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Being Christ
Citation:   Toadstool. "Being Christ: An Experience with DXM & OBE (exp31920)". Mar 25, 2008.

150 mg oral DXM (liquid)
I have used DXM probably five or six times for recreational/spiritual purposes. I usually used it at the third platuea and at a dose of 600-900 mg. I haven't used DXM for a very long time, because I could tell it was taking me out of reality in my every day life.

Lately I have been using nicotine and have really developed a habit. I have read that DXM may limit self administration of tobacco, heronin, etc. and that it is supposed to soften withdraw symptoms, so I decided that I wanted to stop using the tobacco products and that I would use DXM to give me a little help.

I bought one four ounce bottle of maximum strength cough syrup and down half(~150mg). About an hour later I felt a soft little buzz. I hadn't had any tobacco products that day and it was about 8 pm so I expected to have a head ache, and be irritable, but instead I was very calm, numb and very slightly in the dextroverse.

I went to bed about three hours later and had the most amazing experience of my life. As soon as I fell to sleep my eyes opened and I started floating off my bed. I was having an out of body experience, something I had never experienced from even high dosess of DXM, but then again I can never goto sleep while on DXM either. While floating above my bed I felt vibrations rush through my body and I was thrust, with my arms spread and legs handing, against my bedroom wall. While I am not a christian, this was definitely a very christ like experience. After hanging on the wall forever the world slowly turned to black. I then started falling in the blackness; I was falling into hell. I fell forver, then I woke again, still in my dream, and alive. I felt like I had been crucified and had risen from the dead.

I have never had an OBE in my life, and this definitely influenced by the DXM. I am not going to let my DXM induced psychosis run away with me and say this has any particular meaning, because I know DXM can make you make connections that aren't there.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31920
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 25, 2008Views: 20,482
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DXM (22), OBE (332) : Medical Use (47), Mystical Experiences (9), Alone (16)

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