone, to see if it would be appropriate, fun, or useful for a future excursion with my wife.

11:00am (T -1 hour): Eat a powerbar, take multivitamin, 800mg piracetam, and 350mg choline. My standard phenethylamine supplements.

12:00pm (Noon): I carefully weigh out and ingest 45-50mg of 2C-D. The powder clumps in flakes, and is bitter (but not overwhelmingly so). I have had one powerbar, but other than that, I have eaten nothing since last night. The powder was dissolved in a small amount of water, which I then drank and chased with another glass of water.

12:05pm: stomach upset, probably from drinking the bitter water on an empty stomach. Nothing terrible, but uncomfortable.

12:30pm: Woah. Time suddenly slows way down, and I feel like I am on a rocket ride. There is mild nausea, but mostly I am astounded by how 'altered' I am feeling. The visuals rival a decent dose of mescaline. Being my first time with 2C-D (and having such a toxic response to a (mistakenly) high dose of 2C-I), I am slightly worried, but nothing I can't shake off. This is still far less intense than the come-up of a high-dose mescaline trip.

12:35pm: Crazy amphetamine-like shakes and chills. Worse than I was expecting. I can absolutely see how the amphetamine come-up would limit the dose of this substance. I cannot get comfortable, no matter what position or how high the heater is turned up.

1:00pm: The last 30 minutes have been quite agonizing. My body is not happy, and the mindspace, although not negative, is not euphoric. It is hard to enjoy the visuals. However, my body is now settling down, and I am left in a state where I feel quite sober (mentally), while seeing visuals and feeling a little 'on-edge' in my body.

1:30pm: I am in a mildly-happy, mildly-euphoric 'fun' space. I notice details around me that I usually don't. Flowers and colors look exquisite. Unlike my current and past favorites (mescaline and methylone), there is no sexual push at all. In fact, sex seems quite irrelavent and difficult to even think about. The biggest positive going for this material, however, is that it allowed my mind to explore dichotomies in everything I thought about. For instance, I had insight into how I usually approach new things (dive headfirst, have fun, but always expect some archtypal 'mother' figure to scold me, telling me that I should not be doing that), and how my wife approaches new things (pick a life direction, wait for others to encourage and support her, find support for her picking that direction in books and others' experiences, and then slowly move).

1:30pm-2:00pm: Continued insights, but the material is not 'pushy' at all. There is an absence of emotion as well. This leads to a rather frustrating state where I want to make progress, think, sort things out, and get some 'work done', but I don't have the emotional motivation or 'push' to do it. I guess I am used to the 'guiding hand' of mescaline. There are no hands with 2C-D, and any work you want to do, you have to motivate yourself. This was a bit disappointing for me.

2:30pm: I feel pretty out-of-it, yet sober, yet I still can see visuals and 'tune in' on (and appreciate) details. The insight/work stage of the trip has subsided for me. The last 2 hours have seemed like 5 or 6.

3:00pm: I start to work in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning up. I am largely down, but in good spirits and feeling slightly more creative and appreciative than before.

4:00pm: I feel almost completely normal, a bit sluggish, and I go about my daily routine, taking short breaks to lay down and pet the cats.

7:30pm: My wife and I head out for dinner, and I notice I am much more open with strangers, and open with people in general. The instinctual, subconscious fear that I feel when meeting a person's gaze or connecting with someone is absent. My wife comments that I seem different -- more 'open'.

There was very little euphoria, but by no means was I in a bad headspace or having a bad trip. For me, this is a very neutral substance, no pushing, but with a very uncomfortable amphetamine-like come-up. Yet, you fellow psychonauts know... those 30 minutes seem like nothing now, but when you're counting seconds, it can seem like an eternity!

My conclusion is that it isn't worth the 30 minutes of body-hell to get to a sober (yet weird/interesting) place. The emotional opening felt like it was on a 'chatty' level, and not a 'deeply connective' level, which makes me think there is little in repeating the experience with my wife. However, if there is a party or some event where being open and chatty might help, and perhaps your body won't react as violently during the come-up as mine, then this could be a really fun drug to put you in a different (yet fairly sober) headspace. Still, I would not have wanted to answer any phone calls for a good hour-and-a-half there, during the experience.

My experienced timeline summary:
T+30 mins, alerts, some visuals.
T+30 mins-1 hour, rocket ride up, very uncomfortable amphetamine-like body response.
T+1-2 hours, intoxicated but seemingly 'sober' headspace. Body becomes comfortable. Some insight, some euphoria, visuals. Not pushy. I feel an absence of emotions. Absence of drive. No sexual push at all.
T+3-4 hours, back down, but not totally 'normal'. This would be the time it might be fun to go chat with a bunch of people at a party.
T+5 hours until sleep - an open/unafraid social mindspace.

The day after: I feel absolutely normal, which is amazing for really being so far out there about 24 hours ago. My cravings for food are still reduced, so I know the drug is likely still in my system. I feel no desire to repeat testing with this substance; although it was interesting, it did not provide anything unique enough (besides perhaps the short duration) to merit its choice over other readily-available substances.

Overall, I give 2C-D 9/10 for uniqueness, 4/10 for euphoria/fun, 6/10 for insight, 6/10 for afterglow, and 9/10 for absence of negative after-effects. :) There is something more here than just 'tofu', but this is no spicey, tasty psychedelic meal by any stretch of the imagination.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32497
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 16, 2004Views: 25,656
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2C-D (103) : General (1), Sex Discussion (14), Unknown Context (20)

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