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Look, It's An Alien!
Morning Glory & Devices - Sound
Citation:   Whatever1. "Look, It's An Alien!: An Experience with Morning Glory & Devices - Sound (exp32343)". Nov 15, 2007.

5.4 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
I am typing this out while coming down from my first, but not last, LSA trip ever...

About a week ago I bought 3 packets of morning glory seeds, which I had been wanting to try and researching for weeks. I washed these seeds a bunch of times in hot water, and once with cold soapy water. I let them dry on a paper towel, but got too impatient so I blow dried them until completely dry. I wrapped them in a bunch of layers of aluminum foil and crushed them with a hammer. These seeds are a bitch to crush up! If you do it too long, you will get foil all in your powder. I made the mistake of doing that, so I had to take out as many pieces of foil as I could, which got very annoying. I figured those little, unreachable pieces wouldn't matter. I then put the powder into a small tupperware type container without a lid and left it in my desk for a few days.

9:15PM - I pour all 5.4 grams of powder into a small 4oz cup, fill it up with cold water. I drink all of the water, but hardly get any powder so I get a spoon and fill it up again. I spoon the powder from the bottom of the cup up to my mouth and wash down with water until everything is gone.

9:25 - I take about a tablespoon of Pepto.

9:30 - I start to feel the dreaded morning glory nausea. I know people say your a pussy if you cannot handle it, but it really is a bitch. I go and lay down in my room, holding the puke down there.

10:00 - I have held the puke in for a half an hour. I am coming on to the trip about now, and I don't want it to be ruined by the nausea. I get up and stumble my way into the bathroom. I am noticing some visuals, the walls are breathing, shifting, that type of thing. I stand here, waiting to puke for about 5 minutes.

10:05 - The visuals are getting much better. The toilet is moving around. I puke in where I thought the toilet was at the time, but I ended up missing it. It takes me about 10 minutes to clean this mess up. I brush my teeth because the smell/taste of puke makes me want to just puke again.

10:15 - I feel great! My whole body is tingling. Whenever I touch my neck it gives me a great feeling. It feels like I'm slowly stepping into a hot jacuzzi in the middle of a snowstorm. I love it! I concentrate on this feeling, and it gets even better. I get on the computer and talk to my friends about how wonderful my trip is going.

11:00 - I have been enjoying these great visuals for what seems like only minutes. I am having great, even intense, closed eye visuals. My closet keeps growing bigger and bigger, I don't know why. Whenever I trip on any substance, my closet does the same exact thing. It is kind of funny. I put on my earphones and turn on some 50 Cent. After listening to a few tracks, I start thinking that I actually am 50 Cent. I keep thinking I have a bullet proof vest on and I am rapping. It is amazing. I remind myself it is just the LSA, and that thought goes away. I laugh at myself for thinking this.

12:00 - I have been enjoying these vivid and colorful visuals for the last hour. Everything looks so enhanced. My eyes are very light sensitive. My pupils are huge. I am happy, and can't stop smiling. I love this stuff, I think to myself.

12:10 - I change CD's to one of my Brainwave Generator presets. The Brainwave Generator made my trip so much better!!! Usually it takes me a while to feel something with it, but the in less than a minute I feel like I am being lifted off my chair, off the ground, away from everything. I feel like I am taking off in a jet. This boosts my visuals 100%. I feel myself turn into a midget, then into a giant. Everything looks tiny. Everything looks so close, yet so far away. It is hard to describe. I am having huge changes in the way I see things. I think I am peaking right now. Every single word on the monitor switches with each other. The words are jumping around, taking each other's places. Everything looks like jiberish. I laugh at myself for seeing this, and make myself realize it is the LSA. I watch the objects in my room dance and move around, and have a huge grin on my face.

12:30 - Time for some closed eye visuals. I still have my Brainwave Generator up. I close my eyes and sit all the way back in my chair. I get some insane visuals, most which I cannot describe. One of the most memorable ones is this Filipino papaya picker that I see operating his tractor and working in the papaya fields. He looks so wierd, so mysterious. His hat covers his face, so I cannot see that. He has a blade of grass in his mouth. He has all that farmer style clothes, with a rusty old tractor. I watch him work for a while. This is just one of the many visuals I am seeing.

12:50 - I open my eyes and look around, the walls are shifting. Everything is so vibrant, so fun. A friend tells me to play with some tin foil while tripping. I go outside and make a tinfoil ball. As I am walking up the stairs, I look up and see an alien type thing. It freaks my out, but I look closer at it and it becomes more clear and it starts coming closer down to me. I get freaked out and get back up to the computer to tell my friends what I just saw.

1:00 - I look up and see this alien again, it is coming closer and closer to me. It is very clear now. I get really freaked out. My friends calm me down. I have some fun looking at the alien. At this point, the visuals are still full and everything still looks so cool. I'll just enjoy the ride and have fun for the remaining time of the trip.

2:00 - I am coming down now, typing this trip report out. Walls are still moving around, swirling. Music still sounds cool.

All in all, I had a great trip. Something I would definitely do again. Next time, though, I need to remember to take a few Dramamine's for that damn nausea. I think my trip would have been better if wouldn't have puked. What I would like to point out for everyone's next LSA trip is that the Brainwave Generator greatly helps. I would have had nowhere near the trip I had without it. I highly advice you to check it out.

Time to go and lay down to enjoy the remainder of my trip, until next time!

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32343
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 15, 2007Views: 15,159
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Morning Glory (38), Devices (302) : Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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