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Density Like Smoke In A Slow Breeze
Citation:   Hon Gik Ingam. "Density Like Smoke In A Slow Breeze: An Experience with 2C-I (exp31394)". Jul 3, 2005.

15 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
Material: 15, 11, 6 mg 2C-I oral
Body Weight: 170 lbs (76 kg)(me) || 160 lbs (71 kg)(Mr. I) || 135 lbs (60 kg)(Ms. M)
Date & Time: 22:00 2/28/04

The story:

Let me first point out that this was probably the most surreal drug experience I’ve ever had. This was largely due to the multitude of drug clichés that epitomized the night.

I showed up at my friends place for a quiet night of poker and conversation. In total, there were 4 of us (Mr. I, myself, Ms. M and Mrs. I). After a brief discussion we decided to scrap poker in lieu of a 2C-I experiment. This was the virgin trip for each of us. Mrs. I was the sober sitter, Ms. M ingested 6 mg, Mr. I ingested 11 mg, and I ingested 15 mg (22:00)

T+00:00 We took our capsules and each emptied them into a cup of heated water. Added to each cup was 1 package of “emergenC” brand powdered vitamin drink. We sat Around the kitchen table and talked, waiting for the first alert.

T+00:15 The first alert is announced by Mr. I. He calls them the “acid tingles”. Music is chosen. 3 CDs. The choices included some jazz, some drum & bass, and ambient compilation stuff (it was later decided that overly wordy music provided too much additional stimulus for our environment, but I will explain below). Conversation was good and the discussion revolved around the art gallery opening where we had spend the earlier part of the evening.

T+00:45 Ms. M remarks that she is feeling a subtle MDMA-like rush, and some jittery amphetamine like stimulation. I feel a + and a definite trend toward more. Mr. I is now outside smoking a cigarette and talking on his roof deck about the future of humanity, and about debt slavery. When he finishes his cigarette the lightbulbs in the house are all swapped out for colored bulbs. The house is now bathed in alternating colors of green and red and purple and blue. A black light is turned on in the kitchen.

T+01:15 Holy shit! The others are still acending slowly. I am exstatic! I experience intense waves of MDMA-like pleasure jolts (without the extreme empathic component) as I continue to climb toward a peak. Very amphetamine like in character. Visual Hallucinations slowly begin. Shadows are ill defined and seem to waver in density like smoke in a slow breeze. The awareness of colors is directly related to the discussion at hand. Mr. I mentions the devil several times and each time I become particularly aware of swirling red glow pouring over his face. The lightbulb directly over his head was red. Why hadn’t this seemed important before? He hadn’t mentioned the devil before.

T+01:30 Mr. I has decided to read poetry out loud. He wanders through the house spouting Elliot, Coleridge, Pound & Williams. Ms. M mentions that she has just downloaded Ginsberg’s Howl. The music in the background/foreground? interlaces with Mr. I’s voice and the asthetic for the evening is set. I feel like I'm trapped in an Oliver Stone movie. Vibrant colors from the rugs in the living room strike me as more present and more relevant than usual. Music is exchanged for ginsberg and after a few stanzas we realize that Mr. Ginsberg sounds robotic. The music is returned.

T+02:00 Despite my SIGNIFICANT intoxication +++, I feel very comfortable cognitively. There are no thought loops as with LSD. Occasionally some abstract thinking enters my mental arena and I lose focus on the stimulus around me. I am vaguely aware of Ms. M. She remarks how wonderful the steam heat from the radiator feels. There is a very sexual push to this. Sober, I am not very attracted to Ms. M, but I would like to touch her now. Mr. I lets his rabbit loose from it’s cage. He is ++/+++.

T+02:15 The rabbit appears out of thin air in several different rooms as I am sitting or moving. I laugh at us as we try to chase the rabbit around the house. What a drug cliché. It helps that the rabbit is white. Mr. I returns to reading the rhyme of the ancient mariner out loud. He remarks that he is feeling sinister. Red glow returns.

T+03:00 The time dilation is extreme. In 15 minutes, an entire evening has been had. I say that I would love to feel the crunch of some moist bell peppers in my mouth. I’m not enticed by the idea of food, just the sensation of that moist pepper snap as one crunches down on a freshly sliced stick of pepper. Mr. I takes out a cleaver to slice the peppers, but discovers there is none. I comment on the cleaver. He cackles. He becomes Ahab. I back away. We realize that this is reminiscent of the rabbit’s defensive posture, posed against Mr. I. We laugh as we begin to eat our celery sticks. We are rabbits.

T+4:00 Mr. I proposes that I join he and his colleagues on the board of directors. He has a newly formed not for profit corporation. I am completely zoned and this seems too surreal. We are somehow in a corporate boardroom and he is showing me his company’s mission statement, and its articles of incorporation. I am delighted by the invitation and my companion lays out the details. He will handle all the legal matters. I will travel and collect data. Others will have their positions. The hour of Gonzo has begun. Mr. I has put a CD full of strange dissonant noises on the stereo. He is now wearing a George W Bush mask and parading around the house in a sheet. The music is vaguely tribal, but the occasional crash of timpani is disruptive to that idea. I feel compelled to place my hand on the back of my neck. Mmm, comforting. Mr. I insists on talking about some of his sexual conquests. He would like to fuck a redhead before his time is up.

T+05:00 Ms. M is now sober and would like to go home. I am in no shape to drive. Ms. I has at this point decided to sleep. The three of us accompany Ms. M to her car and we watch her as she leaves. It is extremely cold and the adrenergic stimulation makes shivering more pronounced. Mr. I and I walk back and pass a few Saturday evening drunks along the way. One is peeing on his own shoes. He looks like a cartoon. I laugh to myself and Mr. I laughs. Life is amusing. We get back to the safety of his home and begin the philosophical discussion. Social, political, scientific notions are flung around amidst the now flickering colors of the bulbs. Why are they flickering? Mr. I removes the green bulb from the kitchen. The kitchen is now filled with a strawberry red intensity. I remark that we need the balance of the kiwi, the strawberry will overpower us without it. The light is reinstalled. This point is more serious than comic.

T+06:00 We descend into more discussion of scientific matters and matters relating to the corporate mission. The intensity of the hallucinations are fading but this is only apparent in a room with normal lighting. I have been drinking water all night, and pissing all night. We both note how wonderful the experience has been, and how clear and clean our cognitive abilities have been. This is not debilitating like other significant hallucinogens.

T+07:00 We realize that the time dilation is gone. My trip is more or less over and I am very capable of driving. I do not feel drained, mentally or physically. I drive home uneventfully. I got to sleep at about 5:30 AM and woke up at 12:30 PM. No hangover, no mental dullness, no physical pain or soreness. Nothing. A positive energy was noted. I am speechless. This is profound, social, comically entertaining and without a significant refractory (hangover) period. I feel very hopeful about this material.

Be safe. Learn your limits slowly. Enjoy your lilfe.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31394
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 3, 2005Views: 35,851
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2C-I (172) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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