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A Great Adventure!
Citation:   Catfish Rivers. "A Great Adventure!: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp3220)". Oct 8, 2000.

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25 mg oral 2C-T-7 (capsule)
About a month ago I had a very fun day taking 2C-T-7 and going to Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in NJ. I am a social worker who works with mentally ill people. On this day, I was accompanying them to the theme park for the day. Now, I realize many would think this a very irresponsible thing to do, and that is fine if that is your opinion. What happened to me that day was wonderful though. I took the gelcap aprox. 1 hour before we were due to arrive at the park. I noticed the first alert of activity as we were driving through the Safari section. The monkies were out of control! They did $200+ worth of damage to our van. Anyhow, the day in the park was a very connective experience, in that my emotional tie to my clients (the patients) seemed to be strengthened by the openess that I was feeling towards them. I felt very understanding of their problems and free to disclose my own problems in comparison. Now, I already got along great with the clients (they affectionately refer to me as 'The Head Client'). The 2C-T-7 just shed some light on the fact that people are people, irregardless if they are nutz or not. We're all nutz in some way.

Anyhow, no one was able to tell that I was high. In fact, when I disclosed this to a co-worker, she was astounded. For some, 25 mg would have produced a heavy experience. I find however that 25-30 mg produces a moderate experience. I need 50-60 mg oral to get the visual soup. All in all, I really believe that this drug would work well in lower doses as a therapuetic aid. I see a therapist myself, but have been too timid to suggest the idea of my taking 2C-T-7 for an extended session. I wish there was some sort of masonic hand signal that I could give that would alert a therapist of this nature to my willingness to work with psychoactive compounds in conjunction with therapy. Besides all the bonding, the roller coasters were amazing! I wholeheartedly suggest those comfortable with being in public on 2C-T-7, that they go to the local theme park and get on some rides. What a blast!

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3220
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 8, 2000Views: 12,868
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2C-T-7 (54) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), General (1)

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