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Campus Trails
Morning Glory & Promethazine
Citation:   Corvette Z0606. "Campus Trails: An Experience with Morning Glory & Promethazine (exp31913)". Jun 6, 2006.

T+ 0:00
900 mg oral Valerian (daily)
  T+ 0:00 600 ug oral Melatonin (daily)
  T+ 0:00 12.5 mg oral Pharms - Promethazine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00 9.0 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 6:15 1 shot oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 8:30 2 bowls smoked Wormwood (dried)
I woke up at 7 am the first day back at college from spring break. I was still very sleepy since didn't fall asleep until 3 am. I managed to stay awake during my 2 engineering classes, and then I came back to my dorm and took 900mg Valerian root and 600 mcg Melatonin. This is my normal dose. I've been taking these two drugs for about a year, and I've found that I can have more Lucid Dreams if I sleep for about 4 hours then go to class and then come back and take the aforementioned dose and then sleep. After taking the dose of Valerian and Melatonin, I went to bed. It was about 10:15 am. I slept until 12, when I woke from my 5th Lucid Dream. The dream started out that I was a flight inspector at an airport, but after I became lucid, I boarded a 747 and flew it around for a while. I was having a great time until a stewardess came into the cockpit and informed me that Osama Bin Laden was onboard. I had been flying for long enough, and the thought of being on a plane with a terrorist was giving me a bad vibe, so I tried to use the spin technique to change the dream to a new atmosphere.

However, it was unsuccessful; when I tried to spin, the airplane spun instead of me, and then all of a sudden, it smashed into a tower and I woke up.

It was exactly 12:00 when I woke, and the first thing I did when I woke up was to prepare some morning glory seeds for ingestion. I opened a pack of Heavenly Blue MG seeds. It was labeled 1.5 grams, and I counted 62 seeds in the pack. After counting them, I dumped the seeds into a mug along with the seeds from 5 other packs of MG, for a total of 9 grams of seeds. I filled the mug halfway with water, and stired the seeds around in it for about 2 minutes with my fingers. This was to remove any pesticides or other possible toxins on the seeds prior to ingestion. I’m not sure if I actually removed any pesticides or not, but then I drained off all the water, and dumped the wet seeds into my coffee grinder that I had previously cleaned to minimize the amount of coffee grounds in my MG. After a few minutes of grinding, and poking around in the grinder with a toothpick, I had ground the seeds to a pulp that was satisfactory.

At this point, it was about 12:15, and I took 12.5 mg of Promethazine. I had gotten a prescription for it over Christmas break when I got a bad case of the flu, and I couldn’t keep food down very well. I ended up getting over my nausea without using the Promethazine, so I saved it. The only time I have taken Promethazine prior to this experience was one Sunday when I had a really bad hangover from drinking three 40 ounces the night before. That day I had been unable to keep any water down until I took the Promethazine, and then I felt 95% better in about 3 hours.

My choice of taking Promethazine was somewhat forced. I had originally planed to use Dramamine, but I was unable to procure it because I didn’t think to buy it until after I got back to college. Then I started wondering if I could substitute Diphenhydramine HCl for the Dramamine. I thought I remembered that Dramamine was chemically related to Diphen, but I couldn’t remember for sure. Even if it is chemically related, that still doesn’t mean that it will prevent nausea anyways. I had a box of Diphen in desk from before break, but I didn’t feel like doing the research to find out if it really would prevent nausea, and I had a bottle of Promethazine sitting right there anyways.

So after I took the 12.5 mg Promethazine, I ate the seed pulp that I took out of the coffee grinder. It took me about 5 mouthfuls to swallow it. It was very dry, and I put some water in my mouth with each mouthful of seed pulp. I didn’t really taste much except the few coffee grounds that were mixed with the pulp from the grinder. With my last mouthful of seed pulp, I suddenly felt nauseous, so I ate a few salt and vinegar chips to get the coffee grounds taste and the yucky texture out of my mouth. I only ate about 10 chips because I remembered in the past when I dropped acid that I didn’t like it if there was anything in my stomach while I tripped. Since I knew that the MG seeds contained lysergic acid amides (LSA), I didn’t want to risk having an unpleasant trip due to food in my stomach. Oh I forgot to mention, that I hadn’t had any food yet that day until that point.

At 12:20 I had gotten all the seed pulp down, and I relaxed and chatted with my roommate about what I was getting myself into. After about 15 minutes, I started to feel a little different, but I was unsure if it was the MG or the Promethazine since I had never taken MG before and I had only taken Promethazine once before. I had a feeling that it was the Promethazine kicking in though, because I felt similar to when I take Dyphenhydramine. It was actually a very suttle feeling, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed it except that I was paying close attention to what my body was feeling.

At 1 PM, I left my dorm room for calc class. When I left, I took my sunglasses just incase my pupils got big, but I checked them right before I left the room, and they looked normal. At this point I felt completely normal. When I got to the building my class is in 20 minutes later, I felt very tired from walking there, which I thought was strange since I’m in great shape, and I never get tired from going to class. I quickly associated this feeling to how I felt when I had dropped acid in the past. It wasn’t really physical exhaustion, but a “body load” or “muscle tension” of sorts. It’s kind of hard to describe the feeling. When I made this association, I knew that the LSA was starting to take effect, but unlike acid, my mind was very clear and lucid. I went to the restroom quickly and checked my pupils, but they were still normal. I thought that was very odd.

During class, I started to notice some weird sensations. I honestly believed that I felt my pupils grow huge in size, and about halfway through the class, I noticed a sudden loud screeching noise that sounded like a desk being moved, but no one else seemed to hear it. It was such a ruckis that I thought someone else would look around or cringe from the screech or at least make some response, but everyone just kept listening to the professor. The noise lasted for about 30 seconds, and I’m not sure if it was real, or if I imagined it. During the class, I was expecting to get confused and loose track of what was going on, however, throughout the whole class, my mind was clear, lucid and I had no trouble following the examples the professor was giving of solving problems.

Which is 10 minutes prior to the end of class I started to feel a little woozy in my stomach. I had remembered reading online that MG makes some people feel sick to their stomach, and I had figured that the Promethazine would take care of that for me, but for some reason, it wasn’t working well. I remembered reading online that another person started feeling sick, so they ate some fast food and felt better, so I decided to go to get some food right after class.

When class ended, I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror and my pupils were completely normal which really pissed me off. At this point I started to think that all the effects I was having were because of the Promethazine and not the LSA. I thought perhaps the LSA was not taking effect because of the antihistamine blocking the necessary receptors that I needed to experience the trip. I was still feeling sick though which pissed me off even more because I didn’t want to puke up the seeds before I had given them a chance to take effect. So I went to lunch and got a plate of chicken. I was only able to eat half of the plate, and then I felt about ten times as sick as I had before. I went to the restroom and puked up about half of what I had eaten into the toilet. I could see some of the ground up seeds in the puke. Looking in the mirror, I saw my pupils were still regular size.

I decided to walk back to my dorm and take a shower, but after I left the rest room, I started feeling queasy again. I walked back to my dorm anyways since it’s only a 4 minute walk… normally that is. It took me 15 minutes to make it back because I was walking slow as to not make myself feel more sick. Another thing keeping me going slow was the “muscle tension”/”body load” I felt. It felt kind of like taking a massive dose of caffeine, except there was none of the hyper-ness that caffeine causes.

At this point I was upset at myself for trying something so stupid without researching it better. The reason I went ahead with taking the MG, was because I had red quite a bit about it online. However, it just wasn’t the experience that I had red about. Walking back to my dorm, I started to wonder if they had treated the seeds I had taken with poison so that it would be impossible to use them as a drug. I really thought that the Promethazine should have allowed me to keep the seeds down.

When I got back to my dorm, it was 3:05 PM. The first place I went was the restroom. I knew that I was going to be sick again. This time, once I got to the toilet, I tried to force myself to get it all out instead of trying to keep it in. I seriously thought I had poisoned myself, and I was afraid of the consequences. I looked in the mirror, and my pupils were only slightly larger than normal, but nothing like the times that I dropped acid. I went back to my dorm room and laid down on my bed still feeling queasy. I looked at the ceiling, for a few minutes, and I thought I saw something move, but I decied it was just my imagination. I layed there for a while wishing I could sleep, but knowing that a little bit of LSA had gotten into my system so it would be impossible.

At 3:35, I was laying on my bed with my eyes closed, and all of a sudden, I noticed what looked like pulsing yellow lines. I opened my eyes thinking they would disappear, but instead, they turned purple. After about 3 seconds, they faded away into the ceiling, and then I saw it shift. At this point I new I was tripping, and my stomach felt 100% better since I had gotten rid of the seeds. I got up and looked in the mirror, and I couldn’t see the green around my pupils, that’s how big my pupils were.

I closed my eyes for about 5 minutes and saw what looked like moving geometric colors and shapes; however, they were different than what you would normally see on acid. Then I realized why I was seeing what I was seeing: Over spring break I had played all the way through the Super Nintendo version of Lemmings, and I had tried several times to become a Lemming in my Lucid Dreams. Every attempt was a failure though because I always had ended up being a Lemming from a 3rd person point of view and unable to control myself completely. I ended up walking over several cliffs, and it was very traumatic.

Thinking about Lemmings made me remember that I brought my Playstation with me back to college. I grabbed Nitrous Oxide and put it in and started playing. I played for about an hour and a half then went to dinner with some friends. I wore my sunglasses so that they wouldn’t know I was tripping. I mostly just poked at my food because my stomach felt like it does when I drop acid. I loved the taste of everything, and yet, I didn’t want to eat it. I mainly went to dinner just to be with my friends. We had a very unusual conversation; for the whole dinner we discussed what flavor love would be if it was a flavor. Normally we talk about things like baseball or football, so this was kind of weird.

We got back from dinner about 6:30 PM and I was feeling almost baseline at this point, so in an attempt to prolong the trip, I took a shot of Jack Daniels. I didn’t want to get drunk so I only had 1 shot, but it seemed to be more powerful than what it would normally be. It’s only 80 proof, but I felt like I had drank about 4 shots, not just 1. At this point I started watching Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas. (my favorite movie)

The movie finished about 8:45, and then we went outside to smoke some wormwood. I red that the high from smoking it can be compared to marijuana, so I had bought some over spring break. I had tried smoking it once, but I had no effects whatsoever. I figured there was probably very little Thujone in the wormwood that I bought. But now I wanted to sustain my high again, and I remembered that in the past when I smoked pot the day after I dropped acid, I had a trip relapse.

I didn’t have any pot to smoke the day I ate the MG seeds, so I tried the Wormwood again. I smoked 2 large bowls. Afterwards, I had a weird feeling that I hadn’t experienced the prior time I tried smoking the wormwood. It felt like a lot of pressure on my face every time I took a big hit off the bowl. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t like Mary Jane either. It was kind of invigorating, and energizing. After I smoked the 2 bowls the high I had was very subtle, but I could tell it was there. It didn’t impair my motor skills, or my thinking ability. After smoking, I came back to my room and did my C++ homework.

I ended up writing about 600 lines of code, and it took me about 3 hours. That’s about normal for me, so even though I was sort of “high” I was still completely clearheaded and lucid. That was another weird thing about this trip. The whole time, I had no confusion, forgetfulness, or inability to “connect” with the world like I normally do with acid. Although, several times I did hear things wrong when people said them. But I was usually able to figure out what they actually said without asking them to repeat it. I finally went to bed at 2 AM after looking around the internet for a while.

All in all, I enjoyed and benefited from the experience.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31913
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 6, 2006Views: 107,111
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Pharms - Promethazine (336), Morning Glory (38), Dreams (85) : Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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