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Over The Counter Nightmare
by OP_Narcotika
Citation:   OP_Narcotika. "Over The Counter Nightmare: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp32339)". Jun 21, 2007.

750 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


Pharmaceutical Nightmare

The dimenhydrinate experiment must have lasted 7 - 9 days. At this time I am 15 years old. It first started when my friend explained to me that it was in fact true you could get an LSD high from Gravol (Dimenhydrinate.) Of course I knew it was not A LSD high but a high of it's own that had the elements of an acid high.

The hunt began. Me and my friend Seth attempted to bum money to buy a pack of 30 Gravol pills. We did not accomplish this so we went onto plan B. Our friend Corry was coming down to pick up a White Rolex Ecstasy pill. We both eventually convinced him to buy Gravol instead of E. Seth walked into the local drug mart with 14 dollars. He came back with one pack of 30. Seth had done the dimenhydrinate trip before and he decided to do it again based on his enjoyment of the first experience. Corry had taken Gravol once and that was 2 pills to help him sleep. After learning this I figured he would not have an allergic reaction to it. Corry and Seth both downed 15 pills. That night I was the sitter.

We went over to my house to await the brick wall affect within the hour. We watched Bowling for Columbine to sit out the wait and then we would get moving. After about 40 minutes Corry and Seth both threw up at the exact same time. I was surprised but I did not worry. Both of them had enormous trouble walking and talking. They seemed to stare at things for unusual amounts of time. Corry declared that he wanted to go home and Seth wanted to go to the local pool hall. I took Corry to the subway and sent him on his way. He staggered into the subway, threw his fair in and went down the stairs. I told Seth I did not want to travel all the way to the pool hall so I went home. The rest of the night I realized I was stupid for letting Corry be on his own in the public transit system.

I met Corry the next day and he said, 'Guess what I have?' He pulled out a pack of 10 gravol and handed it to me. I asked him how his trip was and he gave me a look. He then said, 'Buddy, I was sitting on the subway talking to my girlfriend and a bunch of other people. A man across from me leaned in and asked me who I was talking too. Nobody was there man, nobody was fucking there. When I was at your house, everything turned into one big swamp.'

I took the Gravol I had and split it with my other friend Charlie. We felt sleepy and I could see black lines on the wall changing placement. Nothing serious happened. The next day we met up with a guy named Paul. This guy was totally insane. People watched this guy snort 92 ritalin pills, and survive. So me, Seth and Corry met up with him and smoked some weed laced with speed. Paul decided he wanted to do dimenhydrinate that night so he picked up 60 pills. I did not feel like doing the trip since I was already having a nice weed high. Corry took 13 pills, Seth took 21 and Paul took 27. This is no lie, I watched him take each and every one of them. Paul had already snorted 5 speed pills and smoked a few bowls of speed weed. Paul finished it off by taking two shots of vodka he brought with him just in case. Once again I went home and let them trip on their own. Being around people on high amounts of dimenhydrinate was pointless except to keep them in reality with what was there and what was not. Paul could not speak on his trip however he was moving normal.

Then came my night. Everything I tell you is true and to straight detail. We picked up 60 pills of pure dimenhydrinate. Or so it said on the box. Corry took his first, Charlie did second, I did third. I took 15 pills and awaited the dreaded puke. We went to the pool hall and I headed up the stairs into the pool hall. This was a very hard task because of the fact that I felt like I was dragging 10000 pounds of steel. I sat down in a nice chair and enjoyed the relaxing comfort of the fabric. I did not throw up. And this is when it began.

I looked at the wall. It was a green wall with old 50's dinner posters taped to it and newer looking prints of Salvidor Dali's surreal works. The wall began to flicker. Like it was accidentally tuning into another reality. It was moving quickly, back and forth. I looked at the wall for about 20 minutes. Then we decided to get moving. Some of my other friends decided to smoke a joint so we all walked in the direction of my house. There was about 6 or 7 of us. Two of our other friends found us on the way to my house. Charlie and Rob decided to stay over at my house. I said goodbye to the group and we walked up the stairs. I looked down the street and saw 8 or 9 people standing at the street corner. One of them I didn’t like. I said, 'I hate those fucking people. Always hassle me.'

'Which people?' Rob was not looking in the right direction so I pointed. He said, 'There is nobody there dude.' They vanished. In a flicker between 1 microsecond and the next they all vanished.

'Woooooow. I'm fucking tripping.' The exact phrase I said in my head. We went inside and sat on my couch. I started rambling odd things and I stood up and looked out the window. There was somebody sitting in a car with another guy person. They were both smoking and getting ready to leave. I said, 'They must be leaving early to get some where.'

'Who?' Rob asked. I pointed towards the car.

'Again...hahaha, there is nobody there dude.' They vanished once again. Now I was getting frightened. For some reason I started to feel uncomfortable, so I kicked Rob and Charlie out of my house with stupid reasoning. I walked up stairs and sat on my computer.

'Look out the window.' Rob said. I stood up and looked out the window. There was a car sitting there with veins and large amounts of fungus covered tentacles’ coming out of it.

'You're not real.' Rob vanished and I turned around. There was Charlie standing there.

Charlie smiled and said, 'Maybe sleep would help you.' He vanished. I sat down and started to talk to my other friend and then I took control. 'None of you are real.' I laughed and ignored my friends trying to talk to me. Every thing was moving and flickering. I went to bed and fell asleep. 3 hours later I awoke, there was a fury centipede in my mouth. I screamed and slowly got up. There it was sitting on my pillow. I dare not turn on the lights to discover it was really real. I ran too my mothers room and noticed she was home and asleep. She was startled by me standing there so she sat up.

'What’s wrong?' She asked me. I said nothing was wrong and told her I was going down stairs to watch TV. I went down the stairs and centipedes covered the floor. They were popping out of every where. This was too much for me too handle. I needed my mothers help. I ran upstairs and tried to ignore the fury fast house centipedes.

'Mom!' I tried to wake her up, but she was not there. I looked outside and her car was there. I called her name and she replied. I looked for her again but no luck. I viewed the outside, her car vanished. I went upstairs to the guest room and forced my self to fall asleep. I woke up and looked to the side of my bed. There was a dead centipede sitting there.

'Doesn’t that bother you?' I asked my friend. She was sitting right next to it.

'No, it's not real so it's not a problem.' And then blackness. I woke up in the late morning with a very destroyed throat. The entire day was a horrible chemical burn out. I later discovered that I did not walk home with 6 or 7 friends. It was more like 5. I still am not feeling quite right from that experiment but the chemical has long left my body. My mind needs a bit of repair. How do you fix that? Surprising enough meditating in the area where the bad trip happened. Be at peace with that place, and it will go away eventually.

Dimenhydrinate is meant for sleep and upset stomachs. NOT TO GET FUCKED UP. Personally it scares me that I can walk into the local drug mart and pick up chemicals like this. In my mind, taking Gravol to get high makes street heroin look good.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32339
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 21, 2007Views: 42,163
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