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Wave of Warmth
Citation:   Methodus. "Wave of Warmth: An Experience with Codeine (exp31370)". Jul 29, 2006.

9.5 lines insufflated Codeine (ground / crushed)
  8 tablets oral Codeine  
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
I have a very large, but very close-knit group of friends. We range in age from Sophomores in High School to Freshman in college, with a few extremities on both ends. One night, a group of maybe 20 or so of us decided to go out for another's birthday. That same day, a friend of many of ours came to California for a visit. He was staying in his home town [currently my home town] just for that evening, and leaving the next morning for another friend's house in some city that I've never heard of in Central California. This character will go by the name of 'C' and I am going to go by the name of 'G' - just for privacy issues etc.

Anyways, a large group of us ended up driving out to a city a little less then 25 minutes from here - to a restaurant owned by one of our group member's fathers for another member's birthday dinner. The restaurant is a fairly high-class [4 star?] Chinese restaurant, and we were given the VIP room in the back because the party originally reserved for it had cancelled last minute. I'm only including such minor details to show the setting and company - it was a good location and I was with my friends.

Anyways, we get to the place and my friend C pulls me off to the side and shows me a bottle of Codeine he obtained from a friend of ours who had recently broken his wrist. Whether the bottle was stolen, purchased, or given to 'C' I did not ask and do not know. Anyways, 'C' and I have only hung out a few times, but are especially close because we are both very interested in drugs and their effects on the body and mind. His personal favorites are cocaine and DXM, while I prefer Ecstasy- in fact, the first time I ever met him, I dropped E with him for the very first time. But anyways, back on track.

He showed me the bottle and asked me if I wanted to do some with him that night, Although I was well aware of what Codeine does to the body, I had never tried it, and so I agreed. While everybody argued about what to eat and who was located where in the restaurant lobby, 'C' and I crabbed a menu and snuck away into the bathroom. He told me to first pop 2 pills and chew them, which I did at the same time as him. He then took my lighter into a bathroom stall and proceeded to crush up 2 pills into fat lumps while I pretended to take a piss in the stall next to us. I heard him cutting and then he stopped - then I heard him snorting. I had never snorted anything, and was a little apprehensive to do so, but he assured me it was ok, and he cut the pill into 9 decent sized lines. (seeing as he was experienced, he said he snorted his in about 6 lines...crazy haha)

He left the bathroom so as not to leave the rest of our friends overly-suspicious, they already figured he and I were up to something because they all know of our interest for drugs, plus the fact that we walked off together made things even more suspicious. Oh well though, none of them care really...long as we're safe. Anyways, I used a rolled up 20 to snort the lines, but spilled about half of my last one. *Note - I felt very professional doing this because I was taking the lines of 'white substance' off of napkins laid out on a [clean] toilet seat* Anyways, I took the 9 1/2 lines [3 pills so far] and then cleaned off my upper lip, sneezed a couple times, and went out to dinner.

We all ordered, and he and I at next to each other. I'm not entirely sure why? but for some reason it hit him about 20 minutes later - possibly because he weighs about 20 lbs less than I do - while I got to sit there and resists a lot of damn good food in hopes of the pill working faster. another 10 minute later, nothing. I got pissed. I tapped him on the shoulder and looked towards the bathroom and he dropped the bottle into my hand, and I took it into the bathroom and popped one more, this time chewing the pill into a fine [and horrible tasting] powder before swallowing it. I returned to the table and about 10 minutes later felt the first signs.

It sort of hit me the way E does. First, my feet feel a little numb then very warm. Slowly, the warmth spreads up my calves [which is very enjoyable], and up my legs, into my stomach and up my spine, into my chest [which is also very enjoyable] and stopping around the base of my neck before shooting straight into my brain and totally engulfing my body.

It was very nice indeed, although not as strong as Ecstasy had been. But hey, who can complain, I'm all there in the head, feeling pretty nice, and nobody else around me knows the difference, nice. We ate, and all the while I just felt...really good. It was almost like having played sports for a couple hours [I play tennis and basketball] and then jumping into a spa about an hour after my muscles have tightened up from it [something I do a lot just for the feeling].

After dinner our group decided to go out to a Plaza and chill there. However, before we left, we all decided to have a cigarette.

Here, the weirdest shit happened. Everybody in our group tends to smoke either Reds or Parliament Full Flavors, but for some reason, neither ĎCí nor I were in the mood for one of those. He went to his back pack which he brought with him for some reason and took out a pack of Turkish Gold and we each had one, However, for some reason, they didnít taste like normal cigarettes,

I didnít say anything at first thinking that they may have been the Exotic Blends Camel makes and I didnít want to make an ass out of myself - but all of the sudden 'C' said something like 'is it just me or do these taste like candy to you?'

And he was damn well correct about that, ladies and gentlemen. We dont know why, because he said it had never happened to him before, but for some reason the cigarettes we were smoking tasted exactly like rock candy. It was very enjoyable. After we smoked we all drove out to the Plaza, and on the way out there he and I each chewed another pill, putting me at 5.

The pill had relaxed all of my muscles to the point where my arms felt like they were made of lead and I had no desire to do anything but slump back into the back seat of the car I was in and listen to the music that was playing...whatever that was, I don't remember at this point.

We got to the Plaza and walked into the store where I purchased the 2 for 1 boba milk tea special [for those that do not know, this is plain red tea with milk, served cold over ice with spheres of tapioca called 'boba' floating around in's very good] and went back outside with them. Fearing that my buzz might wear off, I asked 'C' for another pill, which I chewed very thoroughly again and continued my mild euphoria.

It was, at this point, about 4 hours since the night had begun and because I had been walking around, or even supporting my body up-right for such a long period of time w/ very little tension coming from my relaxed muscles, I began to feel very tired. I decided that it was time for me to go home, and asked the group if they'd mind heading back towards our home town. 'C' agreed with my request, telling people he needed to be home so he could pack for the next day [I was the only one that knew he wanted to pick up shrooms before he left for Central Cal]. Most people were very willing, and so around 12 or so we all headed back home.

On the freeway ride back home, I noticed that I could again feel my calves, and so I asked 'C' for another pill, and he gave me two, both of which I chewed until I could no longer handle the taste and then swallowed down with what remained of my tea.

About 25 minutes later I was back at my house, and lying in my bed, unable to feel anything but a gentle warmth and relaxation all over my body, and overwhelming tiredness. I fell asleep around 1 AM and didnít wake up until about 3 in the afternoon, and I might add that I not only felt mentally refreshed due to a very deep sleep, but my body felt like it had received a very nice massage

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31370
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 29, 2006Views: 96,637
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Codeine (14) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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