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Effects Are Mild, but Noticeable
Betel Nut
Citation:   student. "Effects Are Mild, but Noticeable: An Experience with Betel Nut (exp31734)". Sep 17, 2021.

  buccal Betel Nut
From the site that I buy my betel from it comes sliced into thin waffers. I put these into a coffee grinder (a handful is sufficent) and grind until it is the consistency that is needed for drip coffee. Once I have this, I add a good amount of lime. I have never measured it, but usually the betel becomes pinkish white. If I find that the skin in my mouth peels a bit after chewing I may reduce the amount of lime. If I haven't reached this point I try adding more and see if the effect is greater.

The trick to getting off on betel is I need a LOT of it. I just keep adding more to my mouth until I start to feel it. Usually my whole front lip is filled with betel.

My method of 'chewing' betel is this. I take a good amount (approximately 2-3 tablespoons) and add it under my front lip. I then suck on this until I have got all the little bits stabilised under my lip. Then I just leave it there and suck on it when I want more. A very effective way to get the most out of betel is to perfuse saliva through the quid multiple times, while not spitting out the saliva. Other tricks are to keep the quid under my tongue (a bit tricky and takes effort). After a while I may find I salivate less then at the beginning, I add more if I want to extend the experiance or just spit it out since its not particularly nice to have in my mouth (usually my lip hurts from the amount that I have packed in there).

The effects of chewing betel are mild, but noticible. If I had to compare it I would place it as nicer then coffee, but not as powerful as nicotine.
If I had to compare it I would place it as nicer then coffee, but not as powerful as nicotine.
However it is much longer lasting then nicotine. Perhaps it is dose related as well. If I follow these directions I will salivate excessively. My pupils may constrict or they may stay the same. I may sweat more. My heart rate will increase slightly. I may find studying easier. I may become sexually stimulated. The inside of my mouth may feel raw for a little while after chewing. I will not really feel much more energy, I dont think it would help with physical exertion.

Culturally this drug is unacceptable and its effects are mild. I go through periods of chewing everyday only to be followed by months where I stop simply because it is so impractical. I usually don't chew more then three times a day.

I have tried it many many times and I know why it didnt work those first few times.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31734
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 17, 2021Views: 1,013
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